Good Morning on Saturday

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Good Morning All,

I hope the fact that I'm starting this thread means the rest of you are enjoying a good sleep! I have to leave for work in a bit otherwise I would be sleeping too-then again maybe not as difficult child is up. So is our dog and the three dogs we are watching this weekend! My nephew needed us to watch his dog and my niece needed us to watch her two dogs. :surprise:

It is supposed to rain all day here (we don't need any more rain!) so I'm not sure what is on the agenda after work. At some point a visit to the club and then a nap. The rest is unscheduled as of now.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day :flower:


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Good morning Sharon,

difficult child and 3 dogs. OMG :smile: Good luck! I hope you do get some rest in your day, sounds like you may need it.

I'm home totally alone. It's bee a long time. SO is at work until noon, Dylan's in the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), B and J are with their father. I came home from work last night to no children, sat down (I NEVER sit down when I come home from work, never, ever, ever, ever) and fell asleep LOL! Guess I was tired.

I talked to Dylan and he continues to maintain at a level 6 (highest level). He said he saw psychiatrist, psychiatrist questioned him about his temper tantrums, and that was it :rolleyes:

I have some housecleaning to do, followed by an early supper out with SO. Tomorrow morning is Dylan's brunch, so we will get the boys and all head out.

Have a nice weekend.


Good morning

Hope work goes well for you Sharon. Haven't been to bed yet.

Enjoy the alone time Janna.

Hope everyone else has a good Saturday morning. Going to fall asleep soon and sleep a chunk of the day otherwise nothing going on in my neck of the woods.



Good Saturday Morning to all

Sharon - working on a Saturday?? I thought I was the only one who did that!

Janna - enjoy the Me time. doesn't happen to often.

Beth - go to bed!

difficult child didn't go skating last night as planned. He seemed a bit excited about school though. Was online and found out "everyone" is in his "house".

Our computer is under repair. Thank goodness for easy child's laptop. difficult child was having withdrawls. lol.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Good Morning Everyone!

Sharon- my you have your hands full, i hope you do get some rest.

Janna - it's been a long time since i've talked to you i hope all is well, enjoy your peace and quiet, and have a great brunch

beth- have a good day.

Kjs- hope your computer gets fixed soon.

Not much going on here, it is very fall like today, and actually chilly right now. I had some co-workers over last night for pizza and to play guitar hero, it was a good night, and difficult child was really good. Even more excited when my co-teacher let him borrow the new guitar hero game until thursday. Pretty quiet today, but laundry tonight, yuck need to late until about eight, when hopefully the laundry mat will be empty. Have a good day everyone!


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G'day, all.

No time to greet you all individually, I have a house full of family and they've only just sorted out who is sleeping where. It's easy child 2/difficult child 2's 21st birthday celebration tomorrow, lunch in Sydney's Centrepoint Tower - revolving restaurant. Forecast is for rain, but at least no fog (thank goodness). There will be 12 of us - should be fun. easy child & BF1 are up from Canberra (already gone to bed); difficult child 1 & girlfriend are still in the living room with easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2, all watching Forrest Gump (yet again - still, it's a good film); difficult child 3 went to bed hours ago and husband & I are intermittently watching the movie and heading for bed. I doubt there is any hot water left - we'll have to leave it switched on overnight so we'll be able to have showers in the morning.

I had to take difficult child 3 to the mainland to see a GP today - he has "an infection" and "needs antibiotics", was all I could get out of the doctor.

difficult child 3 wanted me to buy a couple of catfish for his fishtank, so we went to an aquarium. Two men were in an argument as we drove up and as we were walking past, the bigger one began to shove the smaller one, knocking him into a car. The language was atrocious and the fighting began to heat up - I yelled at them, told them to stop that bad behaviour and foul language when in the presence of women & children. I wasn't sure if the big bloke was going to go for me as well, although it would have looked bad if he had - beating up an older crippled woman - but someone from inside had heard me yell and came out to break up the fight. And I hadn't even reached full volume! The big bloke began to mutter, "Well HE started swearing at me first..." at which I said, "For heavens' sake, both of you, GROW UP!"
When we came out they were gone. Good. They were fighting outside the place next door - one of those children's parties warehouse places. Great. Happy party time, kid. Your dad is beating up someone else's dad outside.

That sort of thing doesn't happen often, I find a metaphorical bucket of cold water works well. And one more occasion when I'm very grateful for our weapons laws.

I hope your Saturday is better than at least this part of mine was.

Oh yeah - and we managed to get the catfish. They're 1 cm long, each. Cute.



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:princess: Good Saturday Morning!

Sharon, sounds like a full house your way! Exbonehead and I trade off dogs so neither of us has to board when we go away. I have one and he has two. So, I can relate to the house full of dogs and a difficult child :surprise:!!! Enjoy your day.

Janna, I hope you take advantage of your alone time and do something for you and not the house! Enjoy your evening with SO :flower:. Good to hear Dylan is still maintaining.

Beth, I can't remember you mentioning that you worked nights - get thee to sleep :crazy:!

Kjs, good news about difficult child and his buddies being with him in school. Great way to start the year on a positive note :smile:!

Jen, easy child played guitar hero at a friends house a couple weeks ago and has now decided she wants that for her 17th birthday :wink:

Marg, sounds like a full house - enjoy the birthday celbrations :bravo:

I was a week off on the opening of the Mr. Bean movie so difficult child and didn't do anything yesterday! The cleaning folks were done around 11:30 and he and I just chilled the rest of the day. It was good for me since I have an absolutely awful head and chest cold :ill: I am miserable and only slept about four hours last night and that was sitting up in bed due to the chest congestion and the coughing.

So I get a call from my mom yesterday and she asks "you want me to come down Sunday or Monday?" Huh, what - didn't she just leavce after a week visit??????!!!!!! So, she arrives tomorrow and will stay two days as she is on her way to see my cousin graduate from Marine boot camp down in South Carolina. The bummer part, she will be coming back up this way the last week of summer vacation which is when the kids and I do tons of stuff we didn't get to do the rest of the summer. Sounds like I will be entertaining another :nonono: Visit!

easy child comes home today after a week at the beach. difficult child and I have missed her. Got her car fixed while she was gone so now her ragtop doesn't leak - she will be thrilled.

Wishing everyone a fabulous day :smile: