Good Morning on the last Friday of April


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I am going to work today. Which is a good thing. This evening I am going to my grandson's sports banquet. it is being held at a ranch that has been turned into a venue for weddings and other events. The Guadalupe river runs through the property and you can sit out by the river and enjoy a beverage. They have lots of activities for the kids to enjoy and after a truly delicious bbq they light the fire pits and everyone gathers to make smores. Last year the kids started telling ghost stories. I get such joy watching kids being kids playing, laughing, and not glued to their phones.


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Good morning all. Have work., we MAY see the sun. Hope for a good run today outside. When its cold, I run for
45 minutes in our washing machine basement (its huge).

Feeling happy that my bone marrow test is normal and I'm going back to my old job at Goodwill (probably seems funny to those of you with important jobs...tee hee) and my lawyer thinks he can drop my O W I ticket that I got for having a very small dose of anxiety medication in my body. Jumper home from Florida tomorrow. Happy.

Have a supetcalifragilisticexpealidocious day all! If you dont know what THAT means, you are under 60 years old!

Peace out :)


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Good morning, everyone.

Woke up hurting this morning, so it'll be a low-key day. I have laundry etc. to do, but nothing scheduled outside the house. Might even go back to bed in a bit. I'm just not feeling too cheerful today.

Wishing everyone a stress-free, pain-free day.


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Good Morning! I think Pigless and I woke up on the same side of the bed.

There are two ladies arguing on my phone right now, (pre-hearing settlement conference) and they are NOT improving my mood. Better watch out ladies, you're ticking off the judge! :mad:

How is your precious pup doing, Lil?

Pulled that over from yesterday's thread. He's okay. The vet basically sanded off his cornea - apparently the big owie makes the little owie heal better? - and put on a contact lens! He gets drops and pain killers and hopefully he will heal up okay. Short of that, he's going to need surgery, which will destroy what little vision he has left...but will stop him from having any pain. We'll see.

Those two on my phone are starting to piss me off. Guess I better step in and do my job.


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I'm sorry everyone is having such a bad day today!

(Not my favorite 'time of the month' either)

I'm leaving here in about an hour and a half to go to a museum a couple hours away for daughter's school field trip. It is a really great kids museum. I used to live near there a few years ago, when my daughter was a preschooler, and had a season pass. We went constantly. Haven't been back in several years, though.

Gonna put a roast in the crock pot, so supper will be ready when we get back. I really dislike coming home after a long day out and not having any plan for supper.

We are taking a lunch and snacks with us on the drive, so hope we can manage until we return.

It is overcast and in the 40's right now, but rain is suppose to hold off today. Tomorrow, no such luck.

Tonight--nothing! Yey!



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Eh, kind of a crappy day here too but not for any specific reason. Getting off work at 10 am (less than an hour) but cant get too excited about that as I will have to deal with our son. May just fire up the WII and box for a bit.


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Getting off work at 10 am (less than an hour) but cant get too excited about that as I will have to deal with our son.

Well I'm stuck until at least 5 and just learned I have to review the work of the office idiot next month. :( Be prepared for me to work overtime.


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I have to review the work of the office idiot next month. :(

Be nice! Sorry honey, I just don't see any reason to wait at work for two hours with nothing to do to go home at noon instead. For those who don't understand, I've been facilitating an evening class on Monday nights. Since they wont pay me overtime for case manager work I get to flex it out. So staying four hours late on Monday means leaving four hours early on Friday.

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Hi everyone!
Well it's month end for me (I work in accounting) it's always a crazy, stress filled day!!
I bought a bag a fun size snicker's candy bars and they have "snickers" written one side but the other side has "cranky" "grouchy" "spacey" "rebellious" "impatient"
Very fitting for some of my co-workers who do not handle month end well.

Wishing you all a most fabulous weekend.


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Happy Friday, all! After work tonite I will travel 50 miles south to pick up my son's belongings left behind at County Jail. Then I will join husband for a retirement celebration of his co-worker.

Weather here is sunny but continues cool. I can see the poplar leaves are just so ready to burst out! Won't be long now. We planted asparagus last weekend and already 3 sprouts are through the soil.

First visit from Baby Bear to our bird feeders last night - we pre-empted that as we spied him creeping into the yard. Boy those cubs can haul :censored2: when they want!!

May do some (more) yard work this weekend, still working on taming the yard from the forest we built in.



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Up early to wrangle the grandlittles to school. Their mother's house is like a hoarders palace and walking into it gives me so much stress that it makes my stomach hurt. I can't even sit down. I hate that my grandchildren have to call that place home. But, they they are at my house more than there, so there's that.

My step-daughter and her 10-year-old daughter are coming up from Southern California today and I'm looking forward to seeing them. The weather is supposed to be nice so I'm hoping we can get everybody out boogie boarding for a little while. My hubster bought all the kids new wetsuits and they are so anxious to use them.

Me? Kind of tired, going to have people in the house all weekend to cook and clean up for, an early morning Zumba class to teach tomorrow morning, and a two hour Zumbathon on Sunday for cancer research at another gym at which I teach. Then back to work on Monday. But, I'll get to see family, dance with some amazing people in my Zumba classes, and my lesson plans are set for Monday, so it could be worse.