Good Morning on Thursday!


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:coffee: Good Thursday Morning :coffee:

Well, day two of school seemed a little better for difficult child. When I picked him up, he gave me the thumbs up. As we were riding home in the car he said "Mom, guess what? I met a girl today." Needless to say it took everything to keep my face straight as well as the car :rofl: "She's in my English class and she's real nice." Aww middle school.........

The usual for me, to the office for payroll and such.

It's back to summer weather for us here. It's been in the 90's the past few days /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif.

Wishing everyone a great Thursday - smile :smile:


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Good morning Sharon and all who follow!

Sharon-Very cute about difficult child! :smile: I'm glad he had a good second day of school.

I'm up early today because of a nightmare.

It's really hot here too and we have no ac in our school /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif easy child, difficult child, and husband all have air which is good for them but our building is just sweltering-it's warmer inside than out.

Quite the night last night-both easy child and difficult child had homework and did it with-no complaints(difficult child was even excited)-it felt almost like a easy child home here last night-wish that would last but I'm bettin homework won't remain exciting all year.

After work I need to drop off easy child had the hair place because she is having her straightening touched up. It takes quite awhil so I think I'll dash off to the club at that time.

I hope everyon enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in :dance:


Good Thursday morning, everyone!

Sharon, glad day two went better for difficult child. Wow, a girl already! We're experiencing the same heat wave here that you're having. I liked last week a whole lot better.

A started a new school Tuesday and she's bubbling over with excitement. She likes the teachers, classes and other kids. She's also playing middle school soccer, and the first practice is today.

M is settling into fourth grade nicely. She has the opportunity to start a musical instrument in school this year, and she was "tested" for various instruments yesterday. She had her heart set on the sax, but her hands were too small. She then tried the flute, but it felt uncomfortable. Since the school is in need of strings, the music teacher tried her on the cello and she fell in love with it. If you knew how small she is, you would know how funny that is. But I'm taking her to a string store on Friday after school to be fitted. The store assures me it has a cello small enough for her.

J isn't doing as well as his sisters. He started high school yesterday, and he called it the "worst day ever." He hates school and he hates homework. He feels helpless because it's not under his control and he feels forced to go. Although we made some good medication changes this summer, I don't know if this attitude is still a result of his depression, or just the way he is. Unfortunately, his psychiatrist is away until next week, but when he returns, we'll have a conversation with him about it.

Hope you have a peaceful day -- keep it cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


Good Morning to all.

Sharon - Awwww. A girlfriend. What a nice way to start the year.

Two days down and difficult child likes school. Doesn't sound like much, but I hold my breath everyday. So far no homework, so he says. He told me he is not going to get behind at all. Time will tell.

Strange..he has two teachers that are aquantences of my older son. On the first day they had some free time in each class and difficult child asked the teachers if they knew his brother. Yep. That is just really a strange feeling. Teachers same age as easy child!

It has been in the 90's here for a few days. Rain today though.
The rains in August has brought in swarms of mesquito's. Haven't had that in years.

Happy it's Thursday. Have a good one!


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G'day, everybody.

Sharon I, it's the era of girlfriends. Scary stuff.

Sharon II, I hate nightmares. I got some bad ones when the doctors were trying me on antidepressants.

smallworld, I hope you can get the "I hate school" blues and homework hassles under control soon. It's too early in the school year for such headaches!

Kjs, I'm glad difficult child is liking school. It's such a big hurdle sometimes. Here's hoping it continues.

What a day. Pavarotti died - it was on our evening news along with the kerfuffle at APEC, some TV prangsters decided to dress up as Osama Bin Laden and go visit George W Bush at the Intercontinental Hotel - amazingly, these idiots got past several levels of security (by posing as the Canadian delegation's motorcade). They're currently "helping police with their enquiries".
I posted in Watercooler with a link. These boys have got up to this sort of mischief before.

husband was home today - flexiday moved to today because tomorrow is the public holiday for Sydney due to APEC - it's an attempt to keep people out of Sydney. So husband has tomorrow off as well, we're staying close to home. My cleaner was planning on heading in to APEC tomorrow to demonstrate - I suggested that demonstrators should stay away, they certainly shouldn't be testing the security defences, it's better from a demonstrator's point of view that the security turn out not to have been needed. Unfortunately today's little media stunt justifies the security (as well as shows huge holes in it).

We sure do have some idiots in this country!



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I'm with you. Terry. :coffee:
Duckie enjoyed her 1st day. She really likes her teacher and has several friends in class. As a matter of fact her locker, mailbox and assigned seat is next to an especially good friend. We'll see how long that will last! :rofl: