Good Morning Saturday/Australia Day!


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What a day we've just had! headed out early to catch a sunrise train into the city. From Central station we caught the Heritage Express to Newcastle. Flags flying everywhere, marquees everywhere, Australia Day celebrations in full swing. The trip to Newcastle took about three hours, then we spent three hours wandering around Newcastle where they had a Maritime festival on. Scorching hot, the heritage trains do not have air conditioning (not in our section despite it being the top of the market). We got fed a five course morning tea/afternoon tea, served as we crossed the river systems. We had the observation car, luxury, lots of fresh air and 180 degree views.

Yes, it rained. Briefly. A massive storm front rolled in and we got about 90 seconds of heavy rain which nobody troubled to get out of. We then commenced to steam gently. It is very hot.

We got back to Newcastle station early, I was very tired after all the walking I had done. They were very kind and loaded me onto the one air-conditioned carriage they have (it's an old one from the interstate train from 40 years ago - one of the more modern carriages). husband took the opportunity to get a personal guided tour of the locomotives, from one of their engineers.

We got back into Sydney at 7 pm, then headed for our train connection home. Halfway there there was a power fault on the track and all trains were stopped. We sat in the station for 90 minutes.

I'm tired, windblown, a bit sunburnt (it will be brown in the morning) but we've had a lovely day.

There are storms forecast for tomorrow, but whether they bring any relief from the heat - we'll just have to wait and see. We're supposed to be heading for the Wollongong mini trains track but we're both very tired and will probably stay home. if it's hot, we can take the time for a relaxing swim. We need to spoil difficult child 3 - he did a marvellous job today looking after his grandma, despite it being his birthday and we abandoned him. We need to spoil him a bit. It's nearly 10.30 pm and he's still at his grandma's, watching the tennis on TV.

Enjoy your Saturday. Ours was really special.


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Good Morning Marg and all who follow!

Your day sounds like a lot of fun but extremely exhausting. I am not sure I could handle everything you did in all of that heat!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your day and ended up with a bit of air conditioning! Good for your husband getting the private tour!

Whereas you are hoping for some heat relief, I'm hoping for some cold relief. I think we are going to get it on Sunday and Monday but at a cost. They are calling for sleet and freezing rain-I'd almost rather have the cold. Unfortunately there is more of that on the way as well. By next Friday they are calling for wind chills that will make it feel 25 below! I need some real warmth! Wish I could get on a plane to Australia to visit you:)

This morning I am headed to boot camp. I already weighed in and the news wasn't good; I knew it wouldn't be. I've been consistent with exercise and drinking 5 bottles of water a day but slacking some on the eating so as of today I am back on track!!!

Wishing all a day filled with beautiful moments:)


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Marg, your day sounds wonderful!

Sharon, do some pushups for me...I'm just not tough enough for boot camp!

I have a low-key day planned; breakfast out with Hubby and then doing some cleaning. Nothing major, though.

Have a super Saturday!


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Happy Australia Day! Sounds wonderful. You have a lot of stamina, Marg. A 3-hr train ride and then you still have fun? But then, the 5 course tea kept you going. THAT sounds cool. And all the flags.
Sharon, so sorry about the weight loss issues and Boot Camp. Stay strong.
Mary, have a nice, calm day. You've earned it!

We have beautiful white snow, just a few bunny paw prints and tire tracks. The creek has frozen in tiny waves. It's partially salt water but it will freeze when it's cold enough. The sun is out and it's 20 degrees.
difficult child and his girlfriend are both grounded. He's still in bed, with-headphones, listening to music and reading a book on his Ipod. husband is at the gym.
I'm off to the accountant's office (yes, on a Saturday) to type out my first accounting for my cousin's guardianship for the court. It's a month late already. I'd rather spend the day poking a pencil in my eye. but I am so happy the accountant is available!
My stomach is still a pain in the #ss. But I can function. Tonight: painting fish on plexiglass pieces for husband's office.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Those of you in the Midwest and North, stay warm!