Good Morning Saturday - Merry Christmas

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    Merry Christmas to all. Hope your day is filled with smiles and laughter.
    I am working until 7am, then a 1.5 hour drive home in the snow. Family is going to have to wait until after I sleep a bit to open presents. Then back to work in the snow.

    I am looking forward to my kids being together today. Hoping all goes well.

    Merry Christmas to all
  2. Marguerite

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    Merry Christmas to all.

    Kjs, it sounds like you have a hectic day. I hope you get some rest before you have to go back to work. Drive safely!

    We had a hot, humid Christmas Day. Church first, then we handed out baskets of home-baked biscuits to our friends there (as well as a couple of spare bags I had to some visitors). Then home to cook lunch. We cooked the roast lamb in the kettle barbecue outside, but the glazed ham we did inside. mother in law's oven pumps heat into the kitchen so the air conditioner was working hard and the sweat was pouring off me.

    As the day has progressed, I've been losing my voice. It really went fast in the evening and right now I have a whisper, if that. The problem with this - I am on duty at church in the morning, I have to have some voice! So I suspect my first job when I get there is to allocate readers... at least I'm not doing the sermon! I feel OK, just have no voice.

    After church we have planned a picnic at church on the veranda, families bringing their leftovers. We also have our swimsuits, so those who want to can go for a swim. We'll get out the Scrabble and have a few games in the shade. It should be cooler on the veranda than it was today at mother in law's. An ocean breeze will be lovely. Tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter, but there are also summer storms forecast. Often by the time the storm breaks, we're desperate for some relief from the heat. There's something magical about dancing in the rain of a summer storm after a stinking hot day... it's a warm rain and soon after, you can see the ground steaming. Especially the roads.

    Yesterday I mentioned concerns about possible storms (and forecast 600 mm of rain overnight) in the north of the country. Floods etc. I need to make it clear - that is a very long way away from us, it's right up in the tropics where the cyclones hit. We're too far south in Sydney for cyclones. The storms are in Cairns, over 1500 miles north of us. They will be getting a very warm rain!

    Enjoy your Christmas, wherever you are.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning & Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate):forchristmas:

    KJs-Drive carefully & I hope you are able to catch up on some sleep and enjoy your Christmas.

    Marg-Swimming during the Christmas season-wow!:beach: Enjoy!! I hope your voice comes back soon. It rarely hurts when I lose my voice but it does make me tired!!

    I'm ready to head back to bed. I was up til after 11 and husband was up til 1:00. difficult child woke up at 2:00 and wouldn't/couldn't go back to sleep so we finally just let him open his gifts and went back to bed for a bit a couple of hours later. I also made a huge breakfast of homemade tortillas, potatoes, sausage, polish sausage, and eggs.

    At least I'm done cooking for the day-husband is making his homemade pizza for dinner!

    Wishing everyone a joyous day:elf:
  4. tiredmommy

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    Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Saturday to those that don't celebrate Christmas)

    Kjs- careful with all that driving!

    Marg- I hope you get to enjoy your dance in the rain and good luck with your voice!

    Sharon- Get some rest! I'm sooo jealous about your breakfast, we each had a slice of homemade nut-free banana bread for our breakfast.

    We had a little difficult child-ness going on last night. We spent the afternoon and early evening at my inlaws, stopped at a friend's open house for an hour, came home to do our Christmas Eve traditions and then headed out for the late service at church. Duckie did well acolyting on her own for the first time. We got home just after midnight and she was wired. Wouldn't go to sleep. She finally fell asleep around 2:30am and woke back up at 6am.

    I really need a nap!:forchristmas:

    Have a great day! :xmasdancers:
  5. TerryJ2

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    You all are making me hungry!!!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    We're in MN and there is no question we are having a white Christmas. Lots of family, food and fun.
    difficult child has been pretty good. Hangs around the kitchen and inevitably, someone starts a conversation with-him. Cranky at night (he's been eating wheat, too ... very hard to control that so we've kind of given up at my sister's house, although I found gluten free cookie mix in her cupboard and I bought more eggs). Spends too much time gaming with-war themes in the basement so we try to distract him.

    More presents to open today when people get back from church. This is my "alone" time. :)

    Stay warm everyone (I know I don't have to worry about you, Marg).
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