Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Wintry weather today (autumn, anyway). Cold winds, rain - generally unpleasant. The village fair is coming up in a few weeks and right now the playing field where it all happens is underwater.

    I went down to the shops this morning, the Saturday morning social whirl and tasks accomplishment. Paid bills, bought milk, sat and listened to local gossip to get the low-down (if possible) on my mentally unhinged cleaner. (I posted again on Watercooler).

    I dislike gossip, but for once I needed it. Had a long friendly chat with a number of friends on a wide range of non-gossipy topics, plus very long chat with best friend which we both needed. Besides, the rain was bucketing down at that point, I wasn't going anywhere until it stopped!

    The weather is forecast to warm up, but not necessarily dry up. Summer hasn't so much as faded away, as done a runner.

    I want it baaack!

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-I need to check out your post on the wc because somehow I must have missed it. I don't blame you for wanting summer back and I do hope you get it back. :beach:I want summer back too. At this point I'll settle for spring!

    We are headed for anothe rcold snap. They are calling for a blowing snow advisory that says we could have blizzard like conditions even though it won't be snowing. The other fun part is that wind chills once again could end up as cold as 40 below:frozen: At least it is only supposed to last until tomorrow night. I sure am going to appreciate our first 50 degree day!

    I'm off to work in a bit. Today easy child is getting her hair done and at some point I have to take her shopping for a dress for a dance for next week. I also have to hit the health club:exercisebike: At some point I'm going to squeeze in a nap:sleeping:

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and that your difficult children allow you a calm Saturday!:flower:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :dance: Good Saturday Morning!

    Marg, sending you wishes for a little warmer temps and some sun to go along :playingball:!

    Sharon, easy child will be getting her hair done today - by me!!!! Stay warm and don't cheat yourself out of your weekend nap :sleeping:.

    I have had nothing but trouble since I changed my phone over and got the triple play with comcat. I have had five techs at my house since wed a week! I have gone back and forth between no phone or no internet, to no phone and no internet, to no cable, phone or interent! I just got back online late yesterday afternoon after being off since Thursday morning :throwpc:. I already had the internet and cable and just added the phone and a lot of trouble, frustration and headaches! I have my fingers crossed that all is fixed.

    I have to run a couple errands here this morning. Then I have the kids helping me take stuff up to the attic. I cleaned out the playroom and the breakfast room yesterday and am doing a little rearranging. I will take a nap this afternoon for sure since I didn't hit the pillow last night, or this morning, until 1:30!

    My cousin and easy child's friend who is doing WW with us will be coming over to grill out tonight. We are having "veggie-only" event. Portebella mushroom burgers and kabobs of veggies and fruit. It will be in the 60's here today so I want to take advantage of this freaky weather :bbq:.

    Wishing everyone a relaxing and stress-free Saturday.

  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :)
    Marg- I hope the field dries out in time for the fair. The grounds of one of our parks were destroyed a few years ago after the remnant of a hurricane came through 2 days before a large festival. The festival went on, but the organization holding it made a large donation to add a drainage system, relevel the grounds and replant grass. It was a mess!
    Sharon- My oh my! Aren't you a busy one today! I bet you're glad to have your new furnance. Stay safe!
    Duckie has dance this morning, then I hope to get her hair cut this afternoon. Class pictures are in a few weeks. I also laundry and some baking to get through.
    Have a great day!:coffee:
  5. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, we're expected the sharp drop in temps as well - no blizzard like conditions here though. I don't know about south of here.

    Sharon/LDM, we've had the comcast bundle for 2 years now & have never had any trouble with the phone. We've been very happy with it - I hope they can figure out what's going on.

    Marg, I hope the weather turns for the weekend. A nice summer day or two is good for the soul.

    TM, hope you & Duckie have fun at dance.

    As I stated above, the temps are plummeting to below zero. I've been planning fun indoor things to do - :talkhand: that's kt's attitude. Very typical teen from a very atypical teen. I expect she'll spend time in her room playing Sims & dolls. Television is on her list of things to do & a phone call to 2 girl friends. I also expect a pj day out of her today (she's already announced it). I'm hoping to sit down & read with her.

    Since it will be so cold it's a beautiful day for baking a batch of cookies - going to get a batch of granola done as well. Love heating the kitchen with warm yummy smells.

    I have a painting I'm working on for my dad's den - want to finish it before we got down to visit in a couple of weeks for the annual cookoff.

    Have a fun Saturday - stay safe & warm.
  6. dreamer

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    Marg, is youur summer really coming to it's end? :-( The last 2 years I felt like ours got yanked away hard and fast. I know that I did not like that at all!
    I will hafta go read the newest re your unstable cleaner.

    Wiped out, yup, this weather is goofy. It is almost 40 at the moment, but I just saw the weather and UG! They said we could have 50 MPH winds, and plumment for minus 5 and minus 35 windchill. We still have all this darned snow- my yard has over 30 inches, and drifts thta some are 5 foot high, snow piles from shoveling etc 8-10 ft high, and since they decided for the first time in my memory to not plow the side roads(they ran out of salt and decided if they plowed it might be worse plus they did not want the plows out in the wind we had?) the roads and parking lots are simply terrible. Yesterday at our courthouse, the parking lot had deep ruts of frozen slush, and my lil VW bug was haveing serious problems. I do not want to see what todays and tonites weather is gonna do with it all! Hope you get your errands done before the we ather turns!

    LDM, I can imagine you must be frustrated as all get out. I looked at my last house hone bill, and decided we need to do something about it, becuz the only thng we now use house phone for is dial up to internet, and it is a local number, but the bill was $75!!! (plus we have our internet provider bill, too) Our cable TV has never worked properly, and we pay for ALL the channels offered but we only get basic. husband wants to go to sat but everyone I know with that, I do not like their channel selections. And it seems to go out way too much. We DID get a computer----a new one....and husband put it up this week, but it is slower than even my web tv is! Then something happened and we lost the connection for it and our kitchen house phone. I have no idea what we are gonna do with our services for telephone, tv or internet. I hesitate to get the bundle, becuz I keep thinking gosh, I do not LIKE the company that offers the bundle. I also do not like how much everything is costing. :-( I have no idea why my phone service jumped up so high. The ONLY things showing on the bill are 200 calls from computer to connect us online, and NOTHING else. and until the last 2 months it was nowehre near that high, even tho we used to make calls on the house phone. <sigh>
    Hey, the fruit and veg kebobs sound delicious! Enjoy!

    TM- our school pics usually now get taken in summer before school year begins. I think I would like it better to have them taken this time of year? Do you like to bake? I am thinking of makeing a new batch of chocolate chip cookies today becuz the ones I made a few days ago did not seem right to me. I love how they smell when cooking. LOL

    TL- my son likes to do SIms, too. Yesterday I heard a loud "burp" and said DUDE! was that you? What do you say! He started LOL so hard he nearly fell off his computer chair. Mom, it was my Sims. Oh my. LOL. I did not know they burp! husband thought it was so funny. husband and him were sitting there in the kitchen and they were LOL at me so hard, I finally went to do some laundry, LOL. easy child walked in from the other room and said "HOw Rude" (the way they say it on that TV show-ug whats the name of that show? With um....Bob Saget and and um, whats his name, now on ER? and the Olsen twin girls? ACK! I know this..I know this.........ah well.....nevermind.

    I never had homemade granola. Sounds good, I bet it smells yummy, too!

    SInce it is gonna be pretty warm (relatively speaking, LOL) I think I might go poke a shovel at the mess on my driveway a bit before the temps do their wicked plummet, altho I think there is some sort of snow or another predicted for all of the next 3 days or so, again, yet, still? Maybe I will throw a load of wash in so I can play with fresh dried clothes when I am done. Get some fresh air and sunshine on me before it is too nasty to do so.
    Yesterday I ran into a store for something (oh yeah, darn! I wound up forgetting I had already bought the newest Patricia Cornwell book, and bought a 2nd copy, yeesh!) anyway, I bought some seeds for the gardens. difficult child saw a cute little garden decoration, and she bought it for me. :) so I am now thinking SPRING!
    And easy child has a couple errands for me to help her with for her upcoming trip to Ireland. (I am anxious, she is excited, LOL- I have never flown and have never been out of the country, heck going out of the state is a big deal for me, LOL)

    ANd a good day to anyone who follows in behind me. (I think I need more hmj)
  7. KTMom91

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    It's a beautiful Saturday morning in Central CA! I have the front door open, there's a nice little breeze, temp about 65 degrees, husband went on some errands, and my JRT and I are listening to the sounds of the neighborhood. I need to clean up the kitchen and do some laundry, but I'm having some motivational difficulties right now. Think I'll have another cup of tea first...