Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    I figured, everyone else is still asleep (a good sign) so I may as well start the day off for you all.

    We had one of those glorious autumn days when the sun is warm, the air is still and the sky is a clear blue. girlfriend arrived early, just after breakfast, and eventually persuaded sluggish difficult child 1 to go for a walk. Quite a walk - three hours along the cliffs and into the bays, heading south to the next public recreation area. I drove to meet them there and fetched them home, both tired but exhilarated.

    Meanwhile I was trying to get difficult child 3 to do some schoolwork. He got some done, but he really isn't good at working on weekends.

    husband brought home some fish from the markets, we've just had a really lovely (but informal) meal. "Harry Potter" is on TV (the first one) and difficult child 1 & girlfriend are curled up on the couch. She's heading back to her flat in a short while.

    Tomorrow - church maybe, and more work for difficult child 3. He's got to work on the film he has to make for school. He needs to film people at the beach and in the water, this weekend could be the last opportunity (assuming we still are getting any swimmers here at all).

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-Sounds like a lovely walk that difficult child 1 and girlfriend had. I bet your meal was delicious! It's sad when the end of the swimming season arrives and yet I love beautiful fall days. I am looking forward to at least getting some beautiful spring days at this point.

    I can hardly believe that we are supposed to hit 63 degrees today and it is supposed to be sunny. Somebody pinch me and make sure I'm not dreaming (I figure a virtual pinch won't hurt so much:happy-little:)

    I'm off to work in a bit and then hopefully home for a short nap. I didn't get to the club yesterday and would really like to get in a visit. I'm afraid to see what the scale will say this morning at work.

    This afternoon husband and I are going to see the play of Esperanza Rising. I wanted to take easy child but she doesn't want to go-doesn't want to do much of anything these days.

    Tonight just a movie and popcorn.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful Saturday-I hope you find many occasions to smile and laugh.:flower:
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning Marg & Sharon and all to follow. :coffee:
    Marg- I hope you can get difficult child 3 caught up on his school work, it's no fun being the task master. :rolleyes:
    Sharon- Enjoy the play anyway. Think of it as a date for you and husband. :winks:
    I have to hop in the shower and head over to the church in a bit. It's our big rummage sale today. Duckie will be with me for a bit until one of the Brownie Moms grabs her for Super Saturday stuff. They'll be trying to sell the last of the Girl Scout cookies.
    husband and I were supposed to attend a surprise birthday party for a friend tonight, but it's been postponed due to illness. So we'll go out to dinner instead. It's so seldom we have a babysitter lined up that we decided not to waste it.
    Have a great day! :)
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, your dinner sounds lovely - gives me ideas for dinner tonight. Thanks.

    Sharon, enjoy the play. (by the way, kt doesn't want to do much family related - must be the age).

    TM, date night! I'm more than a bit jealous - enjoy.

    I slept in until 9:30 this morning - how scary is that? kt woke up shortly after I did.

    We're to get in the upper 50's today - I'm hoping to get husband to carry my walker out in the yard (won't take much) so I can putter around. Clean up around my bird feeders & enjoy the fresh air & sunshine.

    Have a wonderful Saturday!
  5. Fran

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    Good Morning/afternoon on a rainy Saturday.
    I was out of town for a son fix the last two day. I saw easy child on Thursday in NYC and had a lovely dinner with him and his friends. It was fun. We took the train to NJ to see difficult child and spend the day with him. It was a pleasure to see the boys laughing and carrying on together. I had to give them both a little stern mom talk.
    easy child would like to take a year leave of absence to work. I'm staying out of it. If I voice an opinion he will go the other way. It's between him and his dad.
    difficult child has been asked to not return to his job by the program he is in. They felt that he was overwhelmed with the hours and his conversation sounded threatening. The caseworker thought they jumped the gun but at least he wasn't fired. He will start a different job this week. It's a little less hours and may be better suited for difficult child. We can hope.

    I continue to watch them stumble and start again on their chosen path. They are good boys but they aren't done cooking. It was fun to feed them, and be the mom for a day. They are still such babies in my eyes. Life can be brutal for the most capable young adult and more so for both of mine.

    Hope your day is productive and fun. It's good to be home. Manhattan is crowded and loud but fun.