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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    Where is everybody? I WAS going to start a good morning thread earlier this afternoon (my time) but I figured I'd give you lot a sporting chance. But it's heading for my bedtime, I've grabbed a spare minute in between baking a pudding for tomorrow's lunch - you've all run out of time. Sorry!

    So - g'day for Saturday. It's been a quiet day here, garage sale up the road where I bought a lovely watch, a heart pendant loaded with bling and a metronome all for $9. They did have a lovely didgeridoo, but I thought I'd better pass on that. Our music room is overloaded at the moment, and nobody in the family has yet mastered circular breathing.

    Tomorrow we're having lunch with therapist and family, although it will be quiet - just them and daughter, us and difficult child 3. I promised to bring dessert, hence the chocolate pudding with magic cream, choc and cardamom sauce. Yes, I am still on a diet - but I might take a break for tomorrow's lunch, just for a treat. My last break was a few months ago when I thoroughly enjoyed a dinner with husband, finishing with a slab of passionfruit pavlova. My next break is likely to be the wedding... next month! Yikes!

    So enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

  2. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, it's Saturday ~ we're all sleeping in! ;) Or supposed to be sleeping in. Sounds like you made a few good bargains at the yard sale - I love going to yard sales but never find anything. My sister is a pro ~ she finds the most beautiful & affordable things that she can actually use for her home or she can wear.

    Saturday generally means a great deal of relaxation between bursts of chores or errands; today will be the same. I hope to stay awake today as I've changed the schedule of my weekly medication & got my 24 hour sleep in yesterday. I'm hoping not to repeat it today & instead head out to visit wm.

    kt has her Integrated Listening Systems (ILS)/tutor coming in this afternoon for a few hours to help her work on her homework & then head out for a bike ride (it promises to be a pretty day). husband is working on the annual "winterizing" of the house ~ I'd like to bake something today. I have the ingredients in for a beef barley stew that I'll get going in the crock pot soon.

    I've started sketching the challenge for the artist forum I belong's not competitive, but I more nervous about posting this painting. Wish me luck.

    Have a warm & wonderful day ~ hope it's filled with laughter & love.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :its_all_good: Good Morning!

    Marg, sounds like you found some good deals today! I did well last Sat by staying only in my yard during the yard sale and not being tempted by other's wares!! Although, difficult child spent a few bucks! Enjoy your Sunday and your little splurge!

    Linda, hope you are able to stay alert and visit with wm today. Don't worry about your work - art is subjective - if it expresses your intent, gave you release/satisfaction, and speaks to YOU, that's all that matters!!

    easy child and I will be doing some laps at the gym this morning. Our local children's hospital is having their annual fundraising 5K and the gym we attend is sponsoring the event. Many of the instructors are invoved. There are no formal classes gym-wide today.

    After that, the three of us will head out to get difficult child a white dress shirt and black dress shoes for the wedding next Saturday then a run to Costco.

    After that, it's no plans. I was thinking about doing my fall clean of the hottub (soaking and cleaning the filter, scrubbing it out, and emptying and refilling). We actually use the hot tub a lot in the fall and winter. Nothing better after a long day than coming out on a chilly evening and sitting in the hot, roaring water. Then you just hop out, towel off, and hit the sack! You go to sleep in an instant!

    We'll see if I decide to tackle that task. The advantage of Saturday is I can decide!! Have a relaxing day all :peaceful:

  4. Andy

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    Marg - I am glad you had another quiet day before the last minute wedding items take hold of your days again. The pudding sounds delicious. Definitely worth the treat status.

    Timer - I hope the weather holds for Kt's bike ride, husband's winterization, and all your errands. Have a good visit with Wm.

    Little Dudes Mom - I hope you find the shirt and shoes without much trouble. Enjoy this day with the kids.

    This computer is giving me problems. It is time to dig out the wireless accessories since pushing the clicker is not working well. I will bear through for now and find the items before getting on later in the day.

    I think there must be some goose hunters in the area - lots of shooting and puppy is scared.

    This morning is heavy duty cleaning. Our church has a pick up for the Dakota Boy's Ranch on Monday so I will look for some boxe to fill. I will see if I can get difficult child to clean his game room and bed room and the bathroom. Then to a nursing home's apple dumpling day fund raiser. Bake sale, silent auction, and apple dumplings!

    husband went to bad sister in law's home and then will be going to the "farm". His friend will be meeting him there. I hope the rain holds off for them.

    I will talk to difficult child about yesterday and call the medication doctor on Monday.

    Everyone have a great Saturday! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-For once I was sleeping in on a Saturday as I took the day off from ww. The garage sale finds sound fun! Enjoy your lunch, it's o.k. to go off your diet once in awhile!

    Linda-Beef barley stew? I'm so there! I hope your visit with wm goes well!

    Sharon-Enjoy the fundraiser at the gym! Sounds like a nice day. I love the idea of a hot tub on a chilly evening.

    Andy-Poor puppy, I'm sorry he's scared. Sounds like a busy day ahead for you. Enjoy the apple dumplings.

    It's suppose to be summer like today with temps in the high 70s! I need to mow the forest in my back yard-seriously it is way overgrown.

    We'll head to the health club and then come home to watch the Michigan game.

    Not sure what is on the agenda the rest of the day (difficult child is in a mood and easy child is still sleeping but still seems so depressed-wish I could get her to walk the dog-it would be good for them both).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.
  6. trinityroyal

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    Good morning everyone!

    Marg, it sounds like you did find some real treasures at the yard sale. Enjoy every mouthful of that wonderful dessert.

    Linda, I hope that you have a good visit with wm, and that the winterizing, homework, bike riding and chores go well for your family

    Sharon, the laps at the pool sound like a great way to start your day. I hate cleaning the hot tub but, like you, we use it all the time in the fall and winter.

    Andy, hope your computer stops acting up, and that you find the wireless thingies you need to sort it out if it doesn't. Hope you're able to get everything accomplished for your big cleanup. dumplings. Have one for me, will you?

    Today, I'm getting organized for a big party that husband is throwing (for my 40th birthday. Eeek) Thankfully, part of the present is that the party is being held in a restaurant/night club nearby and not in our house. No prep, no cleanup. However, I need to make sure that everyone's clothes are clean and pressed.

    More importantly, I need to have a quick meeting with difficult child's 1:1 staff, to be sure that she has an action plan for tonight. He doesn't do well with crowds, noisy restaurants, unfamiliar food...and this is the first time for him in a nightclub now that he's old enough. If necessary, she will take him out of there and back to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) right away. (Another big part of my present is that I will not deal with any difficult child-ness. With his staff at the party, she can take care of any issues that might come up.)

    Hope everyone has a very good Saturday!

  7. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Sharon, you sneaked in when I was posting...
    Sounds like you have the makings of a lazy Saturday. I'd milk that for all it was worth.

    Have a great day!