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    My my, what a busy day.

    I'm assuming a lot of you are busy enjoying the get-together. Wish we could be there with you but maybe some time in the future.

    I got going early in the morning to meet up with easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 at the mall, to do an exhaustive Wedding Register trawl. They have decided to go with an online gift registry but to do this they need to put their own list together. If they went with one particular store they would be loaned a bar-code scanner and all thry would have to do is scan the barcodes on the products in the store they want on their register. But this way they have to handwrite everything down, then type it in to the computer. However, this way people aren't limited to one store, they can get whatever they want wherever they want. Some of what easy child 2/difficult child 2 wants is "something like this" so she's chosen various items (such as a white Royal Doulton teapot) and said, "white teapot roughly this shape". But other things they have specified "X brand towels in the followibng shades..." and given the model numbers.

    Because I went through this with difficult child 1 & daughter in law, I feel like I can cut through a lot of the confusion.
    We got it all done (pretty much) and by this stage poor BF2's eyes were looking glazed. Then we went to the jeweller so they could order their wedding bands.

    I was very tired by this stage, so were the kids. I got home with under an hour to spare before I had to get down to the church hall where the choir was to perform. We're a small choir at the moment which makes it extra difficult; the sole soprano is very difficult child, can't be relied on (blast it) and she didn't turn up (despite assuring us that OF COURSE she would be there). So it was night (cold air on a throat recovering from whooping cough) and there were five of us to do the whole thing. I had to rearrange the music and lower it so I could take over the soprano part and reach the notes without triggering a coughing fit. Oh yes, and I had to conduct, as well as introduce everything and try to 'gee up' the audience and get them to sing as well. There were some teenage girls there who had that "Oh, I'm so embarrassed!" looks on their faces and of course they wouldn't join in. We taught the audience some rounds, dropped some stuff from our program when it was obvious to me that we wouldn't be able to manage - three part rounds don't work well when there's only five of you and one person has to hold a part with little voice. In trying to keep the thing together I had to raise my voice and talk over the background chatter - normally I can do this easily, but raising my voice strains my throat at the moment and triggers coughing. I'd dosed myself up beforehand with a double dose of cough suppressant so we held it together. People were very kind and said how much they enjoyed it, I'm not in a position to judge.

    After that some of us headed to the next event - a farewell party for a mother and little girl who are leaving for India tomorrow. There was a major Australia theme for the party, all the food and party games, everything had an Aussie link. Because I had my iPod and speakers (which I'd used for backing music for a couple of things we'd done with the choir) I was able to dial up some Aussie music for musical chairs, pass the parcel etc. And husband brought mother in law and I'd tipped people off that it was her birthday (as well as another person's birthday) so they combined it with a celebration.

    husband had brought mother in law straight to the party and not to our choir thing first, so I was travelling on my scooter. For the choir we'd dressed as Christmas carollers in a northern winter so I had plenty of scarves, beanies etc to keep warm on my way. It took me about fifteen minutes to get back home, after the busy day it was beautifully peaceful.

    Tomorrow we'll go to church if I have the energy, after the day I've had. I've got some books to return to a friend at church too. Otherwise - a quiet day is in order, I think. We'll probably spend the afternoon with mother in law, snuggled under lap rugs and drinking coffee while we watch movies together.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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    :D Good Morning Marg and any to follow.

    Marg, you certainly had a day today! I love the way they do the bridal and baby registeries now. I can go online, choose a gift, and the store will wrap and mail it for me!

    It is quiet around here today - certainly many are already in Cleveland and others are making the journey today. I'm hoping for lots of pics Monday!

    I've a 1/2 busy day today - some light housework, grocery, touching up of the roots. easy child and I are going on a little short trip Mon, tues and wed and difficult child has placed his order for food while we are gone! Bonehead will be around but difficult child said he wanted to stay here with his game systems! He said he feels safe at night with the house alarm and the dog. Bonehead and I know that this will probably change so he's ready for him!

    Wishing all a relaxing Saturday!

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    Marg you could earn a second living now as a wedding consultant!

    Sharon your day sounds similar to mine. Cleaning and errands and hopefully a jump on the trampolene.

    I hope the group in OH is having a wonderful time and they know we are with them in spirit.
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    Marge - You deserve a quiet day. What a big day for you today.

    Little Dude's Mom - Enjoy your 1/2 busy day today.

    ML - Have a great day!

    I will be working 11:00 - 8:00 taking tickets at the fair. I MUST wear sunscreen today. I did not Wed night and all day/night yesterday and I look like :mad: but smiling. :D

    It has been record breaking cold here. Usually for fair weekend we lather on the sunscreen every other hour or so, drink lots of liquids to not dehydrate, and have bug spray at night when the large mosquitos make their way out for the night. It is usually 85 - 95 degrees. This year we are wearing winter coats as we stand in about 60 degrees. But my red face and sun headache tell me I should have put on sunscreen even on the cloudy cold wintery weather day. I do know better but I hate putting lotions on.

    Yesterday I went into work extra early to meet with a supervisor who had called me at home to say he needed to talk to me about a work issue and if he had left already when I got in (he had an out of town meeting yesterday) that I was to talk with my direct supervisor as soon as I got in. I never get calls like that and for whatever reason, I get super nervous about what it is for. Am I abusing my flexibility? A complaint from a co-worker because I am not there when they need something? But then, they wouldn't call me at home about that - they would wait until I was at work.

    When I arrived in the supervisor's office at 7:30 am, my direct supervisor was also there. They had received a letter addressed to me but a copy to my supervisor for his file on me stating that because of some budget cuts and closures of some State programs, my postion was in danger of a layoff person bumping me. So, anyone with State senority over me in any postion equal or greater than mine can walk in and take my job. Not many people out there with senority anymore and many of those may be eligible for retirement but still, all it take is one who needs a job and doesn't mind 1/2 time to take mine away.

    I have mixed feelings. I know, I am odd in that I am not upset at all about loosing my job, but I often dream of being a stay at home mom and it would be nice to do so. However, I know I would be looking for an income somewhere regardless how little and I would not be able to make as much as I do now with only part time. Everyday jobs are about 1/2 of what I make so I would have to work 2 times the hours to stay up.

    I so have it made at this job - a job I love, co-workers who are great, flexibility to come and go as I need, ect. It would be hard to leave.

    I will meet with HR on Monday to see what all this means and obtain some answers to questions. If I do get bumped and choose not to bump someone else, I will enjoy staying home.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
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