Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Summer is definitely back here again. Still a little cooler but definitely hot enough to spend a bit of time at the beach. I took myself down there (much easier, not having to bring the car). Despite a lot of cars parked there, the beach was fairly empty. I was the only one in the water and the only footprints were mine. However, there were a couple of others there sunbathing, they headed in for a swim after a while. Fishermen on the rocks, bushwalkers strolling past. I read the Saturday paper (interesting article on bushfire hazard ratings - no wonder last year's bad fires were so deadly, the rating was one of the highest on record). Our new ratings system was discussed in the article - "catastrophic" is the highest danger warning. Having a day with a Catastrophic" fire warning doesn't mean there WILL be fires, just that if there is, you get out fast and don't even try to stay and fight it. And depending on where you live, if there is a catastrophic rating and you live in a bad area, they suggest you take a short holiday for a few days in case there is a fire. But they still won't bring in mandatory evacuation as apparently is already the rule in California.

    Oh, well.

    I did go down to the beach during the sun danger period, I figure I'm so tanned now that the risk of burning, even during peak sun time, is minimal now. I did pick up a little colour but it's taken about 8 hours to develop and is already going brown. Not sore anywhere, and I was down at the beach for almost two hours!

    Which reminds me - I still have to go take my oral Vitamin D, even that amount of sun isn't enough for me. My tan actually cuts back my Vitamin D manufacture now.

    Tomorrow is forecast to be much the same weather-wise, difficult child 1 & daughter in law are coming over for a meal at some stage. I need to find out when so I can get the meal on. Hopefully I can fit church in as well, maybe even a swim afterwards if time permits.

    husband is beginning to relax and get into holiday mode. Good. He needs a break. He went to the beach again this afternoon for a swim. Somewhere in there we have some chores to get done, but it is going to take me a while to get out of summer mode. My collection of shells is growing. I should make a couple of shell necklaces, I have enough shells now to make a lot of them. Weathered shells, smoothed by the sea. Something to do late on a summer evening, as the ocean breeze cools the salty skin...

    husband stopped at the fish market tonight and bought some bream fillets. We cook them the easy way, fried as they are in a hot buttery pan. Eaten with a simple salad, exactly what I needed after time at the beach.

    We had a few drops of rain this evening - probably not enough to water the garden. My beans and cucumbers are coming up, I planted them about a week ago. It's time for me to really begin to water the garden now, so I can get the tomatoes growing. And the herbs. I've got the rainwater tank set up to drip-water the garden. I just have to remember to turn it off or I risk emptying the tank!

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-Your day sounds exactly like the kind of day I would love to be enjoying right now:beach: How great that your garden is starting to come up!!

    Of course, our weather is nowhere near as nice but we may hit 40 degrees tomorrow!! Seeing the snow banks get smaller each day is really nice. I'm sure we'll have snow again before they are completely gone but then at least it isn't falling on top of as much as was there before!

    After work this morning I'll probably come home and take a nap; if not we'll head to the health club; either way both will happen today! Not sure what else is on the agenda-some cleaning for sure-just don't feel like doing it but it must be done. I am hoping to get in some reading time:reading:

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:bigsmile:
  3. Andy

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    Marg - Hopefully people will listen to the bushfire ratings and have a holiday idea or visit relatives when told another catastrophic fire could start. Though like us and snowstorms, it is hard to react to a "watch" situation just to find out it didn't happen. Many people like to see the proof first before reacting. The bushfire ratings is a very interesting concept. If I am understanding right, it is predicting the destruction rate of a potential fire not the possibility rate. (we have ratings here that predict how easily a fire can start depending on how dry it is out and possibly how windy). It is nice to hear about a Summer day. Just a few weeks after the Holidays and "cabin fever" is in the air all around us. Winter activities are just different from the free going Summer activities. The weather gets in the way of many outdoor plans.

    Wiped Out - Here I was basking in the thought of our 33 degree high today. I thought we were in back in warm weather. (We then start going back down into the 20 degree weather for the beginning of the week). 40 degrees! Wow - enjoy the warmth! Someday we will also get there.

    We are having a warm break in our super cold weather. A great day to get out of the house and say goodbye to "cabin fever". difficult child is on a confirmation retreat - a perfect winter day for that. husband said he can either pick him up at camp or be at church at 6:00 pm to get him so that I can "run". My neighbor's daughter is also on a retreat (she gets done at 10:00 pm). The two of us try to get together when possible but she has too much work preparing for a wedding next weekend, putting away holiday decorations, and getting their house ready to show again (two showings today). So, this afternoon, Diva and her boyfriend and I will do something together.

    I didn't want to be up this early. husband left for the day and diva puppy needed to go out. So I am awake. I suppose I should dwelve into some cleaning.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Morning ladies!

    Marg, sounds like a wonderful day in the surf, sun and sand!

    Sharon and Andy - hate to break the news to you guys, but our temps are going to be up to almost 60 today! Yesterday was the same and it was glorious. One thing about living on the middle of the east coast, you can get these warm days of gifts during the winter!

    A day at the house for me today. Lots of little things. Got all my cooking done yesterday and I even had time left to rearrange my family room! Today will be paperwork, getting my ebay business started back after after a month off for the holiday, and perhaps a nap.....

    Have a great weekend all!

  5. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Marg, I can imagine after all the going's on in your household over the last year that husband needs some down time - you too for all that goes. Glad you had such a peaceful day.

    Sharon, we're heading to the mid 30's today; our snow will be melting a bit more slowly.

    Andy, I know that cabin fever feeling - go out & have some fun.

    Sharon, there is no need to get nasty about the weather - geez, could you get any meaner? ;) Kick a woman when she's down already!

    Nothing much on the agenda today - kt & I will be busy doing some doggy doo cleanup & refilling the bird feeders. We have a couple of errands to run this afternoon as well. Nothing huge but needs to be done.

    Have a good day in whatever weather you're enjoying.