Good Morning Saturday

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    G'day, folks.

    It's felt like the tropics here for the past few days. Not just hot, but incredibly humid. We're getting some rain, but not vast amounts. Enough to keep things damp and like a hothouse. There are toadstools growing in the mulch in the gardens all round town. Not because the ground is waterlogged - it's not - but due to the humidity. Driving home last night from visiting mother in law in the hospital, the fog was very thick, a pea-souper. And in places where we don't generally get fog. But the roads heat up during the day, t hen they get damp from rain and you can actually see the mist rising from the road, like it's one large, long, fog machine. You know those old movies like Brigadoon? I used to watch those and think, mist never behaves like that. But it does here at the moment.

    We collected mother in law from hospital today, brought her home. I've got a lamb roast in the oven for dinner for us all tonight. She was feeling the cold in hospital from the air conditioning, but as she stepped outside, she realised we weren't kidding when I said it's like Singapore here. But we'd turned on her air conditioning at home, so it should have been comfortable for her.

    On the way home from hospital we stopped off to do some shopping. First we bought some waterproof soft matting for mother in law's bathroom area - she's not allowed to have sliding mats, but wants something soft underfoot. We found something really good, husband put it down this afternoon and he said she likes it.
    After that we did a little grocery shopping and vegetable shopping, it was all handy at the mall, then we headed home. husband was driving to give me a chance to rest - we didn't sleep too well last night; no surprises there! At home, easy child 2/difficult child 2 was there doing her washing. I'm not sure how much help she will be in my attempt to clean house. We need to talk about that.

    Thank you all for the support that has been expressed, over my freshly diagnosed breast cancer. As I said, I've been feeling very fatalistic about it. What's the point in getting upset, when I can't change anything? I'll post in more detail in Watercooler so I don't clog this thread, but just to reassure - I'm OK. I spent a lot of time this morning talking to my sisters and this afternoon talking to friends who have been through this themselves. I'm using the next few days to inform myself.

    Tomorrow - it depends on how mother in law is going, but we might head to church. We'll see. There'll be no beach for a few days, not until the clouds lift. But it's still a peaceful place to be. We have a number of beaches in town, the one I usually visit is one of the wilder, more isolated ones. But the church is right on another of our beaches and it would be good to sit out on the veranda afterwards and just be with friends.

    Dinner is now cooked, it's time to pack it up and head down the road to grandma's house and serve up dinner.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-I've seen fog the way you are describing it and it never ceases to amaze me. I'm glad to hear mother in law is home. Sounds like you had another very busy day. Glad you are doing o.k. You are on my prayer list.

    Up way too early this morning but I have to work. Really wish I wasn't working today because I had a really hard time falling asleep-probably because of my long nap after work. Another reason I wish I wasn't working is it's time for me to go in and face the music at the scale. It isn't going to be pretty. I didn't work out but once this week and ate like there was no tomorrow. I didn't even pass up the chocolates or treats at our classroom Valentine's party yesterday. Sounded good at the time but I know I have an intense week of trying to get back on track.

    The health club, naps, watching Olympics and some best picture nominees are on the agenda for the day and evening.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    :frostbite: Good Morning Marg, Sharon and all to follow!

    I'm a little late this morning from staying up for the Olympics last night, then when everyone left I cleaned up and then went and sat in the chair by the fire - next thing I knew it was 4:30 am!!

    Marg, sounds like another busy day in your world. Glad you and your man got mother in law in and settled. I love your attitude and perspective given your recent health news. There is such a connection to mind and body - your thoughts will go a long way in your healing. You cook lamb quite often - I love lamb but don't cook it but maybe once a year because I'm the only one who likes it!

    Sharon, hope paying the piper wasn't too painful this morning! You have great dedication....if you are off track, I know you will hop right back on and do the right thing! I'll be right there watching the Olympics with you today!

    Going to hit the gym for one of easy child's classes this morning at 10. difficult child has been asking for a couple weeks for a pair of boots he can wear to school and such - not outdoor boots in other words. I'm going to do some research this morning online and figure out where to take him......not really up on men's shoes......

    But I will be glued to the Olympics as the day goes the winter sports!

    Have a great Saturday everyone!

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    Ugh...I shouldn't be up this early. I finally got to sleep about 4AM and the dog woke me up at 6:45 for a pee call.

    Nothing much to do today beyond remembering to pull one of two lovely steaks I got out to thaw so I can eat it for supper tonight.

    I am also going to bed--not sure if it's going "back to bed", or an "early nap", but whatever it is, I am headed there shortly.

    I am so not a morning person that it isn't even funny. I'm just grateful when I can sleep. I usually go to bed really late and sleep late, sort of in shifts as the dog still has his schedule to keep to.