Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jun 5, 2010.

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    I got to sleep in a little this morning, but had a few jobs to do.

    First - a protest rally at the local school. It seems local authorities are trying to shut down our community library, which is currently operated jointly with the school (a common method in small, isolated communities). The problem for the authorities - our little village is a hotbed of activists who also have influence. This is going to really get up the noses of the authorities.

    After that I had some messages to run, especially prescriptions to get filled. From there I headed out to a meeting (local writers). I had to drive to the mainland and had already told them that if the road was still flooded, I wouldn't go. But the flood had receded, so I made it. We had a good meeting, very informal but very effective. Finished early, got home earlier than expected. While driving home I found myself stuck behind a learner driver - difficult child 3! He didn't realise it was me, I found afterwards. I don't think husband (sitting beside difficult child 3 as instructor) realised, either.

    We're about to head down to mother in law's for dinner. My favourite gardening program is on TV, we'll head down when it finishes. I also have some emails to draft, to send to the authorities in protest.

    Tomorrow - hopefully we get to stay in the village. We'll go to church, stay for lunch there and have a quiet day with friends. There is a congregation meeting at church after lunch but that won't take too long.

    The weather has cleared a little today, we saw some blue sky. Still raining at times, but not enough to re-flood the road. But the sunset tonight as I drove home - spectacular! A deep apricot to the west, but the east over the sea was a misty rose, with a double rainbow reaching into the ocean. The clouds all around were tipped with deep salmon red and it was all glorious. Below all this fabulous colour was the pristine Aussie bush, no buildings in sight anywhere. Pure wilderness, other than the road.

    Even in winter, I wouldn't live anywhere else.

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    Good Morning Margarite and all others!

    This is NOT were I expected to be this morning. 6:08 my time! I have been up for about 1/2 hour and off and on all night. I have a season Summer job running a concession stand on Friday nights and find that it is wearing me out for any activities on Saturdays. The kids are old enough now to let me sleep so I don't need to use the occassional "Woes be to whoever wakes me up" line. The kids are both gone to New York City so I was looking forward to really sleeping in. The problem: A very confused diva puppy! She can not understand why the kids are not at home. Much whimpering out of her last night made it hard to sleep. She ended up under my bed this morning and would not come out on her own. I heard her but could not figure out right away where she was. I had to pull her out. She seems to have settled somewhat so I am going to try going back to bed. It is going to be a hard four more nights before difficult child gets home! Like having a baby who is teething.

    So, on the bright side, difficult child left home Thursday night when Diva drove him to their aunt and uncle's home. Yesterday evening they all flew to NYC where Diva is spending a week with a friend and difficult child is being shown the sites of NYC until Tuesday. The neighbor girl and I will drive down to the cities to pick him up on Wednesday (unless he gets too homesick and then we will go down Tuesday afternoon). I missed a text from difficult child at midnight Thursday stating he was bored and homesick and not tired anymore. Last night he called me after midnight - things are going very well, he visited Time Square and the M & M store. He said his anxiety was a little high during take off but I assured him that was very normal in lots of people. He has an endless list of sites to see in the next three to four days (I don't know when they fly back on Tuesday). His aunt and uncle travel all over the world and have mastered the art of making the most of a vacation trip. difficult child will be given as much time as he wants at each site and when it is time to get to the next one, his aunt and uncle will have already figured out the shortest route to get there.
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    :hot:Good Saturday Morning Ladlies!

    Marg, the sunset sounds lovely! Tomorrow sounds like a restful day - just like a Sunday should be!

    Andy, sorry the pup woke you....glad to hear that difficult child is "outside the box" - hopefully he has a great time and accepts that doing different things and getting off schedule can be fun.

    It is hot, hot, hot here today! :swimming: Our temps are supposed to hit 95 today and the humidity is definitely turned up!

    Few little things around the house today then a little running around with easy child when she gets off work this afternoon. Think difficult child and I will hit the movies either tonight or tomorrow. He wants to see that new movie where Ashton Kutcher is an FBI agent.

    Hope your Saturday is a good one.