Good Morning Saturday

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    G'day, folks

    It's now Saturday evening in our beautiful Aussie capital. We arrived yesterday afternoon and stayed last night at easy child's place. This morning we left early to go to a large farmers market to buy supplies for dinner tonight and also to take home. At last! Truffles are in season! We bought some at A$2.50 a gram! Grown locally, smelling wonderful, I bought some for sis-in-law as well who has already used her to flavour a Brie cheese we're getting stuck into later on.

    We met at the War Memorial at 11 am, sis-in-law & her girls plus mother in law, easy child, SIL1, husband, difficult child 3 & me. Our primary aim was to show sis-in-law and her girls the prisoners of war section; but it was closed for refurbishment. We also wanted to discuss handing over a precious family artifact, something from father in law's time as a POW in WWII. As I expected, the War Memorial staff were very happy to see it and also very reverent towards it. Sis-in-law had been anxious to ensure it would be respected; we knew it would be, but she needed to see for herself. It was good for mother in law to see this too.

    We were there for four hours. mother in law used my mobility scooter (which I'd officially brought for my use, but we had expected mother in law to need it) and was glad of it.

    After that, we'd promised difficult child 3 could go to Questacon, a sort of sci-tech place for families. But easy child, who had planned to take him, was too tired and it was too late difficult child 3 was upset but we compromised - we were going to drop him off on his own, but instead husband took him I drove mother in law back to easy child's place while elder niece drover her sister to a movie for them both.

    ANd now we're back at easy child's place waiting for today's purchases to turn into dinner - roast lamb wit roast fresh beetroot, roast carrots, roast butternut pumpkin and dry roast Kipfler potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. The fire is lit and burning merrily (it's cold enough to snow outside) and the sun has well and truly set.

    Tomorrow we head home. We drove down in convoy with mother in law's carload (sis-in-law driving). NOt sure if we're convoying back. I hope not, actually. I love them, but they really slow us down needlessly.

    I'm having a bit of eye trouble tonight - I noticed it as I drove off to collect husband & difficult child 3, I'm concerned it resembles a detaching retina. husband knows, I've not told the others. I'll have to go see someone on Monday about it. I'm due to see the eye bloke on Friday.

    As husband said - it never rains but it pours!

    Enjoy your Saturday

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Marg- It's sounds like yet another very busy (but fun!) day. :)

    I'm off to church soon to work a rummage sale and set up for altar guild. Then, I get to try to find a last minute babysitter for Duckie because husband wants to go out for a little while this evening.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
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    Marg, I'm alarmed about what you wrote about a detaching retina.

    What are your symptoms? My husband had this a few years ago. His vision became limited in one eye, like at first it he had three-quarters vision, then only about half. He mentioned it casually to me when he came home, and luckily our paramedic son (former difficult child) happened to pop in, and when he heard he sent my husband straight to emergency ward at hospital, and within a couple of days my husband was operated on and his vision is fine now. He was very very lucky. If it is as you think a sign of detached retina, please don't wait. I'm sorry, since I know you have got more than enough medical stuff on your plate at the moment, but it is very important. Just telling you because I care about you.

    Love, Esther