Good Morning Saturday

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    G'day folks.

    Today was my first Christmas party of the season - for my writing group. We each bring something short we've written specially. A friend of mine brought a satirical piece about a certain loud bird I've been complaining about (the koel). She called it "The First Koel". It was funny how everyone sympathised, except for two younger women who didn't know the bird by name; until everyone else began doing impressions. "Oh, you mean THAT bird!" they said...

    Tomorrow is the last public trains day for the year (we have the private Christmas party in a couple of weeks) and likely to be hot, sticky, windy and eventually, stormy. The shape of the land down in Wollongong is like an aeroplane's wing; when the humid air hits the cliffs which are about a mile inland, it all condenses and forms its own climate. The fogs along the clifftop are amazing. We drive home along the coast instead...

    Enjoy your Saturday.

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    Good Morning!

    Marg, that's an early Christmas party! But, if you do it this early you don't compete with anyone for dates! Enjoy the last of train days for the year.

    I'm just about to make a quick vet and grocer run. Unfortunately, Spot has been not feeling well the last 4 weeks or so. After some initial tests, we think he might have canine cushiness but we have to treat a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) first in order to know for sure. I have to run and pick up some new medicine for him this morning. Keep some positive thoughts for our Spotty will be about 2 weeks until we know for sure.

    I also need to make a grocery run. I'm having a really formal dinner in the dining room tonight - pulled out all the old silver (that I don't use often because I HATE cleaning silver!!!) the Waterford and the china......I premade part of the entree yesterday and, even though I doubled the recipe, I'm concerned about the amount. You know how it is when you entertain, you would rather have more than not enough! I'm going to run to the grocer and pick up two things I need to add another few servings (I have all the other ingredients). I'm also going to pick up some fresh flowers for my floral arrangement. I doing three lower ones (in crystal servings bowls actually) spread down the table rather than one really tall one. It's more conducive to conversation if you aren't leaning around a big vase of flowers!!!

    easy child and difficult child are planning on giving Spot a bath this afternoon! They talked about it last night and decided to wait till it got a little warmer during the day today. She has to go to work at 2 but she is going to come here at noon. easy child and I had a blast yesterday afternoon during our "check out the black friday craziness" tour! I bought her a pair of boots at Nordstrom, and I got some new Mac makeup I've been wanting. We went into Best Buy (this was not until like 4:00 in the afternoon) so I could look for a laptop sleeve (I take my laptop to the office and I don't always feel like carrying my briefcase) and it was still packed! There were so many people and so many "odors" that easy child and I left. I don't see how folks can handle standing like sardines to look at computers or tvs..........I think I would rather pay a little more and shop at my leisure! I'll use the internet for deals!!!!!!

    Have a great Saturday everyone!

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Sounds like an early fun Christmas party! I love that everyone wrote a piece for the party!

    Sharon-Keeping a good thought for Spot! A formal dinner-what are you serving? I'm sure it will be great and you'll have enough. Sounds like you enjoyed a little bit of the shopping. The mall is right near my house but I only went out for like 1/2 hour, bought nothing, and came home. I just don't like the crowds all that much but it was fun to look at the deals. husband went out with his sisters shopping and had a good time but he doesn't like the crowds either!

    We had a lot of fun at game night last night at my niece's house. This morning husband, one of my nieces, and I are headed to the movies and then will come home to watch the last Michigan game of the year. We're playing our rivals Ohio State and I'm guessing we are not going to win because we have had no defense this year. I will, however, be cheering and hoping for an upset!!

    Tonight I'm making dinner for 11 of us. I'm thinking spaghetti might be a good way to go!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: