Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 4, 2010.

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    G'day folks.

    It's been another cool day here with the occasional drop of rain. My friend's book launch went well although I was a bit panicked when I found, three hours before, that all the signs that had been put up had been almost immediately removed by local hooligans (we think). So no advertising! I rushed around putting up signs and balloons so people could find the place, and telling everybody I met who I knew, to come to the launch. So we had about 30 people there, including the local newspaper woman who I don't think likes me very much. Then one of my very flamboyant journalist colleagues turned up with two bouquets - one for the author, and one for me! He very publicly presented us both with our flowers, kissing us on both cheeks (he's very French) and saying some very complimentary things about my work. It was interesting to see the reaction of the newspaper woman. I was grinning inside and out. I then was asked to give a small speech which I had written a few days before as a brief review of the book, so I could ensure that the newspaper woman would at least write something decent in her few sheets which she puts out once every few months. Then as I gave my speech, I noticed the latest copy of her paper - she had given an advance copy to my friend. When I had the chance, I read it - my speech was in there (unattributed) plus two chapters from the book. An entire page of an 8 page newspaper, and newspaper woman had written one sentence of it only, which was "Here are two sample chapters..." So if she dislikes me, right now the feeling is mutual.

    I'm happy for my friend - she sold quite a few books, the launch was well received and hopefully there will be ongoing sales for her. There will be another launch in the city, she hasn't told me when yet. Maybe after Christmas.

    Tomorrow is another day at home in the village. Probably church to begin with (take the swimsuit, if the sun comes out after church a few of us will got for a swim) then we'll look around some of the local art galleries. I have more bookwork to do, but there is a sense of relaxation about it now that the rush is off with the launch past.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-The French man showing up with the boquets was very sweet. That journal woman was rude to give your speech and not give you credit for it!

    We arrived in Michigan late last night and are headed to breakfast right now! Later is the Christmas party:)

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!!
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    Good morning warrior parents. I am finally back home. Hopefully will stay put until after the holidays. F I L is doing better so I felt good about coming home. Now to get back to the business of Christmas preparations.
    difficult child is doing well. He seems pretty focused (for him) on his self set goal. He will be home for the holidays in 2 wks. easy child will be home in about 10 days but will leave on the 22nd so he can return to work during the holiday.
    Marguerite, congratulations to your friend and her book launch. I'm a little confused about how books are published in Australia. Isn't there a publisher who does the launch and advertising? Don't they usually launch in the bigger cities? Are you a book publisher? Sorry for so many questions but I didn't know that books are launched this way. Of course, I have never been involved in a book being launched. Sounds interesting.

    Today we are going to try to finish up some decorating and Christmas prep. A friend is coming over for dinner of sausage, peppers and onions and a movie tonight. It should be a good weekend.
    I know the dogs are very happy to be home. It's been a bit of a change the last 2 wks.
    Have a productive day.