Good Morning Saturday

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    G'day people.

    We had a perfect day today for the beach - warm, sunny, and what rain there was (a heavy dump of 15 mm in five minutes!) was over soon after sunrise.

    I got to the beach twice, and glory be! The water was warm at last! Much better than it has been so far this summer. I went back down later with difficult child 3 and read the Saturday paper while stretched out on the sand. Lovely.

    We also dropped in on a friend who was helping difficult child 3 with some school work. It's still holidays, but difficult child 3 is still doing some work on this one subject over the summer.

    Tomorrow - probably church, more beach if possible (we take our swimsuits and towels to church in our village) and then easy child 2/difficult child 2 and SIL2 for dinner.

    It's almost time for dinner tonight. Time we headed down to mother in law's for our Saturday night fish dinner. husband gets fish and prawns from the fish market on his way home on Saturdays.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

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    Good Morning. I just posted to ask you about the floods and there you are threading about the beach. Guess that answers my question, lol. It's the wee hours here and I can't sleep for a couple of reasons. So I'm planning my day. We have company coming in three weeks so I'll be calling the cleaners to steam the furniture so the house isn't "doggy". My husband is in love with "his dog" and somehow has given the OK to get on the sofas and chairs. Not good, lol. I'm sure there a ton of other things to do if I'm up to it. Sometimes I wish I had all the kids still at the house so I could delegate instead of having to do the work. Hope everyone has a terrific day. DDD
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    We don't have flood problems in our part of the country. The floods are in the major river systems on the east side of the country, form Queensland and down. It is huge and the floods take time to flow through the land, so heavy rainfall up north is known, and they forecast the floods downstream. For example when Proserpine was cut off, they had already known it was going to happen and begun evacuations, set up a field hospital on high ground and so on. Meanwhile further downstream they are getting ready, while upstream they begin to clean up. This takes weeks. Meanwhile it has rained again up north and it all starts over. Some areas have had the worst floods in 100 years, just a few months ago. Then a bigger flood has hit just now.

    We get floods here, but our house is on high ground, one of the highest in the village. No water views though. But we can get cut off during floods, it happens several times a year for us. When there is a lot of water flowing from up-river, it can take a week or more for our floods to subside. But it's lightning fast for us, compared to the currently inundated areas further inland. That's because where our river floods, it is so close to the coast that it can get away fairly fast.

    We've got more rain forecast starting tomorrow and going for the next week. My nephew is a typical Aussie Chesty Bond type of bloke, lives on a farm in north NSW, they're on the downstream end of the current Queensland floods plus getting more rain. Here are some of his comments from FB:
    "Forecast says heaps of rain coming over the next week. Rippa. Like we need more.
    Get your gum boots out everyone. We have a good one coming next week.
    I'm over all the rain. Up to my knees is water shifting cows that are too dumb to understand why and going places they shouldnt. When is this rain going to stop? I had to buy water this time last year !!"

    So although the Marg household and village are enjoying beautiful beach weather, we do have family struggling. The rest of my siblings are on high ground but the highway still is cut in many places, so they are stuck at home while their area is flooded. Because it is such a huge amount of water and over such a large area, it can take weeks to subside. And then - it rains again. We're currently experiencing a La Nina event here and this is when we get the floods.

    Aussies are a quietly patriotic lot. We also put up with a lot of crud that life throws at us. Your patriotic poetry refers to grand scenery and beautiful vistas. Ours talks about the disasters and says we love it all anyway. "My Country" by Dorothea Mackellar is like our "This Land is Your Land". Her poem's second verse - "I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of rugged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewelled sea. Her beauty and her terror - the wide, brown land for me."

    This is a big country. A lot of different things can happen in different places.

    Thanks for asking, though.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-I'm glad the water is finally warm enough:) I hope you get a lot of beach time in during the coming weeks!! I love the "My Country" line you shared.

    DDD-I can understand not wanting to do all that cleaning on your own. Will husband be helping you clean? by the way, our Ella, is allowed on the furniture at our house-probably not a good thing but she loves to cuddle up by us and we love it too.

    I was having this great dream that it was January and the temps were in the 50s for the entire month but then I woke to the harsh reality that it is 7 below with the wind chill with a regular temp of 9 degrees!!! Oh well, this is Wisconsin after all. Unfortunately I've seemed to have misplaced my mittens!!

    I'm off to work then back home for, hopefully, a nap! I'm also hoping to get to the health club today. Tonight husband and I are going out to dinner with friends, it should be a good time.

    husband is planning on taking easy child/difficult child to a movie today but we'll see as she has been in total isolation mode and very moody!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!!
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    :coffee: Good Morning!

    I need that coffee this morning because I stayed up much too late playing Peggle last night!

    Marg, glad to hear you got another day at the beach - hopefully tomorrow will bring another warm day for you :beach:.

    DDD, Fabreze is a good thing to keep on hand with a dog and upholstery :cool_dog:.....they make a pet odor one that I buy at Pet Smart. I don't allow Spot up on anything with fabric but the sofa and pillows in difficult child's play room. I freshen that area for doggie presence weekly....

    Sharon, no mittens and 7 below - Not good :2cold:

    I believe mom is making the drive back north today and will spend a couple days with us. We'll see. She's a week later heading back home than she thought so she might just spend one night and continue up north.

    Not much on the agenda today other than a little vacuuming this morning and difficult child's bed sheets are scheduled for a change today.

    Last night we had a nice heavy snow shower than has left everything looking so pretty this morning. They say we are in for a big one on Tuesday :snowing:, fingers crossed......

    Hope your day is a great one!