Good Morning Saturday

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    G'day, people. Everyone must be sleeping in!

    I had a pleasant day staying local. I did have some errands to run down in the village, I needed to do them before midday so I headed down about 11 am. First thing, I said good morning to the local fundraising ladies. "You mean 'Good afternoon'," said the organiser, as they packed up (which they do at midday). So I hurried to get my urgent stuff done, then relaxed, chatted to a few people and headed home where I checked the clock - 11.45 am. Bizarre.

    I made lunch for difficult child 3 and me and gave him the option of coming to the beach with me, or going to grandma's to play a board game (which he had been wanting to do). he went to Grandma's so I headed for the beach. I had to park further away, which happened to be right outside a friend's art gallery where she was hosting an exhibition. So of course I had to chat... for over an hour. As I left them to go for my much-needed swim (it has been really hot and humid today, sweat pouring off) I rang husband to find out where he was. Home at last (after playing trains most of the day). So I headed home (without getting to the beach myself) and collected husband so he could have a swim. By the time we got back down there, it was 4 pm, but still plenty hot enough for a swim. The sea breeze at the beach is wonderful, you don't feel the full force of it until you walk along the short path to the beach. The water is warm (which is why we're getting so much rain at the moment on the east of Australia) It's not as warm here, but still about 23 C (73 F). We had a lovely swim but husband never stays long at the beach. I still had my mobile phone so I asked him to leave me there to sun for a while, and come back when I called.
    So I lay on the sand (I don't worry about putting a towel down - I planned to go back in to wash off anyway) and enjoyed the warm sand on my sore bones, while the sea breeze stopped me from overheating. Then I noticed it was getting a bit dark - a whopper of a storm was brewing and I had my back to it. So I skipped going back to rinse off - I was dry anyway and the sand just dusted off - and rang husband.

    Got home, showered (I'm having tepid showers at the moment, it's too hot to do anything else) then headed down to mother in law's for dinner.

    We just got back - difficult child 3 commented as he was leaving mother in law's tonight, that it is foggy outside. As we came out - yes, definitely foggy. We can see the street lights, but mistily through a halo. We explained to difficult child 3 that the warm ocean is evaporating and saturating the warm air, and then when the temperature drops a bit after the sun goes down, the moisture condenses out. Never lose an opportunity for a Science lesson!

    Tomorrow - not sure. Maybe church, or maybe a quiet day at home. Whatever we do, even if it rains (which is happening every morning and evening as well as at times during the day) I hope to get another swim or several.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

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    Good Morning Marg and all who follow!

    I'm really glad you were able to get a bit of beach time in. I love hearing about your longer days because even though the days are getting longer here we still have a long way to go!!

    difficult child is up and "bored" as he says (which means he wants the whole house awake). Today I'm planning on getting back to my workout schedule. After that it is time to finally take down the tree! Yes, I know it's late but life has been crazy here. Tonight I will be watching and cheering on the Packers!!

    Wishing everyone a day filled with many reasons for laughter!:)
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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Marg- Your beach time sounds lovely!

    Sharon- I hope difficult child settles down quickly for the day.

    We're having Duckie's party today, she turns TEN next week. Can you believe it? She's invited 15 girls to the house for pizza, cake and spa time. My sister-in-law will be styling hair (she's a pro), my friend will be doing nails and we have a few games planned. I've broken the girls into four groups of four so they rotate between stations. There's hair, nails (the color choice to be determined by playing spin-the-nail-polish-bottle), toilet paper mummy, and aluminum foil fashions. We can also play pin the heart on the frog if there's time. Three girls will be sleeping over so it'll be a late night tonight. :rofl:

    Have a great day. :salute:
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    Morning ladies.

    I haven't taken down our tree yet, either. It now looks totally at home where it is and the room will seem bare without it (and the extra lighting it provides, lol). I have a ton of laundry to do and not sure if I have enough quarters or will have to go to the bank. Should've done that while I was out yesterday to be sure. Oh well. If nothing else I have a countertop washer I use for single items, pre-wash stuff and delicates, it wouldn't be the first time I've done a bunch in it and hung them in the bathroom to dry. Hoping to get kiddo to "do her 10s" (10 minutes of picking up after herself every hour), but I think the most I might get out of her is simply staying out of the way while I clean.

    Have to dig out more books to donate (found out the library will take them), and still have a ton of kiddo's old clothes to go through for things she's outgrown. One of the things kiddo and I have done over the years is to put aside certain favorite shirts she outgrew that we didn't want to totally lose to time, cut out part of them for them to be turned into a quilt when she gets older, so maybe we'll start the actual cutting and quilt box this weekend, too. She might enjoy doing the cutting part, would save me some work.

    Hope Duckie has a wonderful party!