Good Morning Saturday

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    G'day everyone.

    We saw a little watery sunshine today in the morning but it didn't last. The heavy rain had eased off - we've had the wettest Sydney August in 60 years, they've said. I had a meeting to go to today and thankfully I knew ahead of time I had an extra long drive - our usual causeway to the mainland is underwater. Same deal coming home, although I was able to go have a look at the causeway to estimate how long before the flood subsides. I have to go out early with difficult child 3 on Monday morning, I think we'll still be driving the long way.

    My meeting was very mentally tiring but productive. I gave a guy a lift home, very useful when I found I had a flat tire on returning to the car. He helped me pump it up, then I had my long drive home alone. I stopped halfway to check the tire pressure - holding, thank goodness. I'd bought a frozen lasagne for dinner which made my evening easy.

    husband has just hit the shower, I'm grabbing a minute to greet people and I'll head for bed in a few minutes also. I'm looking forward to snuggling under the doona for a cosy night's sleep while the thermometer drops to single digits.

    Tomorrow - church maybe, then nag difficult child 3 to finish some schoolwork so he can hand it in on Monday. We normally would be playing trains down south, but the floods have affected the mini-train track too, the day has been postponed until the floodwaters down there recede.

    So the floods have brought us a chance to stay home and take it easy tomorrow...

    Enjoy your Saturday, people.