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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Wow, where have all those morning people been lately? This morning I was supposed to go have blood drawn for my physical which was back in July...I hate it, so instead I'm having my two large cups of Joe. Afterwards, I have a nail appointment and then I can either go visit my mom or go home and begin the Irene cleanup or go to a county fair with my easy child. Things need to get done, I have snacks to put in my moms snack bin at the home, but I would so enjoy hitting up a county fair. H hates them, so I usually have to either skip them or go with someone else. It is supposed to rain tomorrow I think. Anyway, off to get a refill. I hope everyone has a great day!
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    Good Morning Jo (and all those to follow)!

    Jo, I hope you find someone to go to the fair with today - that would be my vote! I just got my nails done Thursday and it had been since early July! With my pinched nerve, I couldn't sit with my arm extended like that - it felt so good to get my nails "in order" again....

    A really late night with unexpected company last night. I think I mentioned that difficult child was having his best bud over for a "end of summer bash" last night - well I made that huge batch of spagettii and ended up with my friends and their daughter, my cousin, easy child, difficult child, and his buddy. It started late because it was kinda spur of the minute (we didn't sit down to eat until about 9:10!), and I didn't hit the sack until after 1am! But it was a great night.

    Today I have a "yard handy man" coming in about 10 minutes to do some "end of summer"/ "hurricane Irene" yard work. I should have about 3 or 4 hours of work for him. This afternoon easy child has invited me for coffee and pie at 2. She had me for dinner last week, now coffee - she's a regular little homemaker!!

    I hope your Saturday captures the end of summer in your style!

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    I went to the fair with easy child, met difficult child there also with her boyfriend. Ate some crappy foods and left. My knee just couldn't take it, very disappointing. Anyway, came home, cleaned the pool (took 2 hours!) and easy child raked up the yard, so the place looks decent. I was able to put all my potted plants back out too, so that made me happy. My pool is so darned cold that it felt great on my knees! Yay, and it's clean now. Kinda can't wait to close it...Glad your time with the bash went so well, I miss those now that mine are all grown. Fun times, I cherish the memories. Enjoy coffee with easy child!