Good Morning Saturday!

Wiped Out

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Good Morning!

Last night I was so tired I went to bed at 8:00-I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I think it was a good indicator that I was tired when yesterday when I was getting in the shower I realized I still had on my pajamas :rofl:

I'm off to work in a bit and then we have some things planned but mostly I plan to somehow squeeze in a nap! and hopefully a workout-I did get my workout in yesterday and increased my weights on some things and am sore because of it today-oh well no pain, no gain!

Enjoy your Saturday-find reasons to smile. :flower:
Happy weekend!

Get that nap in, Sharon. Sounds like you could use it!

Well, they're heeeeere. The cicadas. Great googly moogly those things are ugly. Pixie and her friends caught one and put it in her "bug box" yesterday. She is beyond fascinated by these things. We've only seen a few; I have a feeling her fascination might change to revulsion when there are hundreds of them all over the sidewalk.

Hi to anyone who snuck in, and may everyone have a fantastic weekend. Find something beautiful to look at.


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:smile: Good Morning Sharon and BBK!

Sharon, I know your schedule was busy this weekend but fitting in a nap sounds perfect! Well, you know you could have had your shower and done the laundry at the same time! Have a good one!

BBK, I hate those cicadas. Our 7-year ones were here two years ago. Fortunately, we were not in the major area - we had some but not like my sister in northern va who had to run to her car because the things would fly into you!

easy child is driving to the river to be with best bud this morning and difficult child has a "breakfast brunch" birthday. No cake - just a huge mound of waffles with a candle on top!

I think I'll take him to see Shrek after that since he's done by 11 and I don't think the theatre will be too crowded that early.

I hope you find some laughter and calm this weekend.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- That's way too funny about the pj's & shower. You better get that nap in today, lol! :smile:
BBK- I don't think the cicadas make it to Buffalo. Gee, even they don't want to come here! :hammer:
LDM- I took Duckie & her best friend to see Shrek 3 yesterday after school, it was cute. I'm sure difficult child will enjoy it. :thumb:
I'm still kind of groggy this morning. All the cut grass is killing mine & Duckie's allergies. Ugh. :ill: Duckie has dance, then we go to see a play this afternoon. Should be fun. :smile:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, all.

Sharon, it sounds like you need more sleep - trying to save time, showering in your PJs?

As for t he rest of you not liking cicadas - they're the sound of an Aussie summer, the rhythmic throb of cicadas in the summer heat...

I used to collect the spent nymph shells and wear them on my t-shirt - if you squeeze them gently the legs spread slightly, then hold them that way against your shirt and let go, the legs spring back and they grip. You can paint the shells, too with acrylics - the kids can have fun! A good holiday activity. Get them to make scenes from Shakespeare, with painted cicada shells as characters in a diorama. After you give them that little holiday activity suggestion, they'll never complain to you about being bored again (they won't dare).

Mind you, I never liked it when the adults flew into my hair - they get stuck and they're really noisy as they screech, if they're that close.

We used to swap them, at school - the different varieties; the floury baker, the cherry nose, the green grocer and the fabled black prince.

LDM, that mound of waffles sounds really yummy. I hope the kids enjoy the river.

TM, those allergies don't sound good. Break out the antihistamines!

We got difficult child 3 to do his art work today for his next worksheets - he's done the practical now, he can do the write-up on Monday morning. We'll actually be out on Monday, have to take the family bus to the service centre. easy child 2/difficult child 2 wants to take our little bus (21 years old and going really well) to the service centre/car yard and see what they offer for a trade-in - not that we'd ever trade that perfect thing in, our local mechanic is in love with our little bus and would never forgive us!

Have a good Saturday, everyone.


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Good morning friends,

Sharon, find time for that nap! Showering in pj's is not a good sign.

BBK, while I'm not a big fan of bugs I love watching a child's fascination.

LDM, waffles - sounds wonderful. Enjoy your afternoon at the movies with difficult child. I hear Shrek is a hoot.

TM, the allergy season is a bit rough this season. Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Marg, glad to hear that difficult child 3 has completed the majority of his project.

"Hi" if you snuck in - typing slow this morning.

husband is still sleeping - I got to sleep in until 8:30 this morning. What a luxury! husband & I are going out to dinner tonight in celebration of his new job. My entire day will be spent in the yard digging about or napping. Probably a bit of both.

Enjoy your Saturday - keep it calm.


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Good Morning everyone. It's so nice to read up on how you are doing and your plans. Makes one feel connected. Thanks to all of you that keep it up.

Wiped out, pretty funny about the jammies and the shower. Guess a little extra sleep is in order.

Kitty, my difficult child was a great collector of "critters". I learned more about insects than I ever wanted to know. It's great that your Pixie has a natural curiosity.

LDM, I love the birthday brunch. Someone is thinking out of the box. Enjoy Shrek.

TM, hope the allergies ease up a bit. Have fun with difficult child today.

Marguerite, sounds like you and difficult child 3 are making progress. Good luck with the art.
I love the sound of the cicada's in the summer. Sitting in the shade with a book and that sound was so soothing.

Linda, what's this? A new job and sleeping in? You must have a lucky star above your house this weekend. Enjoy every minute.

easy child turned 18 yesterday. He opted out of cake and dinner with us for an evening on the town 18yr old style. He bought a lottery ticket and they went to some sort of Middle Eastern restaurant where they smoke some sort of stuff(I can't remember the name) It's all legal and above board for 18 and over. It's mostly flavors from what I can tell. Makes them feel adult. They go in a group. easy child wouldn't do it before he was 18. I think he may have missed the family cake and silly singing a bit. We plan to celebrate next weekend with aunts and nephews. This was his choice.
Today I'm planning on putting everyone to work with scrubbing grills and pool toys, putting up bird feeders and hummingbird feeders. It's my plan but the kids have a tendency of making their own. LOL. No problem.

husband and I went to see Fracture at the movie theatre. It's a thriller. It's good but no matter what Anthony Hopkins will always be Hannibal Lechter to me.

Hope you have a wonderful May weekend. Enjoy.