Good Morning Saturday!

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Good Morning Sleepyheads!

Here I thought I was the one who had slept in this morning. I took off from ww this morning because it is difficult child's birthday today (he turns 10) and he had a friend sleep over last night. Overall, it has gone well but yesterday late afternoon difficult child was having some issues with husband and me and I thought we would have to drive his friend home but he finally turned it around.

Today I will take difficult child swimming! Our first trip to the pool this summer! It is supposed to be 88 and humid so it will be a good day to be there :beach: Later we will take him to his favorite restaurant. We haven't done any birthday shopping because the last week of school is always so crazy. Hopefully husband can do that while we're at the pool.

Enjoy your day-I hope it is a peaceful one. :flower:


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:bravo: :smile: Happy Birthday to Sharon's difficult child :smile: :bravo: and Good Saturday Morning :cool:

Sharon, sounds like a great day planned for difficult child. Not too much stress, and a little relaxing at the pool for you in the mix. Congrats on a successful school year! You desere the summer!

We are spending the morning getting ready for our beach trip tomorrow. Last load of laundry in the dryer right now; then it's pack the suitcase and make sure the house is clean and together. easy child and I loaded the beach equipment last night.

I'm having a little cookout tonight and was hoping to get a little nap in later this afternoon. After all, is is the first day of summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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Good morning Sharon's,

Sharon - happy birthday to difficult child!

Sharon - enjoy the beach.

I'm traveling down to visit my family - half way there. Enjoying the quiet of a motel room. I'll be meeting my dad & my great aunt at the assisted living facility to visit my grandfather around 11 or so.

A round of golf this afternoon with the sibs, a couple of cousins & my father. Back to dad's for a cookout. Good food - good company. Cannot ask for anything more.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


Happy b-day to you your difficult child :dance:

my d/h is 41 today (whoopee-sarcasm) :devil:

My easy child had a friend s/o but they still have not slept. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif

I wanted to get up early but 11am is not early, sigh.......... :nonono: