Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:
    I was able to get half my bedroom painted yesterday and will finish that today after altar guild. Duckie is happy that she has a play date today (yay!) and husband is on vacation. He will help me to pull up the rug once the painting is done. It will be nice to have a pretty bedroom again! Now all I need to do is get new bedding, an area rug, curtains and rods!
    Have a great day! :smile:
  2. smallworld

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    Good Saturday morning!

    TM, your energy amazes me. I'm sure your bedroom will be very pretty when you're done.

    In spite of the storms, it's still humid here. husband has already been out on a bicycle ride this morning. I'm going to take in an exercise class in about an hour. J and M are still snoozing away.

    A has been away at overnight camp for 9 days, and we've only had one letter from her. Hope the adage, "no news is good news," holds true in this case.

    We're planning to meet our old favorite babysitter, her husband and her 3-year-old daughter at our pool this afternoon. We'll swim and then order in dinner. Should be a pleasant outing.

    Keep it cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.

    RAZZLYNNE17 New Member

    Good Morning Everyone!

    TM- good luck with finishing the room

    Smallworld- enjoy your visit with the babysitter, it is fun to catch up, as i did earlier this month with difficult children kindergarten teacher

    Well difficult child got his report card in the mail yesterday,and i am so proud of this kid. He brought every grade up, and made honor roll again, that was his fourth term making honor roll. I go you should be so proud of yourself, and he goes i am, and the heck with my old school, his elemantry school. As a reward we are going to see Poison play tonight with Ratt, and some band i have never heard of. Yep so hairband, but we love it, difficult child will go to ozzfest in august with his cousin!
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    TM-I bet your room will be beautiful when you are done! I hope Duckie has a fun play date!

    SW-Sounds like a busy but fun day! Enjoy!

    Razzle-How awesome for difficult child :bravo: Enjoy the evening!

    I've already weighed in today-lost two pounds this week and then walked the dog. Now I have to get ready to go to our family reunion. Sounds like the weather will be just about perfect!

    I hope everyone has a peaceful day! :flower:
  5. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    TM, I'd like to see the end results to all of your hard work.

    SW, pretty cool that difficult child is handling her camp time - no news is good news.

    Jen - congrats to difficult child. Way To Go.

    Sharon, enjoy the reunion.

    kt is at respite this weekend. husband & I are heading up to visit wm & take him out to lunch. wm's pretty sure that today is his birthday visit - NOT. Just to be lunch & a promised run to the game store; wm has saved up money for a gameboy cartridge.

    Enjoy your day all. :future:

  6. guest3

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    Morning, geesh its 1PM!

    for all those wondering:
    no bunny to be found, bye bye bunny, TG, I needed another thing to take care of like a hole in the head!
  7. AllStressedOut

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    Good Afternoon Everyone!

    I had a girls night in lastnight and everyone went home at 2 I slept in quite a bit. It was nice to visit with everyone and in a quiet house. Waited until 8 to have everyone over so I could send all the kids to bed. It was so peaceful!

    I've got tons of errands to do today, but I enjoy them. Gets me out of the house and some away time from kids. husband didn't stick to the strict schedule today, he wants to watch his tv shows. Grrrr....So I just handed it to him and came back here to take a shower. Ya think he got the hint? I don't record my shows anymore because there is no time to watch them with the schedule, but the schedule helps keep difficult children out of trouble. Hopefully when I get out of the shower, I'll see everyone is on schedule. He just has difficult children sit with him and watch tv, because "The Soup" on E is so great for young minds. *rolling my eyes*

    I'm off to Blockbuster, Walmart, Sams, GNC etc. One roll of toilet paper in the house, gotta get to the store! hehe

    Wiped Out--way to go on the 2 lbs!