Good Morning Saturday


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G'day, all. Well the house of illness is still in business. I think we need to paint a yellow cross on the door and carry a dish and clapper, screaming, "unclean, unclean!" every time someone steps through the gate.

husband is the latest victim. We DID go out this morning, using the excuse of taking BF2 to work, plus buying a few more things we need (like brackets to repair the kitchen drawers, falling apart after all these years of heavy use; and a new electric heater). Also stocked up on more food - with me, husband, difficult child 3 now having a bigger than adult appetite, BF2 and difficult child 1 when he's home, it's a struggle to keep people fed. I insist on cooking fresh food and not allowing them to pig out on rubbish, but the downside is the need for fresh supplies.

But husband went downhill fast after we got home - running a fever, put himself to bed, slept a while then got up while I slept a while. I'm still not great either.
easy child 2/difficult child 2 still has no appetite due to her bad cold; I don't think anything would impede difficult child 3's appetite.

I bought some oranges, cut some up and put them in a dish on the kitchen bench. Hopefully people will eat them and thereby get some Vitamin C. Then difficult child 3 & I lit a fire in our backyard pizza oven, to warm us up while we cleaned up the garden. I know I'm still feeling lousy, but I'm hoping to get some vital winter pruning done tomorrow on my peach trees. Probably not much point because we never get to eat the fruit - the parrots get the lot every year - but maybe we'll get a pretty show of blossom in a few months.

I managed to get husband sitting by the fire for a short while, as difficult child 3 toasted marshmallows. (Yes, we do that in Australia). It's a pity difficult child 3 doesn't like bananas, because a favourite winter campfire treat is banana with chocolate - you cut a long slit along the inner curve of the banana's peel, ease it apart and poke some pieces of chocolate into the banana flesh, wrap the banana in foil (skin still in place inside the foil) then let it heat through in the coals. When it's hot and the chocolate is melted through, you ease open the foil and the banana skin and eat the yummy stuff with a spoon. You can tip it onto a plate and add cream, if you want to be genteel.

I'm hoping to head for bed earlier tonight. Lots of garden work to do tomorrow, assuming husband hasn't given me the lurgy.



Good Saturday morning!

Marg, sorry everyone in your household is still ill. Hope you all are on the mend soon.

Tomorrow we leave on our big swing through New England. We drive to Connecticut tomorrow morning to visit the in-laws until Tuesday. Then we head to New Hampshire to visit my parents. husband and I will travel Thursday to Maine for 3 nights at a B&B, leaving J and M behind with their grandparents. Next Sunday we pick A up at overnight camp and head back to New Hampshire. husband and J will fly back home, and A, M and I will spend another week in New Hampshire. Whew!

Today M turns 9! She's already up and wants to open her presents, but husband is out biking. She's going to have to wait. Not easy for a kid with anxiety.

Keep it cool! Hi to anyone who snuck in.

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Good Morning!


Goodness. I certainly hope you all start feeling better soon. And that banana treat sounds heavenly. I hope your garden work goes well. Stay well.

I'm up so darn early because Nichole decided to enter Aubrey in the baby parade at our local festival. Why on earth do they put these things on so early in the morning??

husband and Nichole are already at it this morning. Oh, goody. :rolleyes:

Good morning to anyone who snuck in. I hope everyone has a good day without meltdowns.



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Morning all!

Marg, hope everyone feels better soon. It always seems to happen that go on vacation, come home and get sick. Ugh!

Small, hope today is a smooth birthday! Hope your travels go well.

Daisy, good luck in the baby parade!

We're going to my dad and step-mom's today. Some family are coming in from two different states and we are having our July 4th get together. husband is off work for a few days because he did something with his back. I'm hoping he'll feel up to going with us but as it's a 45 minute drive one way, we will just have to see. difficult child has been extremely snarky lately so I'm looking forward to a day of him being occupied with others and me being around actual polite adults to talk to.

Hello to any that snuck in and have a good weekend all!


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Good morning everyone!!

Marg, I sure hope that your health takes a turn for the better soon and that everyone is feeling tip-top before too long. husband has talked about the campfire bananas before - he used to make them in Boy Scouts as a child. We've never actually made them, but they do sound delicious!! MMMMM.

Small, Happy Birthday to M!! And hope your trip is a relaxing, fun event. It will be nice to see everyone again. Hopefully the weather will be kind to you, as well.

Lisa, I hope you have fun at the baby parade. I think they probably put them on so early because babies are always up - bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at those loony hours!! Funny thing - our very own difficult child won "Happiest Baby" at one of those things years ago - can you imagine???? Kinda funny when you think about it now!! Hee hee. Good luck!!

Mstang, enjoy your 'adult conversation'. I know we had the best time a few weeks ago attending a cook-out at our next door neighbors - a whole group of people our own age to chat with. husband and I felt out of our element - but loved every minute of it! Have a great time!

I would like to be home today, sitting by the pool and relaxing, :beach: but husband has other plans of going to the mall to look for some more summer clothes so we can be ready for our vacation week in August. He insists I need more shorts - which I really do since I have lost weight (45+ pounds) and nothing fits me anymore. But, since I work full-time, I like the occasional lazy, catch-some-sun Saturdays, but since he is home full-time right now, he wants to be on the road on the weekend. He's already got the munchkins cranked for shopping, so . . . . so I guess I'm just along for the ride. Maybe tomorrow can be my lazy nap day???

Have a greay, stress-free day everyone. :angel:

Good morning to all who snuck in while I was rambling! :wink:

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I'm sorry everyone isn't feeling well-I hope that changes soon. All the fresh food sounds wonderful!

SW-Happy Birthday to M! Enjoy your vacation, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Lisa-I hope the parade goes well and it turns out to be a peaceful day!

Mstang-Enjoy the family gathering-sounds like it will be a good time!

I'm done with work for the day and planning to head back to bed soon. Later we're heading for the pool as it is suppose to be in the 90s and humid /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif :beach:

I hope everyone finds reasons to smile and laugh today! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :dance: