Good Morning Saturday



Good morning to all you lucky ones who get to sleep in.

I am still dealing with issues regarding school every day. Hopefully the school and I will soon come to a resolution. It is very frustrating. :rolleyes:

Today I will go from work right to difficult child's baseball game. Double header that has been rescheduled since last Monday. Right now the temp. is only 35 degrees. Hopefully by 11am it will warm up a little. :smile:

Have a great weekend. :salute:


Good Saturday morning!

Kjs, hope it warms up in time for difficult child's baseball game.

It's cooler here, too. Finally feels a bit like fall. husband is already out riding his bicycle. He's training for a 100-mile ride in October (yikes!). The kids are still snoozing so the house is quiet.

Not much on the agenda today. M has her first dance class this afternoon. She's taking Hip Hop on Saturdays and Broadway Jazz on Sundays. J and A have to catch up on homework. I'm going to try to plow through all the paperwork that's been piling up in the first few weeks of school.

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi if you snuck in.


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Good Morning all.
KJS, hope the double header goes quickly so you can get some sleep. Yikes! about 35 degrees.

smallworld, very cool that husband is training for 100mi bike race. It feels like I am drowning in paperwork most days.

difficult child is on his way to moving to Raleigh. He already called with car trouble. Fortunately, he isn't alone. A dear friend is keeping him company so I'm not as worried. He will stay with us until he makes other arrangements.

We finally got rain and expect to have cooler temps. We will see. I'm looking forward to fall this year.

:coffee: The coffee is good this AM. Have a pleasant day.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Kjs- Fingers crossed that it warms up a bit for you today. Yikes. :smile:
Smallworld- Duckie won't start dance until next week. Enjoy the quiet house. :princess:
Duckie and I need to run to get her dance shoes for next week. She's taking a combination class: ballet/tap/acro. We won't make it until next week because we had already rsvp'd to attend a birthday before the class schedule came out. We'll head to my mother in law's later this afternoon for dinner; she's making manicotti from scratch. :thumb:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, people.

Kjs, I hope it warms up for you. Crikey, only 35! I presume you mean F... It doesn't get that cold here, even in mid-winter. I hope difficult child odes well at his baseball. Good luck with the school situation - you might have to begin leaving school issues at school, until you can be sure that difficult child is the cause of being chucked out of class. I know difficult child 3 often was in trouble, for something others started, or staff mishandled. While I wouldn't undermine the school, I also stopped punishing him at home (other than a talking-to). It's not easy, though. You're doing the best you can. I suspect he is, too.

Smallworld, has husband ever considered Tour de France? He sounds like he's well on the way there. I hope M enjoys her dance class.

difficult child 3 & I had the beginnings of a quiet day, but is was such a glorious day outside, I made him turn off the computer game and come for a walk with me. It was the bush, or the beach. difficult child 3 opted for the bush with camera. I was feeling a lot stronger than I thought, we walked right out to the cliff-top and then back north, along the path to some rock formations. difficult child 3 was taking close-up photos of the flowers - all the recent rains and through winter, have meant the spring flowers and all the young spring growth is lush and generous. Absolutely glorious. There were many more small birds on the headland as well, plus some of the smaller paths have become completely overgrown. Yesterday's 3 mm of rain made everything much muddier than you would think possible. It's mostly sand, with a few veins of clay which hold the water and channel the springs.
As we walked, we saw a single white-breasted sea eagle overhead - hopefully it's on its own because its nesting time. It flew directly overhead, very close. The bush was so thick I don't think it even saw us. Although it must have - I was wearing such a bright multi-coloured skirt with purple singlet top, how could it not have seen? It just didn't seem to care.

Afterwards I made difficult child 3 work on his New Zealand diary for school - almost done. Maybe tomorrow... but it's so hard, when everything outside keeps calling!

Enjoy your Saturday!



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Fran and TM, you snuck in on me!

Fran, I hope having difficult child with you for a while works out. It's good he has his friend with him. I know you had an atrociously hot summer, I hope autumn & winter are gentler on you.

TM, what is manicotti? Sounds Italian and able to be made at home - I'm interested!
And boy, do I remember the days of rushing girls here, there and everywhere, trying to juggle everything around dance lessons!

I'm going to look up manicotti. I made double rack of lamb tonight, with rosemary, garlic & mustard. It's easy child 2/difficult child 2's favourite - and she's so tired, she's not hungry!


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Good morning all - sounds like it's going to be a productive Sat for all...Marg, I loved reading your descriptions of the birds, the path and your skirt (I could just imagine all the lush colors!).

My house is so quiet now without difficult child and the phone ringing.

I'm taking my mom to Kohls today to buy herself a pair of pants. She didn't pack much and ran out of things to wear because I only do laundry on the weekends. Haha.

H *hopefully* will work on the house today, get a little siding up on the walls. It's raining, so not sure about that.

I have to buy some bins so I can pack up crap from difficult child's room and organize things and make it clean so I don't have to see it like a tornado went through it! And I am going food shopping. Since it's so yucky out I think I will rent a few movies to watch later. Dinner? I have no clue.

Have a great one~


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Ah yes, baseball ... :smile:

Sheesh, 35? THAT's why we moved away from MN to VA. Now I remember! It's 72 here.

I overslept, then rushed around looking for difficult child, feeding the dogs, half dressed, half awake, upset that he hadn't left a note saying where he was (he's gotten good at that). I stopped by 2 neighbors' houses, call 2 more, finally called husband, who was supposed to be volunteering to tend to injuries all day at the local univ. on the football field. husband was taking difficult child to Sylvan. "Don't you remember? And you're picking him up in 2 hrs and taking him to baseball."

Don't you just hate it when your husband actually does something right and you miscommunicate?????



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Well good morning from the west side of the country!!! It is not quite 8 am here... Me and N were up cuddling in bed at 6:30. She has slept in her own bed 2 nights in a row!!! YEAH so now I am letting watch some morning T.V.... Her big request. K is still sleeping, HUGE rage last night, it was building up, very violent, scary, tried to run out the door and away... that was a first. She has been dooing well for a couple of days. Oh well.
But it is a new day... I have a few minutes to myself, hot cup of coffee, husband is stuck golfing with out State Rep, neighbor...(no he does not have a wide stance problem, for those of you following Idaho politics!)LOL

To a nice weekend for all of us and our families!!!