Good Morning Sunday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    It's still the Australia Day long weekend here, people are still celebrating. The weather is fabulous - enamel blue skies, a few puffs of white cloud in the distance, sea is a bit choppy with a lot of grundge in it (too many holiday-makers out in boats yesterday, I suspect, throwing rubbish overboard) but this afternoon at the beach I found a place where the waves were breaking over rocks covered with tube worm coral and cunjevoi, and turning the sand-bottomed rock pool into a cool mineral spa, every minute or so.
    I didn't have the strength to chance the waves, so the rock pool was just what I needed. We'd had to find a more secluded spot away from the gridlock of parked cars at all the more popular spots. I had mother in law with me, she's too weak to swim now but wanted to sit on the beach. She could have enjoyed the rock pool with me, if only we'd known.

    BF2 & easy child 2/difficult child 2 spent the day with BF2's family, his grandfather died yesterday. The old man was an Italian immigrant after WWII, BF2 said his grandfather's favourite day of the year was Australia Day because he so loved living here and becoming an Australian citizen. And he made it to Australia Day.
    So they are a bit subdued, got home in time for dinner tonight.

    Tomorrow is a public holiday for us, then the next day the new school year begins. Students don't go back for another couple of days, plus difficult child 3 began this year's schoolwork in the last week of school last year, so we can ease back in gently. A good thing, with all the doctor's visits and tests happening this week.
    On the agenda for tomorrow? I don't know. A relax. Some cooking. gardening maybe, although husband hosed the garden tonight for me, it needed it as we've had no rain for days and the sun has been scorching.
    Beach - if at all possible!

    And good news today - husband was at the train track today, he got his licence! He is now licensed to drive miniature live steam trains for the public. It's a licence good anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, would be looked on favourably elsewhere in the world too. He had to pass a practical test as well as a theory test, and have a certain number of hours' experience driving a miniature steam locomotive, under supervision.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends :good_morning:

    Marg, sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. I'm glad you got into the water for a good soak.

    It's a balmy 23 degrees this morning - the temps are supposed to climb into the upper 30s today.

    kt is having too much fun at respite this weekend - doesn't sound like she wants to come home. She has a new (old) best friend & they want to be sisters. It' s just which set of parents is willing to adopt the other child - not going to be me. :hairy:

    husband & I ran a few errands yesterday. I'd been ordered by PT & neuro doctor to pick up a new walker, so that was taken care of yesterday. Hated to spend that kind of money - was hoping I'd be able to lose the walker after the Mayo trip. Oh heck, I'll donate it if I can when all is said & done.

    I'm going to take today & enjoy the quiet before kt hits home again; planning on baking a loaf or 2 of bread to put in the freezer. I'm also researching audio books as I'm having trouble reading of late & miss my late night reads. I have a PDA I can use - just checking out the websites & such.

    Also checking our city & county library systems. In fact, I know I'd prefer that over buying or renting books.

    It's Sunday - today & tomorrow I spend on paperwork & paying bills. :coffee2::crazy2::check_writer: Need to see if I have enough to make it through the end of the month or if I need to auction off my next kid. :bigsmile:

    Here's to a calm Sunday; I hope it's filled with happy children, content spouses & quiet moments to appreciate. Hug your loved ones. :flowers:
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning Marg and Linda.:coffee:

    Marg- I'm glad you found a way to enjoy the beach. I vote for a relaxing day today.:hawaii_girl:

    Linda- I've got to figure out how to use the PDA for books, that's brilliant!:reading:

    We have church today where the kids will vote on how to spend the money they raised for Episcopal Relief and Development. They have a catalog called Gifts For Life with such items as mosquito nets and vitamin kits. Our little group raised $178 in quarters from November 17th through Christmas Eve. I'm really proud of them!:beautifulthing:

    Other than that, just a visit up to the in-laws and continued girl scout cookie selling! Have a great day!:good_morning:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :beautifulthing: GOOD SUNDAY MORNING!!!!!

    Marg, sounds like you are enjoying the holiday :swimming: Hope you get back to the beach tomorrow, enjoy your Monday.

    Linda, I certainly hope you can balance the books :check_writer: so that you don't have to auction off poor kt :916blusher:!!

    We have Sunday school and church this morning (easy child will be doing a special reading of a poem and also serving as deacon this morning), then easy child takes difficult child out for his new shoes :happyguy:!!!!!! difficult child is looking forward to it like it was a really big thing - I guess hanging with his big sister is getting cooler :winks:.

    difficult child and I still have a little school work left to do, but I am hoping on catching a nap this afternoon. He has his mentor program at church tonight from 5-6:30. easy child is off tomorrow so her friend is coming over later tonight after she gets off work and staying the night. The three of us girls are going out to the mall tomorrow to do some shopping :shopping:. The girls will be shopping for their boyfriends' Valentine's Day gifts and easy child has two birthday gifts to buy. I'm looking for a new wallet and a birthday gift for my cousin.

    Hope you find the time to relax and enjoy the day :salute:.​

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Sounds like a nice holiday weekend. Glad you got in a swim!!

    Linda-I'm glad kt is having fun at respite! Get those bills done so you can relax!

    TM-Enjoy church and the in-laws! I ordered my girl scout cookies-just the 100 calorie pack one!

    Sharon-How cool that difficult child loves hanging out with easy child-so does mine but my easy child doesn't like hanging out with him. Enjoy the nap and the shopping tomorrow!

    I've already been to church and the rest of the day is grocery shopping, the health club, some cleaning, and, of course, my nap!!!!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds many reasons to smile!!
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    It's now the end of our day -- my birthday today :) Raining like cats and dogs all day... got to sleep in a bit, which is ALWAYS nice. husband had brought home breakfast from my favorite local pancake house (potato pancakes for me -- YUM!). I enjoyed reading the Sunday paper and finishing my coffee. Then husband picked up our sitter at noon and took me to the movies ("Juno") and a quick lunch, then we went to see my folks for a bit. Came back home to drive the sitter home and take the kids to dinner at a restaurant of MY choosing (which, of course, has to have moderately kid-friendly food if I want any peace). I was impressed with how well the kids worked on behaving amongst themselves at dinner. It was a very nice gesture!

    Now it's time to get everyone ushered to bed... and it's still raining!