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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. dreamer

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    Hmmm, I think this is unusual, me starting GM thread.
    Actually I am not just up, but rather STILL up. I made some coffee and maybe I grabbed the high octane instead of decaf? And then I was reminiscing about my kids, our life etc......all the hard times on our difficult child journey.....and then I was thinking about the funerals. Gosh darn. But then :) I did change and begin to think about all the GOOD things. (YAY) LOTS of good things. Things I love about each of my kids.

    Buffy might be difficult, but, she is also in between, the most compassionate careing person I know. easy child - gosh she is so smart, so energetic, such a go getter! My little guy? He is such a gem, witty, such a sense of humor and SO laid back, and since he has 2 older sisters, that is a definite asset! and a true gift.

    It is weirdly once again unseasonably warm, even tho is was extra cold all week until now. ANd it is..thunderstorming, again, such weird strange weather. The next 24 hours calls for rain storms, snow, and then the bitter below zero again. SO very weird. Keeps us on our toes. LOL.

    So------I am thinking GOOD thoughts.....hope you have a good thought about each of your kids, too. Happy Sunday. I think now I will turn in to bed for 2 hours or so, LOL. Yeesh. Later I hope we can watch this movie I got the kids as a group is Disney and has dogs? Snowbound or something (I do not watch movies or TV so this is new......and has been hard to get all the kids gathered)

    Super Sunday to ya! G'nite
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    G'day, dreamer. I'm glad you're getting nicer weather. I love a good thunderstorm.

    We just got back from my sister's 70th birthday party gathering, the whole family (siblings & partners only) stayed in a caravan park near my sister's place. On the drive up, we were listening to the flood reports from Queensland - the town of Mackay was getting badly flooded. The rain was falling at the incredible rate of several inches every half hour or so. In six hours, they have over TWO FEET of rain!
    There is a monsoon trough extending much further tan usual, from Darwin (where you expect monsoons this time of year (right round through Queensland and from what I can gather, tipping the coastal areas of NSW almost to Sydney, which is why we're getting weird weather here, too. difficult child 3 has measured the rainfall - in the last two weeks we've had about half Sydney's annual rainfall.

    Driving home today - we had showers and it was cool - then the clouds would part, the sun would be out and it would be hot and humid. Then more showers, and so on.

    We had a really happy weekend. We also rendezvoused with BellyKate, who drove to meet up with us en route. Her difficult child and our difficult child 3 had a little play together before we travelled on further, we would have loved more time but it was great to finally meet a CD member face to face - there are too few of us here in Oz.

    At my sister's party I talked to one of her daughters who has a difficult child of her own. She's not a member here yet (I don't think) but I have told her about CD and she's got a lot out of reading everything on this site, she told me. husband was entering data on the family tree and it is interesting to see the difficult child patterns emerging in this next generation. Fascinating!

    I'm still very sore from the liver biopsy on Thursday, and the bruising is turning a fascinating shade of violet and magenta. I suspect I'm going to be sore until the bruising begins to subside.

    We finally saw girlfriend's engagement ring this afternoon - she says it's just what she wanted. A glowing girl, indeed. And our couch was covered with "bride" magazines, I suspect she and easy child 2/difficult child 2 had been sitting there all afternoon, dreaming.

    Two engaged kids and a 70-year-old sister - I'm feeling VERY old...

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    Good morning friends,

    dreamer, I seldom see you on the GM thread yet alone start it. Yup, you've been up all night. Glad you have those good thoughts & memories to keep you going.

    Marg, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Please let me know the official age of starting to feel old. I expect it's all over the place - but hey, you may be the pro on this. :rofl:

    It's been a fiendishly quiet night - unable to sleep a wink. I expect this will be putting a blip in kt's plan to head out to Micheal's to spend allowance money on more beads. She's taken up beading & has her eyes on a set. I'm praying that Monday will do as husband will be spending the afternoon with wm.

    As I've stated, been up all night - tossing & turning; thinking, plotting, ranting, being glad & sad all at the same time; mostly just agitated. (Can't tell you if it's the Susac's or the prednisone but my mind is turning to mush.) Nothing would turn my mind or body off. Finally stopped trying & spent the majority of the evening listening to Ken Follett's latest book on tape while painting.

    Not much up today other than a trip to Michael's with kt that needs to be rescheduled. Really to unsafe to drive. I expect I'll drop off for some much needed sleep as kt wakes. She know enough to get husband up & running.

    Hope you all have a good Sunday - may it be calm & a true day of rest.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :its_all_good: Good Sunday Morning!

    It's nice to wake up knowing you having another day off! I love long weekends!

    Dreamer, good to see/hear from you on the morning thread. Hope you were able to get some sleep this morning :bloodshot:.

    Marg, sounds like a wonderful weekend :woohoo:! I'm with you, I love a good thunderstorm! We are months away from those here though.

    Linda, sorry you had such a tough night :grey:. Hopefully husband can run kt to the craft store before he goes to see wm. It would definately keep your quiet and busy so you can catch some sleep this afternoon while husband is gone.

    We have a nice day here - not too much on the agenda. difficult child has to paste down his pics and timeline on a project he is doing for history on Black History Month. He is doing a project on Lewis Latimer and has his report written and all his collage pictures cut out - just a little glueing and reviewing. It's not due until next week, but he has to orally give a persentation so I want to make sure he really knows it so he feels confident!

    easy child will be back around lunchtime and then we are all going to the movies. We are meeting my cousin and easy child's boss (the owner of the gym she works for who happens to be a friend of my cousin and myself) and her son who is difficult child's age. The boys are going to be seeing a movie while us girls see Juno. easy child and cousin have seen it before but they want to see it again. difficult child is excited because this is the first time he has gone to a movie without easy child or mom. He's feeling mature today!!!!!

    Wishing everyone a nice Sunday.

  5. Jena

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    What a nice post to put out there on an early sunday morning. it is so very true ya gotta look at the positive about our little difficult child's at times, instead of the endless dr. appts, phone calls, medication's sleepless nights. so good for you after a sleepless night that you are thinking good thoughts.

    snowbound is great movie kids will love it. should make some popcorn later get cozy on couch together and enjoy it :)

    sounds like everyone else's weekend is going well, sleepless for most part but going well. :) too funny we are all sleepless how the heck do we do it????

    we should have capes or something i'm thinking that say "SUPERMOM" that would be well deserved and cool.

    my weekend wasn't too at it's best. i'm very sarcastic person boyfriend just loves that about me.

    sleepless as well and sick but even though difficult child kept me up all weekend i think i'm actually on the mend somewhat chest is hurting as bad as it did.

    i hope everyone has a beautiful sunday.

    i'm on countdown to evaluation which i think is making me feel hopefull this a.m. 10 more days and counting........tic toc

    Jen :)