Good Morning Sunday!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Feb 24, 2008.

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    G'day, everybody.

    Another fabulous day here, weather-wise. Hot enough for summer, but a hint of early autumn again. And again, I missed out on tanning opportunity.
    We got to the train track early, husband got busy fast and I was approached to help in the ticket office. Never done it before, they run a tight ship and I had to learn the ropes fast. I must admit, I did short a few people on tickets to begin with, but caught on fast. The people I shorted never came back for their tickets they'd not got - amazing. The rides are really cheap anyway, could be why they didn't notice. People buy a bundle of tickets, or singles - then hand a bundle to the kids and say, "Go have fun!" But it all meant I spent much of the day inside the ticket office.

    The train husband usually drives never got out onto the track, it needs repairs, so he drove a diesel instead. mother in law & I went for a ride together late in the day, then just as we were heading back to the car, husband drove in with a train load of passengers, then told me to get on again, right behind him (pillion-style). Not so much a bikie moll, more a train tart. It was fun.
    As we were coming back into the station, a little boy watching called out, "Oh, it's only that yucky diesel!"
    husband replied, "Yeah, mate, I'd rather be driving a steamer too."

    Needs must.

    A busy day, but fun. Selling tickets, handing out the occasional free pass and fridge magnet, answering questions, walking around the birthday parties and making sure the birthday guest of honour had a 'free rides' stamp on his hand - I can understand why the men love doing this. We estimated there had been well over two thousand rides over the day - a lot of people worked hard.

    It's fun. I hope your Sunday has moments like these too.


    PS husband says it's 11 pm and time for bed - he says I've earned a good night's rest.
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    :hearye:Good Sunday Morning!!!

    Marg, sounds like your Sunday was a great day! What fun..

    Sunday school this morning, then a bunch of little things. difficult child has to practice his black history presentation and begin his February book report. easy child has some homework too and then it's "hair time". It's about a 90 minute project to wash, dry and flatten.

    But, late this afternoon/early evening, we are all sitting down for a movie. We are watching the Game Plan, we love The Rock!

    easy child had her first photo interning yesterday :picture:. She did a wedding with a free lance photographer - from the bride getting ready, to the limo pulling off after the reception. It was a long, long day for her - from 2:00 until 11:00 - but she loved it! She thought she would just be interning, but she got $100. Hard work but a great thing for her since that is what she wants to do.

    Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday with quiet children and agreeable adults!

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Sounds like a fun day with the trains! I agree with your husband, you've earned a good night's sleep.

    Sharon-What a great day for easy child! Glad she enjoyed it and earned some money!!

    Long day yesterday as both easy child and difficult child had some yucky moments but we did let difficult child try out his snowboard-he finally wanted to go and had a good time even though he didn't make it down all the way even once!

    As for today we were supposed to take difficult child to a wrestling tournament but he is sick-a really bad cold. I guess I'll get to the club and the grocery shopping (I was supposed to do the grocery shopping yesterday but it didn't happen. Of course, napping is a must:sleeping:

    I hope everyone enjoys a day with some laughter!:kisses:
  4. dreamer

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    Well, I am playing with our new computer.....trying hard to figure out how to use it.

    Marg- I LOVE trains, real ones, electric ones and even the Thomas the kids ones. I have always lived near commuter train tracks, my whole life.

    Sharon, difficult child straightens her hair and well, I do not like it when she does, I do not like how hers looks, but, it does take a long time, a lot of work. Thats great about easy child getting $100. I know it is a lot of work, but it can be "fun" work.
    Next SHaron, my son got a snowboard year before last....turned out mine did not like it as much as he hoped to. Sorry he is sick, hope he feels better soon.

    I planned nothing for today, kids have friends over, the house is simply too little to try to do anything if anyone is here. I am messing around with the c omputer, trying to become adept at useing one, EVERYTHING looks very different on a computer than it does on my Web TV and it all works quite differently, too. Most of the tnings, LOL, I do not know what they are called, LOL. SO I am sitting here clicking on things and testing all kinds of things out, cuz there is so muuch WebTV does not even SHOW me.

    Bummer- my screen what is it? desktop? says I have a weather alert, so- I opened a new window? (I think thats what the kids told me) to find out what THAT was......grrr..........another winter storm thing, snow for tomorrow AGAIN. Yuk. Thank goodness it is a tropical 32 outside right now. (thats what my screen says, LOL)
    Now I wonder if I can close all these windows? (WebTV does not allow you to open or close windows or have more than 1 open or whatever, LOL, I am SO confused!)
    Ah but it is now someone elses turn to use the computer, now.

    A great day to everyone who follows.