Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, May 25, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    We had a fabulous weekend with easy child & BF1 visiting. It's easy child's birthday on Tuesday so they came down to visit so we could spend time with them. Yesterday we shopped then came home to cook a roast pork dinner and play group games with SingStar and WiiFit. Loads of fun. We did most of it at mother in law's house, so she could be involved too. We cooked dinner last night, she didn't have to do a thing except watch the kids have fun.

    Today was more of the same - she had planed to bake one of her famous pies so I used the oven heat to bake more of my fancy biscuits (yes, cookies - these have only plain flour, so they don't spread out, I can cut out shapes and have fun). So while the kids were playing more games as a group, I would hand round another plate of fresh biscuits - choc-vanilla two-tone stars, hearts, bears (with little people inside them) and tiny shapes with cachous and choc bits. I make the dough and keep it in the fridge until I'm ready to make them.

    They left to drive home about 3 pm, at which point we packed up everything and left mother in law to get some rest. Tonight - we're having leftovers.

    I hope your Sunday is as enjoyable for you as ours was!

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    :picnic:Good Sunday Morning!!

    Marg, sounds like your weekend was filled with family, love, and fun! Glad the weekend was so lovely - memories.

    I hope that those of you with cookouts and bbqs planned are waking to a beautiful morning like I am. It's in the low 50's here on it's way to around 80. Perfect weather for gathering with friends outside!

    difficult child and I went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. I had heard mixed reviews but difficult child really wanted to see it. I enjoyed it! It was like the 20-some years since the first one had never happend. More wrinkles and grey hair all around, but still with the same feel. And being more umm, mature myself, I liked it. difficult child enjoyed it and talked about it several times last night. He actually wants to see it again!

    Well, I'm off to church and then the gym. The gym is closed tomorrow so I want to get my weights in! I am making a WW side salad with black beans, corn, tom, onion, lime, cilantro, red pepper paste and evoo. I'm also serving bbq chicken so I will prebake it this afternon with onion, garlic,, s&p. I like to prebake (till it's just about done) my chicken so all I have to do is heat it through and get that nice sticky, charred bbq sauce on it on the grill!

    I've always done both my Labor Day and Memorial Day cookouts on Sunday. That way we have Monday to do nothing!!!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful a Sunday :beach:

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-You weekend does sound fun! difficult child so wants a Wii but we can never find one in stock!

    Sharon-We liked the movie too! Enjoy you cookout!

    My day is a lot like the other Sharon's. I'm off to church in a bit and then the health club. I do have to get the lawn mowed too and will probably cookout for dinner. We too are in the lower 50s headed to near 80. It's going to be beautiful but then rain is forecasted for late afternoon or early evening.

    Wishing everyone a fun Sunday, with reasons galore to laugh and smile!:flowers:
  4. Happy Sunday everyone!

    Marg, it sounds like you all had such great fun! Our easy child's birthday is today. Don't you love that Wii? We all have such a good time with it , even my 81 year old Mom!

    Sharon, it's good to hear a good review of the new Indiana Jones movie. I think we're going to see it today. It also sounds like you are on the "straight and narrow" with your fitness routine. Excellent work :)

    Sharon II, I hope your cookout misses the rain....The weather this time of year is so difficult to predict. I know the food will be yummy.

    easy child's 22nd birthday is today. It's hard to believe, but true! He's come home to visit for a week between semesters and it's wonderful to have him here at home. Our small town has an Arts Festival on Memorial Day Weekend so our square is packed with art, food vendors and music around the clock. It's always lots of fun, and the weather is glorious - sunny and in the 70's. We'll have an ice cream cake to celebrate this evening. Last night we took easy child to the Watershed to eat. It's a restaurant owned by the singing group "The Indigo Girls", and is just good Southern country cooking. Well, I'm off to the YMCA for my daily torture...
    Happy Memorial Day!