Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    It's Sunday night here, after another cold day. We've had mother in law visit for what is becoming a weekly ritual of DVD movie watched together. I confess I didn't stay to watch. At first I cooked lunch then I got busy with a few other tasks. difficult child 3's best friend came over to play games, then difficult child 1 got home from church with girlfriend. She doesn't visit often in winter, because she feels the cold and our house is difficult to heat.

    I had difficulty cooking lunch with difficult child 3's budgie Lucky on my shoulder - who knew that budgies think chopped cooked chicken is good for them? No, I didn't let him have any, but you should have heard him scold me when I put the lid back on the container!

    mother in law's granddaughter (husband's niece) is in Sydney for World Youth Day. She was planning to come and visit mother in law, but it would just take too long by public transport. She's now looking at visiting husband at his work tomorrow, so I might have a sudden drive to the city in the morning, to take mother in law in to meet up with niece. At least we can have the heater on in the car!

    Our daytime temperatures are between 18 C and 20 C (64 F - 68 F) max for the next week, with night-time temperatures dropping to 3 C to 9 C (37 F - 43 F) at night depending on where you are. The peak temp is only for an hour or so, it's cooler until about 11 am then it chills off again at about 2 pm. No rain forecast for the next week at least, which is good news for all the visitors to Sydney. The Pope arrived today but flew in to our air force base well to the west of Sydney.

    The next week is definitely going to be busy, interesting, different - you name it!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :coffee:Good Sunday Morning!

    Marg, nice that mother in law is coming once a week for a movie. I'm sure it's a nice time for her. Your temps actually sound very nice for winter!! Those are spring temps around here. Hope you get everyting done tomorrow.

    I am absolutely exhasuted this morning! Mom and I stopped at starbucks yesterday about 5:30 and I had a cup of coffee. It was that new coffee they have which I think is really strong. I couldn't get to sleep last night until after 3. Then, I am woken this morning (at 6:30) by my house alarm going off as mom went downstairs looking for me to tell me to let her sleep until 9 and not wake her at 7! She will leave at 10 instead of 9. Ok...........

    I think a nap is order after my appointment with the trainer at the gym today. I will keep that in mind as I stumble through the morning :crazy2:.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  3. Andy

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    Good Morning!!!

    Marguerite - That will be so wonderful if you can help arrange mother in law the ability to see granddaughter. What an exiting time for Sydney with the World Youth Day. Stay warm (we had cool weather here yesterday - not cold enough for a jacket but not hot enough to notice heat - felt like a fall day)

    Little Dudes Mom - Wake up! Wake up! Hope you get your nap in - good to know that the house alarm does work! :)

    We have some shopping to do this a.m after church - grocery shopping and to WalMart to pick up pictures that I just got a call on saying they have been in since May! oops husband will take difficult child fishing - I am hoping off shore, I think it is still too windy to go out on a boat. I will go into work this afternoon, so much to do this month (January and July are the crazy months for me a work and with extra time off this month getting hours in is a challenge). difficult child ended up doing well yesterday - just one angry moment as a tactic to get out of helping clean his room - He yells, "Help! Someone help me!" and then comes up with some lame excuse why life is my fault. What will he do if he is really in trouble and needs help? :) :) :)

    Gotta go get breakfast for difficult child - Have a GREAT Sunday!
  4. slsh

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    Good morning all. It's a *beautiful* Sunday here in the Windy City. Perfect blue skies.... I love summer!

    Marg - I have this happy mental picture of you cooking with Lucky on your shoulder. I had one many years ago but he was a bit of a ditz (and I was a poor trainer) - he would've most likely ended up *in* the meal, LOL. Sounds like it will be a good week for the Youth Day activities - hope you're able to get mother in law into town.

    LDM - your mom cracks me up - wake you up at 6:30 to tell you *not* to wake her up at 7??? What a riot. Hope your session with your trainer will wear you out enough for a restful nap.

    Adrianne - enjoy your shopping and I hope the men-folk bring home dinner. ;)

    I went up to the city for a rare night out. A friend from HS lives in the city but we haven't seen each other for about 5 years. It was nice to reconnect with someone who has been in my life for so long - we met 34 years ago, which just seems impossible!! We are both showing signs of age, but both still feel like the same people we were at 15!! Nice to have a touchstone. We went and saw Al Green on the old Miegs Field, on the lakefront. He sounds just as amazing in person and has energy to spare! It was a lovely *lovely* evening, nice to be an adult every once in a while.

    I realized that I am a fairly simple and unsophisticated person. Couldn't for the life of me find a parking space (and how on *earth* do city folk park like that???? Literally inches between cars, literally! Even if a space had been available, I'd *never* be able to get in it, LOL) so finally found a lot, though I made sure to ask the attendant if it was okay for me to park there - some lots are I think specific to buildings. $17 for 2 hours parking - well worth it in my book, compared to the impossible parallel parking! Then I go to her building and call on my cell to let her know I'm there. I have to call back so she can buzz me in - so I call back on my cell. Duh! You have to use the directory buzzer on the building to call, LOL. Yep, simple and unsophisticated, and happy to be that way. ;)

    Weeburt is coming home today!!! He has "discovered" his fear - climbing, LOL. He sounds *wonderful* and I cannot wait to get him in my arms - I may never let go. His flight is delayed 2 hours, so he's sitting in Denver, but when he gets on the plane, I will watch it's eastward progress on radar (not too obsessive here, LOL) - gotta love the internet.

    Hi to anyone who snuck in - hope you have a peaceful Sunday with your families.
  5. ML

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    Marg how nice that mother in law is getting to visit and I hope the visit with grandd works out.
    Sharon, I'm glad you got to try the coffee, agree with the nap idea and proud of you for going to gym with trainer.
    Adrienne I do have grocery shopping on my agenda. I woke up too late for church.
    SLSH I work downtown and have a spot in a lot but if I had to find a place to park it would bring on full on anxiety attack. I don't drive well in the city either.
    Shopping, weekly cooking and bbq at mom and stepdad's later. I'm just so tired though. I think I need to have my thyroid checked. I keep pushing but it feels like there is lead in my body or extra gravitational pull or something.

    Hugs to all ML