Good Morning Sunday!

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    G'day, folks.

    It was cold in Sydney last night, although maybe that was a matter of opinion. It got down to 8 C in Randwick Racecourse - that's 46.4 F. We weren't there. husband's niece was and I assume our KateM's daughter was too.

    Niece rang us this afternoon, looking for advice on how to get back to their billet. Because we know Sydney so well we were able to know exactly where she was once she gave us the cross streets. It's been an amazing week for her and her group, although they've been living on adrenalin instead of sleep. I think they fly home to Perth tomorrow.

    husband watched the Papal Mass on TV this morning. The size of the crowd was amazing - half a million people in the racecourse itself, with another 200,000 overflowing into nearby Centennial Park (a bit like Central Park, I gather - only bigger).
    I headed off to church instead. They had the fireplace lit but it almost went out during the service. Afterwards someone poked the fire a bit and as we had a hot lunch we huddled around trying to get warm. I grabbed the chance to talk to the church elders about difficult child 1's wedding plans and how flexible we can be. Good news - but we need to sit and talk to the kids to nail things in place.
    It's been beautiful weather all week for the pilgrims but today was colder and overcast. No rain, even though possible storms were forecast. A bloke at church was telling us afterwards about his mingling with the pilgrims on Friday, watching Stations of the Cross at the Opera House.
    All week the TV programs out of Sydney have been following the activities and even discussing faith in general. Regular reporters whose faith alignment is generally well hidden were all "coming out of the closet" over the last week, finally happy to explain bits to the unenlightened. It was good to see - nobody was preaching, but the secular groups were all welcoming more information and understanding.

    From what we've been told by visiting friends from the US, faith in Australia is a bit different to the US. In general we're more laid back about it, regardless of what religion we follow. It's not talked about as a rule, so when it IS talked about you can be sure that the person is genuine about their beliefs and not simply professing them because it's socially expected.

    This last week has been very different from what I expected. In general, I've enjoyed it a lot even though I don't belong to that group. husband as an Anglican is closer to RC than I ever have been and has appreciated it even more, in a different way maybe. And even atheists we know have been enjoying a lot of the spirit of the visitors.

    The size of the crowds has been the amazing thing to me. I remember Pope John Paul II's visit here over 20 years ago. I was working at Sydney Uni at the time, easy child and difficult child 1 were very small. The Pope was giving a speech in the building next to where I worked right when I was due to finish for the day, so I collected the kids and walked back to my building to wait to wave to the Pope as he left. There we were, on the front lawn of Sydney University outside Great Hall, no more than about 20 of us. The contrast with these rock-concert-sized crowds is huge.

    If your Sunday is even half as enjoyable as ours, you will have a wonderful day.

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    Good Morning all,
    been a while since I have been on. Have been dealing with SO many issues.

    Finish up work at noon today, then off until Midnight Thursday or Friday morning depends how you look at it.

    Going to take difficult child and friend to Wisconsin Dells. Leaving on Monday and returning on Wednesday night. Will take in several waterparks. Staying at a Great Hotel with everything inside. Indoor Waterpark out does any outdoor ones in my opinion. Plans are the two boys will go to the outdoor waterpark on Monday, and I will roam the town and shop. Check into the hotel and return to pick them up later. If it rains (forecast says so) then we will just stay at hotel and skip the outdoor one. That would be so disappointing since we already have the tickets for the outdoor park.

    easy child has to go to court 150 miles away on Thursday. I asked husband to go with since I honestly do not believe easy child will make it on time alone. He then has to go to court here in town on Friday. Pray he wins both.

    Enjoy your day.
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    :icecream: Good Sunday Morning!!

    Marg, I just finished watching coverage of the Papal Mass. I am always bouyed watching faithful youth. It is an inspiration for the future. Glad your Sunday was a good one - I'm planning on making my Sunday a good one too :salute:.

    Kjs, good to hear from you this morning. I hope you all enjoy the vacation - sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you get that shopping in :shopping:.

    Had a nice day yesterday and a lovely welcome home cookout with my cousin, easy child, and difficult child. I actually drank an entire bottle of wine myself :wine: !

    easy child is heading down to spend the day with the boy today. I hear her upstairs moving around. If she were to stay home today, she would probably be sleeping until 11!!! What motivation young love is :loveforever:.

    difficult child and I are planning a day together. We will go see the new batman movie (as early as possible) and then go to the gym for a swim :swimming:.

    I hope your Sunday is spent on doing something you want to do! Have a good one.

  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    We'll be heading out to church this morning after husband makes a big breakfast and trashes the kitchen, lol!

    Duckie is in a bad mood from last night after I sent her to bed early because she couldn't control herself. I told her that's okay, because I'm in a bad mood from having lemonade spilled all over my living room because she wouldn't listen to her father or myself. Stalemate. :rolleyes:

    I hope to deliver more fliers this afternoon and hit the grocery store tonight. husband tells me we need mustard. :rofl:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  5. Andy

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    Marg - I am glad your country is enjoying their visitors. I do believe that actions speak louder than words when sharing faith. I had several friends tell me that their beliefs were strengthen when I became their friend. It was all by how I lived my life - I had never spoke to them about my beliefs.

    Kjs - Wisconsin Dells will be so much fun - Hopefully the rain will stay at bay or atleast no more than part of one day. I remember it years and years ago before the waterparks - boat ride of beautiful scenery and a storybook land. I hear it has grown a lot.

    Little Dude's Mom - Our local newspaper article states, "The Dark Knight lands in ________. Much anticipated movie doesn't disappoint fans." I hope that holds true for you. Glad yesterday was good and you are having a great weekend."

    Tired Mommy - Hopefully Duckie will shake it off soon. I suppose grocery shopping will be on my list tonight also.

    difficult child and I will head north about noon today. Hopefully the storms will have completely passed. We have a two hour one way trip to pick up my niece who will help watch difficult child this week. Movement is a tad difficult this a.m. Not sure after 2 hours in a vehicle how stiff I will get?

    Yesterday was the last day of the fair. We ended up closing regular parking when it became full and opened up overflow parking. I didn't sell as many tickets as on Friday but that was because I did a lot of directing of traffic and was in the position of being the last one to sell the tickets. I did come up even so that was good. easy child was very happy, she got paid about $10 per hour ($2.50 per hour more than we thought it may be). We had less workers this year so maybe that is why they increased our pay?

    husband was trying to figure out how to get mini donuts without paying the $3.00 admission fee. difficult child then figured out that he did not have to pay admission because he is not yet 13 yrs old. So yesterday, difficult child went in the back gate with me when I went to sell tickets, bought the tickets, and had husband pick him up at the front gate.

    Happy Sunday to everyone - find a way to make your difficult children laugh.​

  6. TerryJ2

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    You always have the most interesting news, Marg!

    Oooh, Kjs, I've always wanted to go to the Wisc. Dells. I grew up in MN. Now I live in VA near Busch Gardens and Water Country and take it completely for granted.

    Sharon, LOL about the wine (I assume this was over a course of several hrs? :) ) and easy child getting up early to see her boyfriend.
    I hope you like the new Batman movie. husband is going to see it with-some friends. I have no desire to see it. I'm perfectly happy with-Jack Nicholson jumping around in my memory banks as The Joker. (My lipstick does that when I don't use a mirror, by the way. :) )

    Ooooh, TM, been there done that! Usually it's something colorful and hard to remove, like cherry juice. And not spilled, but deliberately thrown. (Gives "Shaken, not stirred" a whole new meaning. :) )

    Andy, I'm glad you got a raise. Fun idea about the donuts. Necessity is the Mother of Invention and all that ...

    I've been battling a migraine for the past 2 days. Went to my first NASCAR race last night, which did not help matters. Finally knocked it out (the migraine, not the NASCAR race), but now I'm loopy from the Imitrex. Woke up twice to use the bathroom and was so dizzy I barely made it with-o smashing into the wall, then overslept until 11, all the time, dreaming about various situations where I HAD to get up, but was too tired to get up ...

    I have 2-1/2 boxes of tiles to hand paint for a client, due in two wks. She's extremely detail oriented, and is having me measure the fleur de lis and faux wood borders down to the last 1/8" ... which is probably adding to my headaches. I've already got bone spurs in my neck, and between the irritation, and the monthly hormones, it's not a pretty sight.

    Well, back to the ice pack.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone.