Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    We had a lovely day today. I wanted to go to the gardening show at Sydney's Olympic Park so we got going as early as we could. It was a grey day with occasional rain, but most of tis was indoors anyway. husband, difficult child 3 & I were the only ones, so we were able to load my mobility scooter into the back of the van. I was very glad of it - that place is HUGE, plus it was a long way from the car park.

    I love those places - so much to see, some wonderful new products (new pot styles, new plants) and some really good old ones (heritage seeds, for example). At times I needed to get out and walk, so husband or difficult child 3 took the scooter for me and kept it moving along beside.

    The stuff that I really was interested in was the herbs and vegetables area, and the more tropical plants. They had set up a sample of some famous Aussie vegetable beds (from Hobart Botanical Gardens) which we've tried to set up at home. The bloke who put this together was also there - he has just left the TV show that was behind all this, because he IS older than Methuselah, after all! But we didn't get a chance to get close, he was mobbed wherever he went. But having the chance to see it all and to talk to like-minded people - heaven!

    We didn't buy much - I'd have liked to buy a fruit salad citrus tree (it had five different grafts) but it would have been tricky getting it home, plus a lot of places only took cash. We did buy some Trugg Tubs though - a sort of flexible rubbery bucket thingie. It will make it easier for me to carry our good compost around the yard. A packet of tomato seeds (OK, they're heritage seeds form Florence, Italy) and some pot clips so I can hang pot plants from the wall - I've got a few things to keep me going and to try to be even more productive. Plus I have a year's worth of ideas and dreams to keep me going productively in the garden.

    I'll have to do my own grafting and grow my own fruit salad tree, I think. One more challenge...

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning Marguerite. I love plant and garden shows too. Gives me some good ideas. The Home Shows are good too for some ideas.

    It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning but it promises to get pretty hot and sticky. We had a string of thunder storms last evening and through the night. We still need all the rain we can get but we are getting close to caught up. Much better than this time last year.
    husband and I stayed in last night and rented the first half of season 1 of Madmen. It's an odd, slightly dark story of the ad agenciies in the sixties. We stayed up way too late watching it and plan to do the same tonight.

    Today we will watch the progress of the Hurricane Gustav as it gets closer and closer to our house on the island. : (

    In between we will meet husband's cousin for lunch and a bit of shopping.
    Hope you are all enjoying a lazy Sunday.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning: Good Sunday Morning Marg, Fran, and all you sleepyheads to follow!!

    Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday when spring is around the corner! We have a lovely garden show here in February; just when you are wishing for warm sun on your face! Grafting your own fruit tree will definately keep you busy!

    Fran, we had the storms last night as well. They have lifted the water restrictions in our city due to all the rain we've had the last week. It's promising to be hot and muggy here today as well. Enjoy your outing and your tv time.

    easy child is driving down to spend the day with the boyfriend today. difficult child and I are going to pick up a game that he got (preordered) for his birthday and then he'll probably spend some time perfecting his play! I'm going to hit the gym for class at 4:30 then my cousin is coming over and difficult child will join us for some burgers on the grill.

    Tomorrow, I do NOTHING! I always have cookout on Sunday and the kids and I spend the entire Labor Day just watching movies. It's a tradition.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone :peaceful:

  4. Andy

    Andy Active Member


    Marg - That sounds like a wonderful day. Found a purchase and found a plan.

    We will go to church this morning and have plans to have a friend of difficult child's over today. I think I will work on setting up some more Sunday School lessons - I have almost four done and would like to get all 13 done within the next few weeks. Sunday School starts next Sunday. No one has come forward to teach so I will have PK - 6th graders. I have some ideas on how to make the lessons reach all ages.

    At the last council meeting, I gave a report on Vacation Bible School. It has some negative comments in it such as, "We would not have been able to handle more kids due to lack of crew leaders." and "It was a good thing that there were no major problems with any of the kids because of the lack of crew leaders". The minutes took out all the negative comments. I had purposly made the first comment because there is a certain person who EVERY year says we should have had twice as many kids.

    There are way too many people who either say, "Well, if you can't find anyone else ......" (they don't really want to so I am not going to make them) or "I do want to help but I am waiting for someone to actually ask me ....." (they are the worst - I don't have time to call 400 congregational people to figure out the ones who are waiting for an individual invite to come forward to help). I can just scream everytime someone says, "Did you get the help you were asking for?" "No" "Well, you should have called me!" "NO - the event and needs are posted in the bulletin - if you want to be involved, YOU call the chairperson to see how you can help."

    So, I will focus on the kids this year - it will be a challenge but it will also be fun. I really love our kids - so full of fun and energy. One lady has come forward to help with "crowd control".

  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Fran and Little Dude's Mom snuck in on me. :)

    Fran - Stay safe from Gustav

    Little Dude's Mom - Have a great day - I hope difficult child and easy child enjoy their plans for today. I like your Labor Day movie marathon idea - we usually are gone for the weekend and traveling home late afternoon but this year are staying home. However, if the weather is nice, I think we will go biking tomorrow.

    Everyone find a way to make your difficult child laugh today.
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Adrainne, how can they take comments out of the minutes? Sounds very devious and stilted.
    I'm not physically in Gustav's path. Just the vacation house but the renters will all be gone by tomorrow morning so it's an empty house with hurricane shutters. Nothing more to do. Thanks for the good wishes though.
  7. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning one and all!

    Marg-It sounds like a lovely day! I think a fruit salad citrus tree sounds amazing!

    Fran-Staying up late watching videos is husband's favorite thing to do. I often end up falling asleep while we watch try as I might to stay awake. I hope your house on the island stays safe from Gustav.

    Sharon-Sounds like a nice day planned for you and I love your do nothing but watch movies tradition of Labor Day!

    Adrianne-How rude to take comments out of the minutes-sure doesn't seem right. You are an amazing woman to take on teaching Sunday school for k-6. You rock!!

    I've just gotten back from church and ate a quick breakfast and am going to head to the health club. I think I may actually walk to the club. It's only a mile and a half and then do my workout and walk home, all hopefully before it warms up too much.

    As for the rest of the day I'm not sure, a nap and then maybe a visit to the pool or maybe just hang out here.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with smiles and laughter.:D