Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    We just got home from our village carols night. It was a lovely night, a combination of professional singers and amateurs, all coming together to have a really good evening. Not much rehearsal or anything, I got asked to sing back-up vocals for a few numbers and found myself singing another couple I got instantly drafted for. But it was very laid-back, relaxed and informal.

    We've had a lovely summer day today. A bit cool, a bit too much breeze when we went to the beach but plenty of sun. A couple of the singers tonight were very burnt, they probably had spent a bit too long in the sun too.

    difficult child 3 is a bit more in control today (I posted separately last night), he came along and sang in the choir tonight (although he did wander off for a couple of songs, trying to organise a few glow-sticks for himself). He's still highly embarrassed by his breakdown last night, doesn't like to talk about it and doesn't want to even talk to the doctor about it; but he must. So he wanted me to talk to the doctor without him (difficult child 3) present; also can't be done that way.

    Tomorrow - I have to ring the pediatrician. husband has to go out to get parts for his car and to also meet up with difficult child 1 about his driver's licence. I need to get more Christmas shopping done, although I'm almost finished. I also have some cooking to do, I don't think I will get any done tonight except maybe make some pastry; or maybe not, I'm still short of sleep after being online until after 3 am last night.

    Tomorrow night (about now, 24 hours away) sister in law and her kids arrive from Perth. husband is to meet them at the airport. That's yet another reason for us to have some sleep tonight!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  2. dreamer

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    Wow, it is so cold here. minus 4 and wind chill makes it minus 30! Yuk. It just keeps front yard has over 2 ft snow and there are snowbanks and drifted snow some are 6 ft tall. It is supposed to snow all day again, and be very cold and very very windy. I am supposed to go to see my siblings and their kids with my kids today, it is a 3 hour drive each way in good weather. I was cooking and baking all day yesterday in prep.
    Im not sure why I am up already.I was up past 3. But my dog was barking, and he doesn't usually bark, so I woke to investigate. Never did figure out why he was barking. LOL. I got him settled and one of our kitties decided to have a love attack, so I am now snuggled up with my sons kitty. I am listening to the wind howl.
    Thought I would wish you all a wonderful and warm day. Oh my goodness, today is my 21 wedding anniversary, and goofy me nearly forgot, ROFL. It JUST now hit me. Oh my. LOL.
    Well, hope you all have a good day. Be careful out there if you have to go out. May your day be all you wish for it to be.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :snowman: Good Sunday Morning Friends!

    Dreamer and Marg - since both of you had good morning posts, I merged them together - using board manners and merging the last one with the first!

    Marg, glad the carroling was fun. Did difficult child 3 come along? I read your post last night about difficult child's meltdown. I agree that the strattera may be the culprit. You know Marg, I have always appreciated that time my difficult child's therapist gives me to address issues privately with her before difficult child comes in. Sometimes it easier to be blunt with the doctor about something going on with difficult child and then she can address it with him, or offer us both suggestions together ("you mother told me that you have been having a problem with .......'). Get some sleep tonight - I know you were up late last night, but also that kind of rage can really take it out of you. I hope tomorrow is a smoother day still.

    Dreamer, haven't seen you in a while. Good to hear from you this Sunday morning. Happy Anniversary! Hope you are nice and warm in your bed now!!! Have a good Sunday.

    Well, the weather definately does not want to cooperate with my travel plans today. It's in the mid 30's and pouring right now! Great travel weather! I'm hoping the weather will break - or at least it will stop pouring - before 10 when we leave!

    I'm still not 100% from my cold and easy child appears to be coming down with it as well. My mother said yesterday when we spoke with her on the phone, "don't you all come down if everyone is still really sick!" this point I'm still planing on going down. I'll be in a hotel with wireless so I will still be online - perhaps not as much but I'll still be checking in at least twice a day.

    Hope our Sunday is warm and dry!!!!!! :santa:

  4. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - Caroling sounds fun. I had the neighborhood kids gather one year to carol around the neighborhood. We have a hard time doing that most years since it is so cold out this time of the year. One thought on difficult child 3 talking to the doctor - When my difficult child did something last year that he did not want to talk to the doctor about, I did go in first to explain what I knew about the event. I found that difficult child did not want to be the one to open the subject, he didn't know how/where to start. I told the doctor that I needed to 1st explain the situation and then let difficult child in alone to talk about it. So maybe ask if he needs help in breaking the subject to the doctor?

    Dreamer - Happy Anniversary. Be extra careful if you do go today (I vote that you stay home). Check the road conditions - google your state's Department of Transportation (also your sister's if you are crossing a state line) to check on road closures and conditions. If there is any wind, the travel will most likely be listed as dangerous or roads closed.

    Little Dude's Mom - Stay safe on the roads today. I hope all get and stay well.

    It stopped snowing here yesterday and we are plowed out. Looks like Sunday School program will be a go tonight and practice during Sunday School hour today.

    difficult child decorated the tree yesterday. He did a very good job. Mostly using the kid's yearly ornaments.

    I need to make sure tables and chairs are set up for tonight. Then I need to find a few hours to go into work. I heard our facility is moving the beginning of February so I want to work extra hard to get all my filing done and caught up with my work before then. I am sure there will be a few days of packing and unpacking/setting up the office and reorganizing.

    Everyone have a great day today. Stay warm in those bad weather areas. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, another busy day on tap for you & yours. Not sure how you keep up.

    dreamer, good morning & good to see you on the GM thread. I personally wouldn't make the trip today ~ too much dangerous weather in that area; heck all of the midwest.

    Sharon, I hope you & easy child feel better for your trip. Nothing worse than feeling ill & being away from home. Your own bed & pillow.

    Bitterly cold here - 11 below zero in my back yard. Waiting for the snow removal guy to get here so I can go out & run my car for a bit. Hate to have the cold drain the battery. Not going anywhere though.

    kt is due home from respite mid afternoon - I would guess they will start bringing the kids home early.

    My big chore is ordering in groceries for delivery tomorrow. I should run to the pharmacy but I'll wait until the roads are cleared a bit more. A snow emergency has been called in town here.

    Have a good day. Stay safe if you are out there traveling.
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning everyone.:elf: It's raining like crazy. We had to postpone luminary night to tonight. Sheesh. It's not terribly cold but it's supposed to drop soon. :bah-humbug:

    The Friday party was good. Things went well and I think everyone had a good time. We are going to be eating leftovers for a while. difficult child did a very good job of being appropriate. He took himself away when it was too much and then returned when he was up for it. The house and decorating was worth the hard work. I covered a tree outside in snowflakes and acrylic icicles, white birds,beads and various white whatnots. It was lovely in the dark with small white lights.

    Marguerite, I'm glad difficult child 3 is coming along. It's always so sad to see them suffer with some guilt over the behavior.

    Happy Anniversary dreamer. We are heading to our 27th Dec. 26th.

    LDM, hope you feel better and get to enjoy the visit.

    Andrianne, hope the children's program is lovely. I love the kids programs. There is such innocence.

    Timer, I'm doing the ordering of groceries today for tomorrow pick up but I seem so distracted. Can't seem to remember what I'm cooking. Be careful with all that snow.

    Have a wonderful day.
  7. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Well, heck, good afternoon, LOL! I slept late (the dog woke me up at 4:30 again, sigh) and the day is way behind.
    I just popped in to see how you were doing, Marg. Not a word about difficult child 3 ... must be on another thread ...
    Happy Anniversary, Dreamer!!!!
    Hi everyone. Stay warm!