Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day, people.

    Weather-wise it's been a bit overcast today with fine misty rain now and then. After church I came home, got into my grotty gear and got on with some gardening. husband & I have a small enclosed courtyard outside our bathroom, the budgies spend their days in our bathroom looking out onto this courtyard. We have a sliding door leading out there, but with the birds in there I can't go in and out that way without risking them getting out, so husband opened the gate for me early this morning (before the birds were out of the cage) so I was weeding, shovelling the garden beds and putting in some new plants. Years ago I paved in there, but a plumber dug a lot of it up a couple of years ago, and I'm having to take my time putting it all back together.

    Because of the rain, I was getting wet. I filled a large bucket with "compost soup" and soaked a lot of my pot plants in it, then found some of the pots were breaking up so I had to re-pot those. So I dug out some of the extra sand from the courtyard garden I was working on (made the job easier) and mixed it with our super-strong compost. It took me a few hours in all, I cleaned up some old pots, re-potted an apple tree difficult child 3 & I have grown from seed (he was eating an apple, found the seeds inside were sprouting inside it), soaked some orchids in flower to give them a boosted feed, and got two large potted plants which have been sitting in the courtyard waiting to be used, all emptied out, broken up and spread around the entire garden. We have two large palm trees in there, now they have some lovely bromediads planted around them as well as Moses-in-a-basket (I love the colour, the deep magenta of the underside of the leaves with the deep emerald stripes of the upper surface).

    Now we can at last see the paving in the courtyard, after I dug, scraped and swept them clear. I can see where we need to do more, find more plants. By the time I'd done all this I was filthy, soaked to the skin and scraped. So I rinsed off at the tankstand, rinsed offf the tools, sprayed them with oil and then got myself inside to do the same thing.

    A few weeks ago I made an exfoliating scrub (recipe in a magazine) so once I got to my bathroom I rubbed this stuff all over my scrapes then showered it all off in a lovely hot shower. I figured I may as well shower and wash my hair - I was soaked through anyhow, some hot water never hurt.

    Since then - I've spent the afternoon cooking some comfort food for husband & mother in law (watching movies - husband was busy earlier, mowed the lawn before the rain began) and then difficult child 3, when he got home form his friend's. I've been wrapped up in my comfortable house coat and enjoying watching the rain finish my gardening job for me, by watering in everything.

    Because of my cooking, we've all had dinner early tonight, our chores are done and we can relax. Outside it is still raining very lightly. It's still a fairly warm rain, the sort the garden loves. But the breeze this evening is cool, I'm glad to be inside and dry!

    Tomorrow they said it should be dry, I'll have other garden work to finish (putting in new seeds, for example) so it should be a productive week.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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    Good Morning Marg and all to follow! :coffee:

    Marg, the gardening sounds fun... we had rain today also but the ground is still much too cold to work. I don't think the maple trees have begun to run yet!

    I'm off to church soon. We have Girl Scout Sunday and Duckie has been assigned the job of ushering with another Brownie. This should interesting since we had a sleepover last night and she's bound to be somewhat... unpleasant (!!!) today. :hammer:

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    Marg - You did a lot of work in the garden today! It is good to be able to relax after a day of hard work.

    Tired - Girl Scout Sunday! I hope Duckie enjoys her ushering and waits until she gets home to be "unpleasant". I have my Girl Scout cookies ordered - I suppose they may be in soon?

    husband has been sick for a few days and has decided not to go to church. I think I will let difficult child stay home this morning. He is still in bed and with the clocks put ahead one hour last night it will be a good idea to let him catch up on his sleep. I need to go a little early to prepare this morning's devotional, bible reading, and catechism reading. I was going to show a movie to my class but I think I know the story well enough to do the lesson without preperation. I will see - It will be a last minute decission. We don't have much of the lenten stories built into the curriculum this year so an Easter movie may be just the thing today.

    Yesterday morning we went to the bowling alley and took care of registering for next week's tournament. difficult child bowled three games and while I went up to check on that afternoon's Rock and Bowl schedule and see if we could reserve a lane, he started a fourth game! So, I let him bowl three more games and reserved one lane. He had a coupon good for three free games so I only had to pay for three yesterday morning. I told staff at the bowling alley that I may just as well sign my pay check over to them from now on. I think difficult child will be living at the alley.

    We invited the neighbor boy to go bowling in the afternoon. The boys had fun. They each bowled three games. difficult child did well in his 1st and 2nd game but did not break 100 on the 3rd so left a little downhearted.

    After church, I will help take down the book fair and then go grocery shopping. Maybe watch a movie at home this afternoon. We bought "Australia" earlier this week.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  4. Good morning, all! I'd like to do some gardening myself and hope I get to it. The house is a pigsty (actually, I'm sure pigs are neater) and as much as I like gardening, I persist with this silly idea that the inside of the house ought to be semi-presentable before I go out pulling up weeds. difficult child actually likes plants more than easy child, but isn't so good at figuring out weeds from plants I'd like to keep. Someday! Gardening will actually be good for him. Hope everyone has a good day!
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    :bloodshot: Good Morning.

    Marg, the gardening sounds great! I'm actually looking forward to getting out in my yard this year. I think we are all done with the really cold weather. Sounds like a relaxing Sunday evening.

    TM, here's positive thoughts that Duckie holds it together today!

    Andy, wishing you a great Sunday. A little relaxing time and a movie after the busy week you have had sounds in order!

    I'm a little groggy this morning due to the medications my doctor put me on for the pinched nerve. Had a great day with easy child and my niece shopping yesterday!

    She spent the night here and we are meeting my ex brother in law, his girlfriend and her son at a local diner downtown (and was actually featured on the Food Network Show Diners and Dives!) for brunch this morning. It's kinda a dive, but it was my brother in law's fav place to eat when he and my sister lived in town. And, the kids love it.

    Just a 4:30 water fitness class on the agenda after that. I rented the movie The Family That Preys so I'll probably watch that this afternoon - love Tyler Perry's work.

    Have a peaceful and restful Sunday ;)

  6. mstang67chic

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    Ahh....the time change. Ugh.

    Marg, you about wore me out just reading all that you accomplished! I bet it looks wonderful though! You may have to post some pictures someday of your place. I've got a picture in my head that you keep adding too but I'd love to see the real thing. (In person preferrably but pictures will have to do for now)

    TM - I hope Duckie holds it together and has a good time ushering.

    Andy - By helping to take down the book fair, do you get free book? That would be my kind of gig! LOL

    RFTS - My house is bad too. Wanna trade? I always clean better when it is someone else's house.

    LDM - Hope the pinched nerve gets better. Maybe the water will help? The diner sounds like fun!

    Not much going on around here. I just listened to the sweet sounds of husband yelling at difficult child for getting in the shower. husband takes a shower every morning while difficult child takes one when the notion strikes. BUT...he doesn't bother asking if anyone needs the bathroom....just wanders in and stays for an hour.

    My mom called earlier to see if I've started building my ark yet. It started raining last night and hasn't stopped. With the occasional thunder and lightening, it should be a "lovely" day. I plan on doing a couple of things around the house with my cell phone near by. My sister called me yesterday and said that the baby should be coming any day now. She thought the baby had dropped already but said yesterday that the night before she seemed to drop even more. My camera is in my purse with extra batteries so I'm ready to go! LOL

    Enjoy your Sunday before it's back to the weekly grind!