Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Sep 27, 2009.

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    G'day, folks.

    We had our school fair today. A lovely sunny day, you could feel the warmth in the sun. But a really cold wind has been blowing all day, gale force. A lot more dust blowing in (but not from the distant west, although more dust storms are forecast). I put on my corduroy trousers and a thick jumper, and found the wind blowing right through it. I'd have worn my uggs if I'd realised.

    Down at the school I found the cold wind beginning to really hurt my ears, plus I'd bought a bargain of a silver-plate candelabra (50 cents) so I took my purchase home, having added to my wardrobe, Skeksi-fashion (from "Dark Crystal"), the putchase of a heavy jacket.

    Back home I found difficult child 3 had locked the house (and I'd gone out without my keys) so I got into my car (never locked at home) and took out my double-thick beanie with ear flaps, tied it on and headed back down. MUCH better! OK, I looked weird, but at least my ears weren't hurting.

    The winds were getting colder and stronger. It was amazing. Broken branches flying everywhere, at the school stalls were blowing over and getting smashed. Some stallholders packed up and left early. Still the sun shone, the skies were clear blue, the air is so dry my throat is parched and sore.

    THis year the art exhibition included, in another room, artwork of ANY kind by the young people of the town. It was limited to 16 to 25, some of these who were over 18 also exhibited with the main exhibition in the larger hall. But a former classmate of difficult child 3's (who is six months older and therefore just old enough) had some lovely photographs there. I sent difficult child 3 back down to have a look at it, he happily did it because he's hoping to exhibit next year. I was very happy with his willingness to do this.

    It's so cold tonight - I'm still wearing my sweater, plus a leather jacket, and I'm cold. I'm about to get my pyjamas on and then my parka. It's all from the wind.

    While at the fair today I bumped into the local doctor (why do they always say, "How are you?" they can't REALLY want to know!). She said that with the dust storm and the winds, she's seeing a lot of people with chest problems, sore throats, eye problems.

    This afternoon I sent easy child 2/difficult child 2 a draft schedule for the next week. I haven't heard from her, I suspect she will be using today to totally recover from last night's hens night. She'd better get her act together fast - we have a busy week! Made busier because of her getting sacked (Watercooler thread).

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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    :autumn: It looks like fall is trying to get a hold of us here - I'm thrilled - you all know how much I love the cooler weather and it means that snow can't be too far away!!!!

    Good Sunday Morning!

    Marg, sounds like a cool fair with the rumage style sale mixed with the arts....that cold weather is supposed to be lessening it's hold on you all down under.

    easy child loved her scooter! She was supprised and in shock - she looked good on it! difficult child was thrilled to be in on it beforehand! The birthday weekend continues as she spends time with us today and we go out for lunch. We were supposed to go shopping for fall clothes - but the scooter ate that section of the budget up!!!!

    Sending wishes for a peaceful Sunday to all.

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, I haven't been to that type of fair since before the tweedles - love them. Sounds like a successful but chilly day for you. by the way, hope you warm up soon.

    Sharon, easy child is having quite the birthday weekend. I bet she "was" thrilled with that scooter. What a fun gift.

    kt was here Friday night thru mid afternoon yesterday - we had a good time together. I decided to let up on her (as all the goods things are out of reach i.e. cell phone, internet) & find her way back around the house. She spent time talking to her BFF & playing SIMs. We had dinner together as usual.

    It rained so we couldn't work in the yard ~ no biggie. However, yesterday morning she took Sally for a walk & both came back looking happy (Sally plopped right down on her bed & crashed).

    Today is a no go day. wm will be disappointed. Somehow I have to get this visiting schedule down. It sure was smoother with husband around. :help:

    Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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    Good morning, ladies!

    Miss KT and Hubby are off to church, and I'm home with what I'm afraid is the beginnings of the flu. Stuffy nose, earache, scratchy throat, tired body...

    Have a wonderful Sunday!