Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day folks.

    It's been a glorious day here today. I went to church while husband stayed hoome and got some jobs done around the place. He & difficult child 3 went to mother in law's for lunch while I had lunch at church and went for a swim. Or tried to - the water is warmer but with the combination of a torn calf muscle and dud hips, I was just too uncomfortable. So I sat in the sun and tanned. Another woman from church went in the water with me but I had to tell her to swim off without me.

    Can you imagine a church where you take your swimsuit? Where, after church, people sit and have lunch together on the veranda with some in Sunday best and others already changed into swimsuits? Even before church a couple of others had gone for a swim, one woman sat on her towel through church. At the door of the church there is a bucket of water in which we have to rinse our feet if we've been on the beach. That's so we don't track sand inside.

    I didn't bother changing out of my swimsuit to go home; instead I just sat on my towel on my mobility scooter and headed back up the hill. Back home I found the place empty so I went in, got changed and rested before the afternoon's excitement - the Opera in the Gallery!

    I headed down to mother in law's place and dropped in on my artist friend - today was the monthly Open Day for our artists. He's begun a new commission, it's a recreation of one of his older paintings form China, on request from the family member of someone who was in the original painting. Then husband wandered in looking for me - he knows me well!

    So we piled into mother in law's car and headed down to the gallery in the main street.

    There are actually three or four galleries all in a row, it's just a fluke that a section of the street houses a group of artists. They are all independent, but all good friends.

    The main gallery of the first house had been converted into a large auditorium. It's an open plan house overlooking the main street and the beach, the house perched on the cliff like Tennyson's eagle ("He clasps the crag with crooked hands, close to the sun in lonely lands...").

    It was a wonderful afternoon. This singer is brilliant, she instinctively moderated her volume to suit the room with the people in it, so it wasn't shrill, it wasn't too loud - but just right. She is a fairly new resident in the village but has clearly found a place to come home.

    We had afternoon tea on the balcony over looking the bay with the sea breeze cooling us even when we were back inside listening to this glorious singing and surrounded by some marvellous paintings. The artist is painting a mural of this woman and her family, the work in progress was on display as a backdrop to the performance.
    After it was over, we each were given a copy of her latest CD (which I already had - looks like I've got sis-in-law's Christmas present in the bag!).

    Then I came home, got out of my long flowing dress (I thought I'd dress up a bit for the gala of it) and back into my work togs so I could cut up chicken for dinner (only husband got to the chicken before I did).

    Now it's time to go shower and head for bed. Tomorrow I see the chiropractor again and I'm gonig to try to see my GP, I'm going to ask for a referral I think.

    Then I might dig out a canvas and find something to paint... today was inspiring!

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    Good morning Marg & all who follow,

    Marg, sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoy your painting. I'll check out the video clip in a bit.

    kt is upstairs sleeping the morning away (until 9:30) & we have a few errands to run before she heads back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC). She & I played a game of scrabble last night ~ she couldn't make it thru the entire game.

    I found that I need a bit of help with hanging my new (old) mirrors; quite a bit heavier than I thought so I've been informed that I need some kind of thingamabob to put in the wall. Life shouldn't be this difficult.

    So, decorating has been put off til next week - the mirror in the living room must be hung before the tree goes up. We got a few of our other ornaments out & hung/put out.

    Have a good day all - hope it's a calm one.
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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Sounds like a glorious day!! I love the whole church/swimsuit thing!

    Linda-Good luck with the mirror-you're right-it shouldn't be this hard! Enjoy your day.

    Already been to church. Now husband and I are headed to the health club. Later all of us (not sure about easy child) are going to see a movie. easy child has religious ed tonight. At some point grocery shopping, dinner, and a nap must be fit in as well. Not so sure we'll get the tree up but I'd like to.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good morning one and all. Chilly 34 degrees here in Oklahoma today. The wind that is sweeping down the plains is just down right frigid!!!!! :surprise:

    Hope everyone has a good and productive, yet peaceful and smooth, week!!