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    G'day folks.

    Another glorious(ly hot) day here in paradise. It was even hot overnight - 24C was the lowest overnight (75 F) and that's here close to the sea where temperatures are always more moderate. In the west of Sydney it can be about 10 C different. Further west into the country, the temperature climbs more.

    I slept in - I needed it. But the budgies are increasingly reluctant to go to bed, I am wondering if it's the sleeping in (and us being late letting them out of their cage) that is doing it. So we need to get up early to let them out, see if it makes a difference.

    I had some work to do around the house in the morning, nothing huge. husband was pottering around getting various small jobs done (he did much the same yesterday). By mid-afternoon I grabbed difficult child 3 & headed for the beach. I was looking forward to a swim - but the water was icy! It's not supposed to be cold at this time of year, but with my bad hips it felt like someone had fastened my legs on with a nail gun! I tried to swim but it was too cold and my shoulders also began to ache. Lying on the hot sand helped me recover though. I still need to shower off the salt and sand, I never meant to sit around for so long before my shower. But I've been busy this evening.

    difficult child 3 was finished and ready to come home (he'd been skim-boarding with some friends) so I drove him home and fetched husband to come for a swim (his pale skin requires a lot of careful non-exposure to the sun). We tried a different beach (a bit further into the bay) to see if it was warmer- it may have been but only slightly. So I sat and read a book while husband swam and cooled off. We have a mild cooler sea breeze at the beach, and up on our hill. But the rest of the town is sweltering from the westerly wind, coming from the hot interior. Of course it's cooler in our town than the rest of Sydney, but it's still been hot today - 30 C was the maximum reported. That's 86 F. Tomorrow may be a little cooler but then it's going to really heat up for a few days.

    We got back from the beach at about 5.30 pm. We had a few jobs to do. We walked to mother in law's to take some things to her (shoes which husband had repaired) and I found even that short walk very tiring. Not good. Only my legs were getting tired, I wasn't even mildly out of breath. So I got on with other jobs - painted most of a panel of the front fence, painted a crackle medium layer on my test panel (chookhouse door) then got cooking with some meat I'd forgotten I had in the fridge. It's still simmering on our new stove which I'm hoping will behave like a slow cooker. I didn't want to be cooking on the stove in the heat of the day, it's only about 25 C (77 F) inside at the moment. I'd rather not heat up the house too much during the day if it's going to be a scorcher.
    Then after I got the two stews on cooking, I was able to do the final over-crackle coat on the chookhouse door. If it works, I'll know in the morning. Fingers crossed!

    Again I could have done the painting earlier, but with the hot dry wind it would have been unpleasant as well as difficult, with the paint drying on the brush. easy child 2/difficult child 2 & I had a lot of trouble with paint drying too fast yesterday when we were face-painting.

    I know it sounds a lot, but really most of tis was quick. The chookhouse door is small, it only took me about five minutes to do each coat.

    Tomorrow I see the physiotherapist and mother in law sees her GP (I hope). Once mother in law has seen the doctor, hopefully things should begin to improve. We're really worried about her, health plus her state of mind. Being unwell and feeling helpless makes her really depressed and we're worried she's not looking after herself. Tomorrow I'll tell her that I over-bought meat (true) and have had to cook up some casseroles to use it (also true) and ask her to help us eat it. I know she likes my cooking, all I have to do is remember to take a small amount down to her.

    Enjoy your Sunday, folks.

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    Marg, sounds like a productive day for you & yours. Sorry to hear mother in law is still feeling so off.

    kt & had a decent day yesterday; we worked on a positive (I hope to her) project. Putting together a collage of pictures of husband during his happiest moments. It's hanging just above my desk where all can see it.

    I believe I'll do the same for wm if he is interested.

    Not much on the agenda today, a warm breakfast, hang out with kt a bit & take kt back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for her last week.

    Here's to a good day with cooperative difficult children & warmer (or cooler) weather for us all.
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    Marg, I slept in myself. I never was able to do that before. It feels great. I do hope mother in law feels better soon and you got encouraing news from doctor.

    Linda what a nice project. I'm sure it touched her heart in a positive way.

    husband and I celebrated his birthday (1/8) last night by going to dinner and seeing Sherlock Holmes. It was really good. The plan for today is football and possibly the first walk of the year. The temps are finally getting above freezing and the sun is out.

    I wish all a nice Sunday.