Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day, folks.

    It was a lovely day today. We went to the train track with husband, I rode in the back of our people mover, well-padded. My picnic hamper was well-packed but we barely nibbled the edges. I helped out selling tickets during the worst of the rush, then I went to the car to snooze.

    I was a bit more sore today, my breast is swollen and a it hot, but not hot as in 'infected'. I think it's just tissue inflammation. But I'm very glad of the special cushion the breast care nurse gave me, especially in the jostling of the car. Plus I've got a couple of microbead cushions, they are lovely.

    I did find tat by the middle of the day, I was wilting fairly fast. But the rush was past and I was able to leave the other lady to manage on her own.

    Meanwhile difficult child 1 rang from our home number - he and daughter in law had dropped in to visit us, and we weren't home! I'd been planning on asking husband to leave early anyway, so we dropped everything and headed home (via fish market as planned).

    I had a very comfortable ride home, it was like travelling in a recliner armchair, the way I had it set up. A thunderstorm was breaking over the mountains, directly to the west, barely a mile away (as the thunder rolls) while to the east, a matter of a hundred yards, was the ocean, blue and clear. The mountains in this area are a sheer sandstone cliff which acts like the upper surface of an aeroplane wing, dropping the air pressure and often causing thick fog when everywhere else is clear. So although we took the slow coast road home, it was probably quicker. There is something beautiful and awe-inspiring about driving along the cliff coast road, especially with such a spectacular thunderstorm. Even though it was still early afternoon, the rainforest was as dark as dusk. Very therapeutic.

    When we got home, difficult child 1 & daughter in law had agreed to buy the next door neighbour's car and since we owe the kids a little money, we transferred the funds over for the car for them.

    We waved them goodbye then I went to have a rest. After that we went to mother in law's for dinner (cooking the fish) and we just got home. I'm heading for bed early (again).

    Tomorrow I have a meeting I'm supposed to be at (tomorrow afternoon) but after the amount of rest I needed today, I won't risk a long trip by train into the city. I need to take things quietly. I am going with mother in law to the doctor and physiotherapist tomorrow, I might even try to slip in an appointment of my own if I can. Tuesday we have a busier day, but husband will be home to help drive me places, so I should be able to manage it.

    Tomorrow I have to telephone doctors, too. I need to make appointments with the surgeon and my neurologist. Still more reasons to stay home and be gentle on myself.

    Recovery is definitely happening, though. It feels good to know that the cancer has been taken out. I'm looking forward to getting the pathology results and knowing for sure.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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    :good_morning: Good Morning Marg and all to follow!

    Marg, driving along a cliff road watching a thunderstorm in the distance sounds lovely - I love watching thunder and lightening storms and that sounds great. Glad to hear your day was so nice and you are planning on taking it easy tomorrow!

    Absolutely nothing on the agenda for today! Well, maybe this :sleeping:

    Enjoy your Sunday!

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-The drive home sounds beautiful! Be sure to get in some of that resting time!

    Sharon-Enjoy your day-a day with nothing on the agenda is indeed a rarity!

    I enjoyed a relaxing day yesterday getting in two workouts and a nap. We also went out for a very nice dinner courtesy of husband's brother (he wasn't even here though).

    Today's agenda includes a workout and a nap. We go to pick up difficult child at 4:00 so I'm also hoping to have the groceries done by then.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: