Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day, people.

    Sunday night here, Anzac Day. It's 95 years since the Anzacs landed at Gallipoli to meet massive enemy resistance.

    We went to the dawn service this morning. Predawn, actually. Plus we had the first (and only) rain for a fortnight, probably no more rain for who knows how long. And we all stood outside in it and got damp. Not good for a sore shoulder!

    The sky cleared by midday and it actually got warm. it's been quite cool today but still not as cold as it usually is by this time of the year. Really bizarre, for it to still be so warm...

    husband & mother in law stayed home all day and watched every Anzac Day march and service on TV. They have a ritual of doing this every year. I remember as a kid, there was always live TV coverage of the Anzac Day march through the city. Every capital city has this coverage. But in the last ten years, they have screened, later on, live coverage of the Anzac service at Gallipoli. So they watched that. And something even newer - the service at the Western Front (various places in France, where the Anzac legend is even more glorified than in Australia). The TV coverage didn't finish until mid afternoon.

    easy child & SIL1 arrived about that time. They'd taken the opportunity of the long weekend to travel north to visit SIL1's mother. They're staying overnight, so I invited the other kids and spouses for dinner tonight at mother in law's. We had a roast dinner with roast vegetables and prosciutto slices crisped up over the top of the roast.
    difficult child 1 & daughter in law were unable to come - they're out west (Lithgow) fighting in chain mail with broadswords.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 arrived partly to visit us and partly to do their washing. They have no working washing machine and can't afford laundromat fees. mother in law's new clothes dryer got a workout tonight. They got their washing dry and went home about a hour ago.

    Now we're back home at our place, easy child & SIL1 are heading for bed. They're leaving in the morning to drive home then do their grocery shopping. Most shops would have been shut today - Anzac Day is like Good Friday here, the shops shut completely. However, our corner store was open for a few hours.

    Tomorrow we have nothing special planned except maybe a few casual chores, little tasks we usually don't have time for. Maybe another driving lesson for difficult child 3 - he had one today in the wet - and then sharpening some tools, maybe gardening, finishing off more candles, some painting. It also depends on the weather.

    I got easy child to check my work station to see if I'm aggravating my shoulder by how we have the computer set up. She doesn't think I'm doing much wrong. She also checked out mother in law's situation and was less impressed. She's leaving us with a "shopping list" of changes we still need to work on with mother in law. easy child says mother in law is depressed and getting worse - we know that but don't know what we can do, if mother in law won't allow us to help.

    We're planning on going to Canberra to visit easy child & SIL1 in their new house. Probably we'll go before I begin my radiotherapy, or perhaps the first weekend I start. We can take a packed bag with us for the Friday session, then hit the highway south and arrive in Canberra before the kids get home from work. Stay Friday night, Saturday night, come home Sunday in time for Monday's morning radiation. Should be good!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Marg- The service sounds lovely even with the rain. I hope you have an easy day today.

    We're heading off to church soon. Then Duckie and a few friends are hosting a bake sale after with the proceeds going to a charity they hold dear to their hearts. I'll try to get my grocery shopping in this evening so I can have an easier day tomorrow when Duckie heads back to school after her break.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  3. Fran

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    Good morning all.
    Marge, thanks for expanding on your holiday Anzac Day.
    TM hope the bake sale goes well.

    It's a bit rainy but nothing much. Today a friend will stop over for lunch and then more back yard work. Peaceful, quiet and the best weekend time possible.

    Hope you find some peace today.