Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jun 13, 2010.

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    G'day, folks.

    We're away from home at the moment, down in our national capital visiting easy child & SIL1 at their new house. It's very cold here at night, below freezing at night.

    We arrived last night after a Saturday playing trains at husband's club. It was an amazing day although I spent most of it sleeping in the car. We left to drive to Canberra which should have taken two hours, but I had a brainwave to take a different route, and it took us over five hours! So we arrived too late to go online or anything.

    This morning we went to a farmers market down here to buy ingredients for a birthday dinner for me. We just finished - it was fabulous! All cooked with local produce, very fresh and inexpensive. Double rack of lamb (with fresh herbs from the kids' garden) and roast local root vegetables - kipfler potatoes, beetroot, carrots, kumara and pumpkin. The oven warmed the kitchen nicely.

    We're watching a movie (DVD) and relaxing before an early night. Tomorrow I will do some more pruning in the garden (husband & I did some today too) then we'll head back home. Tomorrow is a public holiday, so we've enjoyed a longer stay with easy child & SIL1 than we've had for a while. Back to treatment on Tuesday. And a heart stress test on Wednesday. My skin is starting to colour up a bit, I think.

    difficult child 3 is being difficult tonight, making it very hard to watch our film because he doesn't like any film he's never seen before, but doesn't feel he has anywhere else to go where he doesn't have to listen to it. As easy child just said - he can tune out at other times when it suits him, so it should be possible for him to tune out now.

    It's good to have easy child to tell him this sort of thing for a change; difficult child 3 often whinges that husband & I are mean to him or too hard on him and nobody else would be so hard on him. Now he's finding out - we're actually very gentle.

    On the good side, difficult child 3 did get some schoolwork done today even though it is a weekend plus we're away from home. A bonus indeed!

    Despite the cold, it really is lovely here in Canberra. It's a beautiful city, even if it does feel like it's been plonked down in the middle of nowhere. (it was!)

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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    Happy Birthday Marg! I'm glad you're enjoying a short holiday. Manster went to one of his gal pal's birthday parties yesterday.

    We experienced record low temps here yesterday, it was mostly in the low 50s and our norm is 80s. We even had a fire last night. The plan for today is to throw together a quick lasagna (cold again today and not condusive to our typical Sunday grillin') and step on the new WI fit we just got after a year of talking about it lol.

    I hope everyone has a great day!
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    Good Morning (what's left of the morning),

    Marg-Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you are having a lovely visit-sorry about the 5 hour drive.

    ML-Enjoy the Wii Fit-I love mine. Lasagna sounds delicious!

    It's already been a busy day here. I've been to church, the health club, and picked up a prescription for easy child/difficult child. I'm hoping to take Ella (our black lab mix) for a walk in a bit and then it will be nap time. Spaghetti for dinner tonight-not my choice but everyone will eat it.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful::peaceful: