Good morning Sunday

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    G'day, people.

    Well, we just got home from mother in law's. Yesterday's preparation went well, it paid off today. We got to sleep in a little then grabbed our stuff and headed to mother in law's. I drove to the shops first to re-stock on milk, flake chocolate bars and extra cream. At mother in law's, I did the vegetables and loaded them into the roasting pans. Then I whipped the cream and smothered the birthday cake with it. Broke up the flake bars and coated the creamy cake with flaked chocolate. We were just about to put the food in the oven when husband's cousin rang - they were just leaving, "We'll be there in an hour." They live two hours' drive away. So my plans for an early lunch went out the window. mother in law wanted me to wait even longer, give people a chance to sit and have a drink or a cup of coffee for a while when they arrived, before lunch. But I've been down that road before - if we do that, we don't eat until 4 pm and then people are anxious to get away. So with mother in law increasingly frail, I got to choose when to put food on to cook.
    As it was, the kids arrived at 12.30 pm, cousin arrived at 1.30 pm. We had dinner on the table at 2 pm.

    I put a brioche in the oven to bake as we took out the roast. So immediately after the main course, I brought out the hot brioche with jam (my own strawberry jam) and cream. Filled people up on that, then brought out the birthday cake.

    Cousin brought her husband and a special guest, second cousin from Scotland who has been working in Australia (west coast) for the last year.
    Then just as we were about to sit down to eat, cousin's son and daughter in law arrived. Luckily we'd cooked a lot of food! A day ago, I was planning a family party for just us, eight people. It rapidly blew out to 13! But it was lovely to see people. On one of my quick trips back home for supplies, it was beginning to rain. I parked my scooter in mother in law's garage and noticed her 'residents' (two brushtailed possums) were sleeping there, so I brought second cousin out to have a hands-on experience. He was blown away by how tame these things are - until he touched the nearest one and it got annoyed. It glared at him then curled back up in a ball. I took a photo of the possum to send to second cousin's dad (another cousin of husband's) in Scotland.

    After the extended family left, we sat and played games for a while, watched a movie. difficult child 1 & daughter in law left then. I cooked a quick risotto for dinner (using leftovers from lunch) and it seemed to be just what people needed, after a big lunch. An hour or so later, easy child 2/difficult child 2 & SIL2 left, we followed soon after. A earlier night for us tonight.

    I need it!

    We have some cake and brioche which were completely unused. They are now in the freezer, ready for the next family visit (in a few weeks' time, I believe).

    What a day! But it was good. It's also good for mother in law to have a house full of people, she loves it. But she will sleep tonight, as we will.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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    Good Sunday Morning!

    Marg, even with the late arrivals (and there are always some habitual ones in every family) sounds like the gathering went well. Glad mother in law enjoyed a house full of family - I know it will also mean a lot to me in the future years...

    Heading out in about an hour to my mom's house. easy child was originally going with me, but my mom - the high maintenance-do it my way one - wanted me to come alone so she could talk estate stuff! So easy child will stay in town and take difficult child to the movies this afternoon. This is a quick trip, I'll be back tomorrow afternoon!

    Hope your Sunday is restful.

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Sounds like a busy but lovely day!! You made me hungry reading about all you served!

    We have a beautiful morning here. The humidity is gone and I shut off the ac. It's so nice to have the windows open-love the fresh air!! I've been to church and am about to head up for a nap. difficult child has been a major pita and husband and I are going turns napping since difficult child has been up since 4:45!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of picking up to do and my lawn needs mowing. I can't mow it due to my back so husband will probably end up doing it. Later his sister and our niece are coming over. We're supposed to go to the casino tonight but they might have to go with-o me because I'm not sure if I can make the drive with my back.

    Wishing everyone a very peaceful day!
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    Hi Sharon! You snuck in on me. Enjoy your visit with your mom!
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    Today is party day for B2's 4th birthday... I have been up and working since 4:45 this morning! I am hoping to catch a little bit of a nap after running errands to pick up the cake and balloons, etc. I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!
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    Good morning. :coffee2:

    The sleepover crew fell asleep sometime before 2am and woke up at 745am. ​

    SEVEN-FORTY-FIVE!!!! :wildone:

    I need a nap.