Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day from Australia.

    Today was definitely a spring day. Beautiful warm weather during the day, but cooling off again in the evening. husband & I went to church - it was also a farewell for a long-term congregation member who has actually been living on site for the past five years or so. Her daughter was also supposed to be here but the seas were so high, the boat was stopped for a while. We watched from the church window and could see the waves breaking across the jetty. Spring tides! Later in the afternoon we watched the boat come in, almost surfing to the jetty and snagging it with a rope as it drew level.

    The kids and partners (except for easy child & SIL1 who live too far away) all came to say goodbye to our old friend. She won't be moving too far away, just to a retirement home.
    And now we're down at mother in law's waiting for the roast chicken to finish cooking. mother in law loves having lots of young people around.
    I feel like I've been on the go for days now. At church someone mixed normal coffee into the decaf, and I think I'm hopped up on caffeine. I'll crash later!

    Tomorrow I have to be in two places at once. First I'm taking easy child/difficult child 2 to a hospital clinic, and if she's OK with it, I'll leave her there and head back to a writing competition presentation at which I have to give a speech. If I don't go, I have to telephone so someone else can give my speech. I've sent the script already. mother in law is coming along too, and is perhaps the main reason I'm even thinking of still attending the presentation. But while I want to support my girl, she also has to learn to face some things on her own, and know I'm still within range by phone. There will be times when she has to fend for herself, and I think this could be one of those times where she takes a few steps with my hands at the ready, but not actually holding her.

    It's going to be a busy week coming up. Tomorrow I need to use mother in law's car, too. Mine is needing engine repairs. difficult child 3 gets to stay home and hopefully get some schoolwork done.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Sunday Morning!

    Marg, hope this is a moment of moving forward fo easy child/difficult child 2 and she is able to handle the clinic on her own. It is always good to see our kids making those strides towards the independence we know they need in life. Hope difficult child stays on the schoolwork task while you are busy running to and fro!

    At the moment, I am actually sitting on the balcony watching the swimming part of the Sandman Triathlon here at the beach. There are hundreds of folks swimming parallel to the shore. They started about a block from here, but you could see the start. Unfortunately, I don't think, when they signed up for this weeks ago, they knew we would have the high waves of the passing hurricane. The sky is clear blue and lovely, but there are some surfer dream type waves further out than the normal breaking point. Fun to watch!

    easy child and I have had a wonderful time here. We spent the last two days lazing in the sun. We'll start out doing the same today but will head on back to reality around 1 or so. I've been in close contact with difficult child and he seems to be doing great. Bonehead is doing his part (surprise, surprise).

    I hope your Sunday is a restful one!

  3. Fran

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    Good morning ladies.
    Marguerite, I always think good byes are a bit sad especially for those left behind. Hope your friend flourishes in her new environment.
    LDM, sounds like a nice girl's weekend.
    difficult child went to a birthday party with his aunt last night. He is getting into the swing of things. I think I will learn how to hook up skype so we can talk on line. It will help him be less isolated although he has been busy these past few days.
    husband is leaving this afternoon to start his new position. I'm always sad when we are separated but he will be home on weekends. He is happy and excited. We don't really know yet where we will be living but it's not a decision we will have to deal with until after the holidays or even longer.
    So within 2 wks, I find myself alone with 3 dogs and a house. Sounds like a good time to start to work out more, read more and work on improving my foreign language skills.

    Have a peaceful Sunday all.