Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 21, 2010.

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    G'day people.

    Well, the concert went off really well. Because the diva has been ill, she knew she couldn't sustain an entire concert on her own and so brought in a cellist and violinist as support. They were wonderful, gave her a good break between brackets. Mind you, we couldn't hear any flaw in her voice... our choir segment went off very well. We had a quick rehearsal just before, out in the back garden. Lovely.

    Afterwards some of us were invited to stay back for a drink and supper in the gallery. This gallery is also the home of the artist and his wife, good friends of the diva and her husband. A number of artists live in adjacent houses, and the place was full of creative people. I was not going to pass up a chance to stay and hobnob with the glitterati literati.

    I did not want to outstay my welcome, however, in case I had been invited by accident (mistaken identity?) so I left about half an hour ago, and I'm about to walk down to mother in law's to sit while they have dinner. I've already been fed, in so many ways.

    It's just on sunset now. Sitting down on the balcony at the gallery, overlooking the ocean just before sunset - glorious.

    What an afternoon!

  2. hexemaus2

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    Oh Marg, how wonderful! Sounds to me like the perfect evening. I love creatives - they're always such interesting people. (And usually have a bit of difficult child bend themselves.)

    I don't have quite as interesting a day planned here. difficult child 2 has the flu, so he's been couch-bound all weekend. Poor guy is miserable. difficult child 3 is going to help me lay new subflooring in my office this afternoon. Then it's time to hang the ceiling. I was surprised when difficult child 2 made the comment (before he went back to bed just a bit ago) that he's sorry he wasn't up to helping today. WOW! He gave me a hug before he went back to bed, then says he doesn't want to kiss me 'cause he'll get me sick. Awe.

    At the home improvement store yesterday, after we paid for all the supplies, one of the employees asked difficult child 3 and I if we needed help loading the OSB and sheetrock into my truck. difficult child 3 proudly turns to him and says "Nah. We got this, but thank you." This big burly guy of an employee pats him on the back and says "Ok, man." (with an approving smile.) I'm surprised difficult child 3 didn't explode, he was beaming so much. He definitely enjoys being seen by other adult men as a good son & capable "man." lol. In fact, he was looking at tools when another employee came up behind him and asked "Sir, can I help you find anything?" difficult child 3 turned around and it was only then that the guy realized he was a kid. lol. Boy difficult child 3 got a kick out of that one. lol.

    At some point today, after I finish up an article due tomorrow and getting the flooring/ceiling done, I'll start on the pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread. The boys and I made the pumpkin puree earlier last week so we could try making them from scratch this year. So, hopefully we'll end the day with good smells in the house. :)
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    It is a lovely, sunny and brisk fall morning here in the southeast - definitely why I love fall!

    So, I live in an old house. The steps leading upstairs creak - old house = creaky steps. About 4 am this morning I think I hear two creaks, you know, like someone trying to sneak up the stairs? I think to myself, "that couldn't be difficult child coming up for the "night" could it?"

    I just lay there a minute or two, finally thinking I've been hearing things when I hear third creek - you know, like someone was just waiting a little to make sure no one heard them? Then I get nervous. I make this play like I'm just waking up - I cough, I make stretching noises, all the while trying to get out of my really high antique bed that also creaks!

    I make it over to the phone, hit "9, 1" then pull open my bedroom door (which is right at the top of the stairs) - nothing - no one - alarm still activated......

    Needless to say, I've been up for several hours.....

    Once you get up like that, it's hard to lay back down. I've had a couple cups of coffee and am heading upstairs to collect the laundry! I see a nap by the fire in my near future!!!

    Marg, sounds like a wonderful experience and a glorious way to end a lovely day!

    Hex, hope difficult child 2 mends quickly - one thing I remember about you from the "old days" - you are always doing some home improvement project!

    Have a relaxing and uneventful Sunday!

  4. HaoZi

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    Marg, sounds like a wonderful evening, and you deserve it. :D

    Hex, I don't know about your kids, but nasty behavior is often the first sign my is coming down with something. Hope he feels better soon, at least he's taking it nicely. Can I be proud of difficult child 3, too? Sounds like he's going to make someone a wonderful sister in law one day, and I hope he chooses an equally wonderful daughter in law for you.

    LDM, I'd be jumpy, too. Also doing laundry here.

    Weekends are for cleaning, don't get much done during the week. Kiddo not feeling well, seems any medication they put her on causes stomach issues, and still trying to get her re-balanced from the last medication change since the Zyprexa threw her eating off so much we never could get the proper mix of protein/fiber in her, and now still trying to do it or go back closer to how she was eating before. Not going to get a lot of help cleaning up from her, just a lot of interruptions that keep me from getting things done. Did get a good portion of the kitchen counters cleared off yesterday, though. Still gotta figure out what to move around so we can put up the tree, we bought a decent sized pre-lit one (6.5') at the post-holiday clearance sales last year (only $17.50!) so we could have something more than 2.5' tall this year.