Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day folks.

    Weather is at last fining up here. We went to church this morning and stayed there for lunch (a salad sandwich on the verandah overlooking the beach). I kicked off my thongs (on my feet) and went to stick a toe in the water. I had brought my swimsuit but it was still a little cool for me. Lots of other people didn't seem to mind, however. It was funny - earlier during church we heard a hand bell being rung in the distance and when we looked out the church window, it was Santa on a boat, waving as they sailed past along the beach! They'd just done a Santa event at the local corner store.

    We stayed for a while just chatting to some friends and were about to leave when we heard voices - one of our congregation who had left before lunch to go have a picnic lunch with her mother, visiting from the nursing home, had come back. They had moved their picnic back to the church because the beach spot they had chosen was just too hot in the sun for their mother. Poor darling has dementia, and had to be introduced to us even though we've known her for decades. I remember last Christmas she came to my choir practice with her daughter, and sang along to the carols. So I suggested we sing a couple of carols for the old lady. We took some family photos for them - two women with their mother - in front of the Christmas tree and nativity scene. It was lovely, but sad because this Christmas, there was no recognition there for the old lady. None at all, for Christmas, for us, for the music, for the location - nothing. I'm not even sure she really remembers her daughters any more either.

    We left them having their picnic in the shade on the church verandah, enjoying the cool breeze. After all the rain, the humidity has really hit hard and makes it feel a lot hotter than it really is.

    From there, husband & I headed back home and then dropped in on our artist neighbour (open day today for many of the village artists). husband has commissioned this artist to do a sketch of mother in law which we will give to sis-in-law. Our friend offered to do it for free, but we said as it is to be a gift, we should pay him for it. I'm sure sis-in-law will love it; mother in law is excited to be having her portrait done (even if it is only charcoal) by a world-class artist.

    We just got home from dinner at mother in law's. She had the Christmas pudding on to boil - she gives it most of its boiling time early, so on Christmas Day it only needs the last hour to cook. With a summer Christmas, we try to avoid heating up the kitchen as much as possible, on the day. But with the humidity, a kitchen full of steam tonight was still warming us up unpleasantly. At least it was cooking at night, not as bad as the middle of the day.

    Tomorrow mother in law & I have neurology appointments, then we'll get more shopping done. I have to book a mobility scooter for her in the morning, I also have a phone conference to handle while we are out. It's a busy time!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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    :frostbite: Good Sunday Morning from Frosty Virginia!

    Marg, just as your wearer is "fining up" ours is winter is just beginning to dig in! Hope you have a good shopping trip tomorrow!

    A light dusting, but snow nonetheless!!!!! difficult child and I enjoyed the beauty of snow and Christmas lights last night. We decided to cruise the neighborhood (after taking his friends home at 10:45) and see who had done their decorating yesterday since a nice little snow was coming down! Nice when difficult child wants to do what I want to do :choir:

    Yesterday I spent the day cleaning and decorating the inside of the house, with the exception of the tree. I cooked my pork for our dinner tonight yesterday and the house smelled devine for like 9 hours! It's a perfect day to trim the tree, bake cookies and watch Christmas Vacation. Life is good in the Dude house!

    Hope your Sunday is restful, peaceful, and warm :flirtysmile3: