Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    We've just had a perfect summer day family picnic. It was not our whole family, it was me, husband and mother in law, with easy child 2/difficult child 2, SIL2 and his family. difficult child 3 was technically present, but had found himself a seat in the back of the shed and spent the day on his computer. We had to go fetch him to come and eat and say hello to people.

    We were at the train track, it was the annual Christmas party, but in reality, it's like a collection of friends each at their own picnic table. There were a few trains running, including husband driving a train for a while. There were some vintage cars there also. easy child 2/difficult child 2 had a lovely time following her toddler niece around (BIL2's sister's baby). mother in law & I had a lovely time talking to BIL2's mother. She especially loved the chance to look around, wants to come back again.

    After my time yesterday at the beach, today's sun exposure has definitely pushed me into mild sunburn. But I will be out of the sun tomorrow (meeting at school) and some rain has been forecast for Tuesday (I think that's when Oprah is filming - and they will be outdoors!) I'm not really burnt, just a little reddened. Not sore, and it will be brown in the morning. Extra moisturiser for a few days, and I will be fine. They say the temperatures were about 26 C (78 F) but it felt a lot hotter than that. The beaches were packed as we drove home past them, even though it was late afternoon by then.

    We had a lovely barbecue lunch and picnic, we managed to keep our table in deep shade by moving it every hour or so. My sunburn came about because I was going here and there, including standing around talking to people. I did have my special Aussie wrap hat, but it was too hot to wear it, so I took it off. I can feel my face glowing a bit. Thankfully, not too bad. husband & I are about to anoint one another with aloe vera.

    The only one with absolutely no sunburn is difficult child 3. That's because he actually stayed indoors all day!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:
    Marg- It sounds like a lovely day but take care of that burn! :beach:

    I was awakened by heavy rain moving through the area and it's almost the time that I need to be up so... here I am! It'll be a busy day: Duckie acolytes at church, then we scoot off to the theatre for her last show, break down the props, come home for dinner and get ready for bed. We have the potential for some nasty weather to move through over the next few days so I've cleared my calendar and I will be doing nothing but baking (& housework) until Wednesday at 3pm. That's when I need to be at the school to wait for Duckie while she attends the final session of art club. We will, at that point, be finished with all extracurricular activities except dance through the winter break. :whew:

    Have a great day!. :salute:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Sunday Morning :gingerbread:

    Marg, sounds like a lovely Sunday with friends and family! It's what I think Sundays are for - the day of the week when we stop, slow down, and appreciate our loved ones. Take care of that burn!

    TM, I bet you are so excited to be done with the running for a few weeks :whew: I had planned on doing some cookies this afternoon but the market didn't have a couple of my ingredients yesterday!!!!! It was a busy day so I didn't get a chance to hit another one, I hope to do that this morning.....we'll see.....

    I think I mentioned that I'm having a little casual Christmas party next Saturday - looking forward to sharing the holidays with some new and old friends. Mom is going to her sisters in Charlotte for Christmas and had planned to stop here the 21st for two days on her way down. She called yesterday and said she would be here next Sunday morning - the morning after my party!! I actually have three people spending the night.....hopefully mom will come in later in the day and everyone (including me) is up and aware! Now to figure out what I'll be serving Sunday night - mom is pretty high maintenance (those of you have known me for years understand) and expects dinner in the dining room with all the accoutrements! It will definitely be a busy week for me :wildone:!

    Wishing you a warm and relaxing Sunday!


  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Sorry you are a bit burnt but sounds like you had a perfect day!!:beach:

    TM-Sounds like a busy day ahead but then some nice relaxing!!

    Sharon-Sounds like a busy week ahead! I'm sure Saturday night will be lots of fun with friends and I'm hoping your mom shows up later on Sunday. Anything that you could have prepared before hand so it just needs to be warmed up for Sunday's dinner?

    I'm thinking we are stuck inside for the day due to the blizzard. Hopefully both difficult children won't be too high of maintenance. What I wish is that if we had to have a blizzard we would have had it on a school day so we could get a snow day!!

    We are planning on putting up the Christmas tree today. Yesterday evening before the snow started getting too bad husband and I went out and bought a few simple decorations. We were in the mood for something different and more simple this year.

    My exercise today will be shoveling!!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:snowangel:
  5. Fran

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    Good Sunday morning my fellow Christmas elves. :elf:

    Marge, ouch about sunburn. Do you not use sunblock? Sounds like a fun day with all the friends and the trains. I understand about difficult child staying inside all day. I had to encourage difficult child to get out of the house. :christmaslights:

    TM, yay for having a few days to be hunkered down in your house. Congratulations to Duckie for completing the play. Stay warm and dry.

    LDM, having a Christmas party sounds fun. Maybe mom will have to get used to take out. LOL. You are old enough to change things to suit you. Easier said than done. I know. :xmasdancers:

    Wiped out, take care of your back with the shoveling. I know my baby sis thinks she had 2ft. last night. Amazing.:frozen:

    We attended the community Christmas Party last night. I couldn't believe it was past 11:30 when we were prodded to leave. I chatted so much that I didn't have a chance to eat. Guess that's what happens when you don't talk to anyone through the week except on the phone. LOL. I actually won a door prize. It's a gift certificate for a french restaurant. I'm excited to try a new place.
    My easy child is arriving on Tuesday. I'm excited to see him again. I even have him to myself for a few days before husband and difficult child get home. :woohoo:

    My baking this year has been a bit of a failure. I must have lost my touch. I'll try again.

    Hope you all have a productive day.
  6. svengandhi

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    I wish it was summer again here. Instead, I shared the rain with TM. I got up early to go donate blood. Oldest boy and difficult child came with me. It was difficult child's first time and he did GREAT! He used to do the escort gig for Boy Scouts but this was his first time lying down on the job. He said he will definitely do it again.

    We are buying our Hanukah bush next week when daughter gets home from college.

    Other than, today is slow. Doing HW with the 2 little guys (what a joke - one is a head taller than me and the other comes to my nose) later because there's a lot going on during the week.

    Have a great day everyone.