Good Morning Sunday!


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Good morning! :coffee:
Where is everyone, sleepyheads? I got to bed late because I was helping one of my friends run an at home candle party last night. They just seem to go on and on. :hammer: We have church this morning and hope to enjoy some sunshine later. Wish us luck, Duckie is finally trying to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels. :smile:
Have a great day! :kisses:


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Good Morning Tm, and everyone else who comes in later. Have fun at church, and good luck with the no training wheels. I lucked out on that my difficult child was 3, when he learned, he put on all his roller blade pads and just went for it.

Well the shower was a great success, difficult child was awesome and a huge help, he passed the gifts to his cousin. We ended up with a lot of kids that were not suppose to come, but all went fine. The only bad thing was is my nieces friend who are 18-22 were no shows, about 10 of them she was so upset, they took advantage of 75 degree temps, and hurt their friend in the process. Well need to run, i am so tired!

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Good Morning,

TM-How cool that Duckie is learning to ride without training wheels! She must be so excited! :princess:I hope your day is a good one!

Razzle-I'm glad difficult child was good at the shower. Shame on her friends! Have a great day!

I had a fun night working on easy child's scrapbook (LDM-I did keep it simple :)). It is done except for a note I need to write to her! My friend really guided me through the process but as any good teacher would let me do it on my own.

difficult child even went out last night. The neighbor girl invited him to go skating from 7-9 last night. He said he had a great time. easy child and husband watched movies so a good time was had by all.

Off to church in a bit and then the health club-other than a nap at some point not much planned.

I hope everyone enjoys a fun day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

TM, I represent that sleepyhead remark & am darned proud of it. Sounds like you had a good day.

Jen, shame on those friends.

Sharon, how cool that difficult child was able to go skating & maintain!

I woke up to 62 degrees & sunny weather. It's a beautiful morning. Sometime during the middle of the night, kt climbed into bed with us & apparently husband headed off to the guest room. I slept through this middle of the night shuffle.

husband, kt & I are heading up to visit with wm this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed as the tweedles haven't seen each other in a few months.

Have a wonderful day - hug your loved ones. Find a reason to laugh today.


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G'day, everyone.

TM, I was late on this evening because I was helping easy child 2/difficult child 2 help her little brother to do some reading. he's actually a very good reader, but finds novels very confronting. Then just as he went to bed, having read two chapters as a group effort, a cracking good program came on TV, part 3 of a series of three by Lord Robert Winston. It just finished, I have to get the DVD (so husband can watch it again - he fell asleep!)

Jen, I'm glad the baby shower went well, especially for difficult child. Not so good for your niece, but sometimes you need to know how reliable your friends are (o aren't).

Sharon, the scrapbook sounds great. I'm glad it went well for you. Maybe you will have the confidence now to keep going? Scrapbooking can be infectious!

Linda, I'm glad the weather is warming up for you.

We had a moderately restful Sunday. I should feel guilty for skipping out on church (again) but I don't. husband spent a lot of time working on our passports, I visited a friend to get our photos signed and later this evening we went back to get our signatures witnessed for difficult child 3's passport.
I could have a problem with my passport - I changed my name when we married, but back in those long ago days the marriage certificates weren't numbers. The passport office is insisting we give them a number, or my name change is not valid. It seems the number of people with a current marriage licence as old as ours is very low - sad, really.
husband is now ordering a new marriage certificate. I asked if that meant we go for an expensive wedding all over again - he wasn't impressed! We're likely to have two weddings to pay for in the next few years.

We got a bit more gardening done - filled in a hole in our wall hedge where two plants had died. I still have to train the plants and do some pruning, but a thunderstorm interrupted us. Unfortunately, there was only enough moisture to dampen the path, we got nothing more and still had to fill buckets to water the garden.
I can hear a bit more rain now - I think it's because I just got a load of washing on, and we have no dryer (other than the sun, in the morning).
Yep, it's getting heavier. We need it. I love going to sleep with the sound of the rain, especially if it's a tin roof. Now I can hear the gutters overflowing - and now it's stopping. Still, we must have got a few mm of rain in that bit.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning friends. Sounds like everyone is getting touches of spring. easy child and 3 friends are spending the weekend with us on Galveston island. The water is a little cool but they jumped into the ocean. It's a little R & R for the kids before the activity of proms and graduation. It's perfect weather for reading a book in the sun on the beach. The kids have the attention span of a gnat but I keep trying to read in peace.

difficult child is working.(yay!) and has an interview on Monday. Nothing gives you incentive like a really dirty job. LOL.

Have a peaceful sunday. Hope you get out and enjoy the nice weather.</span>

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Even for a Sunday, it seems everyone is busy. It sure is nice to get out once the weather warms up!

Yesterday we cleaned out all our woods and yard - I have blisters on my hands from raking all day.

difficult child has been working non-stop on a project and it's BEAUTIFUL!!! She did such an awesome job - I'm hoping this grade will put her back in line for graduation. Now, what to do with that horrible Civics Anyway, I want to treat difficult child to something today to reward her for her labors. Maybe a little summer outfit.

H and I are taking all the summer furniture out of storage today and we must plant a tree for Earth Day...I'm thinking more likely a shrub of some sort.

Have a great day all!