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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 26, 2010.

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    G'day people. It's Boxing Day here, traditionally the day when we package up leftover Christmas feasts and take the food to the poor. Although these days we tend to just share leftovers with friends. In Sydney it's also the start to the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

    I was on roster for church today - leading the service. And I had no voice! I managed to squeak my way through and it was OK, there was hardly anybody there anyway. My friend was speaker for the day and although we didn't really collaborate, it all dovetailed together. Afterwards we had a light lunch together, then went to have coffee in the next village. Our kids were supposed to join us but chose not to. Fine - I had my quiet coffee with friends.

    difficult child 1 & daughter in law had gone home early this morning (she is not well - I posted separately) but after she had a sleep, she felt better so they came back. We went to the beach, had a lovely swim even though it was late in the afternoon. And now I'm steaming some frozen dim sims for dinner - easy finger food for people without much appetite.

    Today started cloudy, then the sun came out and it was hot and humid. Now the storm has rolled in, it's been quite noisy. Still is - but not much moisture is reaching the ground. However, the wind has cooled things off and it is very pleasant. For us - the people on the yacht race are struggling with the weather, however.

    Enjoy your Boxing Day, however you celebrate it.

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    We are having our 3rd family Christmas today... My sister's family from Salt Lake City, Utah flew in to Michigan late last night so we will be celebrating the holidays with them. Including a second AWESOME dinner! I should be able to relax more today, since the festivities are at my parents house instead of mine. I woke early this morning because I was so excited to see my sister (I haven't seen her since June). Today will be a nice start to a week long gathering of family and fun... My parents are surprising the grandkids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor waterpark & hotel) in Traverse City, Michigan. We leaving tomorrow afternoon for 2 days. I am hoping that by being surrounded by family it will take my mind off of the impending amino that I have scheduled for Wed. morning. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!
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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Glad you got some swimming in and daughter in law is feeling better.

    Joneshockey-Enjoy the visit with your sister!!

    We survived Christmas-it was nice at parts and rough at parts with both difficult children. We did have a really nice visit with husband's sister and our niece and her husband.

    I've been to church and had breakfast. Now we need to get ourselves to the club although I have to admit I am very tired. difficult child was up early again today and is in full difficult child mode-yikes!

    Tonight husband is going to a movie with his sister and I plan on just relaxing as difficult child should be sleeping at that point.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!