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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Marguerite

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    Just a quick note, it's late Sunday night here and tomorrow is a busy day, cleaning. The heat is bad again, tonight the sea mist was damp and fogging the street lights but the temperatures late at night are still as hot as summer daytime.

    I took my swimsuit to church again, had a swim afterwards. The sun was so hot that within minutes of leaving the water to go sit on the veranda, you heat up again. husband had some jobs he wanted to do at home so we left church right after lunch. But forgot to stop at the shop for milk - so I happily offered to take my mobility scooter back down, and have another swim before I bought the milk.

    While I was lying on the beach some young men were kicking a ball around. Another young man, different ethnic group, kicked the stray ball back when it went near him. Minutes later we saw this same young man lying in the water, motionless. Paramedics surged onto the beach, dragged him out of the water and began treatment. I was concerned - he'd been OK only minutes before; otherwise it looked like a near-drowning. I saw the rescue people were parked right next to my scooter so I went to move it, so they could get their gear back and forth more easily. Found out it was just a drill. No wonder the response seemed so rapid!

    I'd had enough sun though, so I headed to the shop, bought the milk and headed home.

    There is supposed to be a cool change blowing through tonight, but when we looked at the satellite map it appeared to have gone through to the north of us. It happens sometimes - a forecast change misses the mark.

    Oh, well... another night of sleeping naked under the ceiling fan...

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. TeDo

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    Marge, still sounds like a beautiful day and glad you were able to enjoy it.

    Our BLIZZARD (it's been upgraded to that) has begun. Supposed to continue through noon on Monday. Guess we get to hunker down and wait it out again. We're supposed to have 3 different appointments in 3 different towns tomorrow (since there was no school). Not sure if we're going to make ANY of them. This winter really HOOVERS!
  3. KTMom91

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    Good morning, ladies.

    The sun is coming up, and it's supposed to rain later today. Heading to church, then to my grandbaby's first birthday party. Miss KT is fighting a cold, and keeps calling to tell me how she would rather be sick at home because we have popsicles and sourdough toast.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!
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    Marg, that swim sounds lovely - it sounds like you have a lot of humidity too. In the summer I struggle to stay cool, especially when it's humid. I'm glad it was just a drill and it's great that they practice.

    TeDo - I'm with you on being sick of winter. We are lucky that we are getting mostly rain with maybe an inch of snow - nothing like what some others are getting.

    KTMom91 - Enjoy your granddaughters 1st birthday party.

    Not much going on here today. It's raining so I decided to skip church since they are saying it might be mixed with sleet and freezing rain. I'm a wuss when it comes to driving in winter weather. I think I'm going to try to motivate husband and the kids to play some games or do something fun indoors. I'm really looking forward to spring.