Good morning Sunday!

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Okay, I'm getting in early, but I keep missing the morning thread due to the time shift. Our evenings are always busy (dinner at mother in law's, we stay there with her until about 10 pm then come home and get ready for bed).

    Today has been glorious here. At last, after weeks of rain. More rain is forecast, the sunshine won't last. The warm currents offshore are the reason - La Nina effect causes long wet summers for us with a lot of flooding. Looking at the weather map, you can see swirls of cloud, monsoon troughs, reaching right down to Sydney and further south. Cyclones all around, further south than I've seen them. There was one off Perth last week which thankfully calmed down to just a tropical storm by the time it made landfall. In Perth! A long way south...

    But the sky was blue here today, gloriously blue. Warm, sunny. A good day for the monthly village art fair. I only got to one artist's studio, I meant to go back and see more but I had too much to do. I also meant to go to church, but again...

    I headed down to mother in law's (via our neighbour's studio) to put her elastic stockings on, then headed towards the church. Dropped in to the market in the village park (between the general store and the beach) and, wonder of wonders, found a Balinese flag that I've been wanting to buy for my mobility scooter. Now I have a lovely curved red flag with a dragon tail flying behind, it's in the stick holder on the back.
    Got to church just in time for lunch - a friend is leaving, she's been living at the church for the last few years and has finally bought her own place. So we had a special day for her, it was lovely. The water looked inviting but again, no chance to swim. I hadn't brought my swimsuit.

    Scooted home again (new flag flying!) in time to see husband finish his chores for the day. We were both feeling hot and sticky, so I suggested a swim. With all the tourists in town we didn't think we'd get a parking spot, but we managed it. The sea was a little wild, very warm and the beach not too crowded. After my busy day yesterday I am very stiff and sore, so all I could do was stand on the edge. I still got soaked! The waves were churning up the sand and foam so the water around us looked like spilled beer. One wave pass was enough to fill my swimsuit with sand, so when we got home I had to strip off in the yard and come inside via our bathroom (we have en external glass door leading into our bathroom).

    It's going to be sunset in another couple of hours, this is the quietest time of the day. Birds have not yet started making a lot of noise outside, although the Rainbow Lorikeets have been demanding food during the day. difficult child 3 feeds them and today they were landing on him to try to get an advantage over their friends. They often come and knock on the glass door and if they see us inside, they really get noisy.

    difficult child 3 starts technical college in the morning - 8.30 am start will be a shock for him. But I think he will get moving quickly because he is looking forward to it. Fingers crossed!

    Soon I need to go to mother in law's to begin dinner. I think I might make kumara and pumpkin gnocchi tonight. difficult child 3 hates kumara, hates pumpkin, but will happily eat it as gnocchi. It's a lovely orange colour and a lot healthier than potato gnocchi. Served with home-made basil and cashew pesto...

    Have a good day, my friends.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Marg and all to follow!

    Marg, the scooter flag sounds great! Glad you finally got your swim on -- I remember you wanting to that last Sunday. Good luck to difficult child 3 tomorrow!

    Got all my food prepped yesterday for the superbowl but the mango salsa. Didn't want to make it too soon and have the mango soften in the fidge. Just a few things on the schedule for today - I like to get most of my weekend chores done on Saturday so I can chill a tad before the work week begins!

    Wishing all a relaxing Sunday.

  3. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone,

    Marg, if I can ever swing it, I want to come visit you in your little corner of the world. It just sounds so lovely and the kind of oasis from my home here in the northeast US that I've always dreamed of. Good luck to difficult child tomorrow, glad you were able to hit the beach.

    Sharon, thanks for the great idea! I think I'll be adding a mango salsa to our game appies tonight. Yum! easy child is making a three layer Mexican bean dip, I'm making hot wings and now the mango salsa and I feel like having shrimp too.

    difficult child cleaned our house great yesterday, I'm so happy. easy child went food shopping yesterday so all that leaves for today is laundry, which is a passive chore as long as H keeps it moving (I will fold during the game tonight). difficult child and E are coming over tonight. We are a divided household. H and I are rooting for the Giants, easy child, difficult child and E are rooting for the Patriots. I moved them to New England too early-they've forgotten their NY roots! Lol

    I'm hoping to see my mom this morning, easy child will have to take me. Have a great day all!
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-I love reading about your warm summer days when you get them. The trip to the beach sounds wonderful! Interesting that you are having such a damp summer; here we've barely had any snow and the temps have been really nice (for winter that is).

    Sharon-Enjoy your day-sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

    Jo-Enjoy the game-sounds like it will be interesting at your house!

    I'm hoping to get in a visit to the club today. Whatever is bothering my joints is not allowing me to straighten one of my fingers today but I think I could still bike or go on the elliptical. husband and I are going to a movie this morning. We are either going to see "The Artist" or "Joyful Noise".

    At some point one of us has to go to the grocery store and I know we'll want to fit in a nap. Tonight we'll watch the game. I'm looking forward to the game tonight. I always like to see the ads too!

    Wishing all a peaceful day:)
  5. TeDo

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    Good Morning ladies! difficult child 2 got home from his trip at 12:15AM and is still sleeping at 10AM so I am enjoying my moments of quiet.

    Have fun to those of you with Superbowl plans (NOT my thing). Marg, that meal sounds *interesting* because I have no idea what any of it is. If you get a chance can you explain it all to me. I, too, love hearing your summer stories when we are in the middle of winter. Your imagery is wonderful. WO, enjoy you evening. I haven't heard of either of those movies.

    We are going to have a nice relaxing day. We're going to a nearby town to have lunch at Applebee's for my birthday (it was actually on Friday but difficult child 2 was gone so didn't celebrate at all). Then we're going to burn off the calories shopping. No one volunteered to take my boys shopping for a birthday gift for me so they are VERY anxious to get something for me today. They both have this obsessive idea of what birthdays SHOULD be like.
  6. Marguerite

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    i did manage to make the gnocchi. Usually mashed potato is the base, but I cut up a pot of butternut pumpkin and some orange sweet potato (called kumara here) and steamed the lot until it was soft enough to mash. Well drained! Then I had to let it cool. To about a handful of mash, add one egg. Mix it thoroughly. Salt to taste, of course. Then plain flour folded through until it's fairly even and not too sticky. On a floured bench, dump a glop of the mix and roll it in the flour until it's not sticky. Roll it into a sausage about as thick as your thumb, cut small lengths (as long as your thumbnail, as long as you don't have porcelain veneers!). Gently toss these in flour then press gently with a floured fork. Pick each dumpling up carefully, folding it a little as you do. Throw them into boiling salted water then let them float for a minute before you scoop them out and serve immediately.


  7. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    Definitely a language thing going on here.
    Is this the same as a butternut squash or something different?
    WHAT are those?
  8. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    butternut pumpkin is the same as butternut squash. Porcelain veneers are artificial fingernails. That one confused me as in the states they are something the dentists puts on front teeth.
  9. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    Thanks GN. That one had me TOTALLY baffled.
  10. InsaneCdn

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    Language is a funny thing. Us (un)lucky Canadians kind of sit in the middle of the English-language-pot... (which means, we're expected to understand every version of English...)

    I read what Marg wrote, and didn't even notice it wasn't in "northamericanese"... instantaneous in-brain translation, I guess. Wasn't until I saw the questions, that I went back and caught the lauguage issue...

    You have to admit, though, "porcelain veneers" is a whole lot more poetic than "fake nails"...!
  11. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    Yes, Insane, it is but I am not bilingual! LOL
  12. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    I thought "all" Americans learned Spanish, just like "all" Canadians learn French... which would still make you "bilingual".... <wink>

    But... insofar as I am aware, there is no term for being multi-dialect-talented...
    (look out... somebody will go find the term, now...!)
  13. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    I can say Hola and Gracias. THAT is my Spanish. I know more sign language than that...but by no means ANYWHERE near enough to converse. *sigh* I am unilingual, unidialectic, and unilaterally set in my ways!! LOL
  14. Marg's Man

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    Gday Insane,

    Don't you wish the Americans WOULD speak English?

    We're a very multi-national lot Downunder these days. A local radio station regularly runs a phone in to see how many countries they can tick off from their listeners. Of the 200+ acknowledged nations of the world they usually can list 80 or 90 in the two and half hours the show runs. There will be many who don't ring in.

    I have to be able to cope with (and understand) about a dozen different dialects of English (Don't let anyone tell you they speak English in England - there's so many local dialects that some are all but incomprehensible to the others) as I work with my Irish staff, dela with the Canadian ex-pat and then have the Americans walk in. After that it gets complicated as the Russian born colleague who works with her Spanish born supervisor comes in. Other colleagues are Estonian, Italian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Chinese-Australian and Iranian. There's eleven of us and only three are second generation (or more) Australian born. I think I'm the 'most' Australian at four generations since my family came here.

    TeDo, if you get the opportunities grab them and really get to know foreign born people. You will be much richer for it.

    If we tried to say "Go back where you came from" the place would empty out and I think we would be the poorer for it. I could take a negative view and complain of being the 'token' Aussie but I don't. I love working with this lot - it gives me a very broad insight into the world.

    Marg's Man
  15. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    Marg's Man...
    We joke around here that if everybody "went back to where they came from", there would be nobody left, because even the First Nations came from somewhere else... We're not the cradle of anything!

    I think, as Canadians, we have an advantage - we kind of sit in the middle of the whole English-speaking spectrum. The really thick dialects (mostly out of jolly old England) are tough to follow, as is a really deep-southern-US drawl. Otherwise, most of us don't get lost with anybody's English.

    Its jolly good fun to make fun of it, though. I'll be in a meeting with people from 3 provs and 2 or 3 states... and somebody will ask a question and get a "wrong" answer... because we stumbled on some idiom that we weren't aware of...