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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jun 17, 2012.

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    G'day, people.

    Blimey, it's cold here! Midwinter and we don't have heating. husband & I are heading to the tropics in a few weeks' time. I can't wait!

    We had the annual dinner for husband's train club last night. We had a good evening although the food was indifferent as usual. Going to the dinner meant that between us, we had driven 7 hours over the one day.

    This morning I headed to church and stayed there for lunch and some conversation. it was my first chance to get to church after the heavy seas and storm surge of the 'cyclone' we had in Sydney a few weeks ago. The church itself didn't get inundated, but the footbridge was almost submerged and the church carpark (which is lower than the church although further inland) had waves rippling through it at the edges. The front garden of the church has some plants which are looking salt-killed from inundation.

    Aussie churches today (some of them) were campaigning against gay marriage with people being urged to write to the government (who will be voting on this soon) and asking our leaders to vote against it. I suspect the strategy will backfire. Personally, I have never liked it when the church tries to interfere in state affairs. I didn't like it when they were voting on stem cell research and church leaders got involved.

    Thankfully, back then and today, our church did not participate. A lot of churches did not, today. The next few weeks will be interesting, politically.

    This evening we found that despite it being midwinter, the hens are laying. So to use up a glut of eggs, I made quiche lorraine for dinner. I haven't made it for years and for the sake of my health, I'd better not make it too often because it contains a lot of butter and cream. But it was delicious! I'll make it for mother in law, she needs the calories.

    Tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning and difficult child 3 has a day off from college. He's also got to finish a school assessment task. He'll be on his own, I won't be around to keep his nose to the grindstone. I wish he could understand the dripping of acid in my stomach when I have to sit on my hands while he tries to work inefficiently.

    Roll on, midwinter holidays!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. DammitJanet

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    Marg I thought of you today when your Aussie NASCAR driver won the pole for the race today and they made him Vegimite sandwiches. LOL. Everyone on the tv commentator panel had some of those sandwiches and could barely gag them down except for Kyle Petty (Richard Petty's son). Even Marcos Ambrose said they slathered on too thick...lmao.

    Is Marcos Ambrose fairly famous over there for his participation in NASCAR or is it just blah? We think its cool here.
  3. Estherfromjerusalem

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    Is Vegimite the same as Marmite? Because if so, I am a Marmite lover (but it has to be spread very thin). I have just been to England for a holiday and brought back some Marmite because it is very hard to find it here in Israel. But Marmite is one of those things: Either you love it, or you hate it!.

    Have a good day!

    Love, Esther
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    Yay, Esther, Marmite!! :notalone: Here's another member of the Marmite fan club. Vegemite, though, really cannot compare (and tastes quite different). :) Glad you are now stocked up.
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    I've never heard of nor tried either of them.....whatever they are.
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    After reading that, I will leave you all to your "treat". To me, it doesn't even sound good.
  9. Malika

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    Ha, ha! It isn't - it's disgusting :) BUT if you have been raised on it (as I am raising J on it) - boiled egg and Marmite 'soldiers' (toast, butter and Marmite cut into fingers to dip into the egg being required eating for all self-respecting British children - it is ambrosia itself. Conditioning is all...
  10. Marguerite

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    We used to get Marmite in Australia when I was a kid. You can still find it in some shops, but most Aussies prefer Vegemite. The difference, as far as I can recall, is that Marmite tastes sweeter (which, for a salty spread, I find disconcerting). Marmite can substitute if you are desperate, although I don't think Marmite works nearly as well on celery sticks.

    The important thing to remember - and all you yanks take note, someone somewhere will try to give you Vegemite or Marmite, you need to protect yourself - it MUST be spread thin! You do not spread it like jam. A really stingy scraping.

    I learned to really love Vegemite when I was given it as convalescence food as a kid. You know how you get flat lemonade until the sweetness just becomes too much? A thin wafer biscuit with an atom thick layer of Vegemite cured the overdose of sweetness and my keeping it down told my mother I was on the mend.

    I am so not into sports. I'll watch car racing if husband is watching it, but I'm more likely to have it on in the background on special events such as the Bathurst 1000 (August). We have our local heroes as well as our international ones. One of my favourite Aussie rally drivers is a Canadian expat. Allan Moffatt. Previous generation, though.

    Sun is shining this morning. Still flippin' cold, though.

  11. Marg's Man

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    It's actually Monday morning here but this is the only time I get to post.

    As Marg said she wouldn't have known about the NASCAR racing. There's not a lot of coverage, deep as we are in the middle of football season. They did cover a spectacular crash which I THINK was the NASCAR races but it was a throw away story at the end of the sports news and I had only come into the room so I missed the start of it. It's real achievment to get poll position. As Marg said; THE biggie is the Bathurst 1000km V8 Enduro in early October. The horse riding community has the "Race that stops a Nation" with the Melbourne Cup; the petrol heads have Bathurst.

    I was busy with my loco and some yard work - first chance I've storms had to do some cleaning up after the storms. The chook house is a bog so I'll fill the floor with grass clippings next I mow. I chucked lot of shredded tree fall in last night. it looks like a tree branch has punctured the fibreglass roof and is letting the rain in (worse than usual) so I have to get some new sheets and replace them.

    Yet another job for me to do. I was going to reply to the Vegemite/Marmite discussion but Marg has already replied. Both are an ac
    quired taste but even those like them will say it has to be spread thin as the flavour is very strong.

    Marg's Man
  12. DammitJanet

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    Well since you guys are friends of mine, you should really keep up with Marcus Ambrose since he is from your land...lmao. He is number 9! He came in pretty well yesterday. If you dont want to actually watch the whole races you can just check out