Good Morning Sunday


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OK, nobody is up early enough this morning, so if I don't post something now, I'll miss out for the day on the morning thread!

I guess you're all enjoying a relaxed sleep-in - good for you, you all need some ME time.

We've had a quiet day today. Cold again, but I was just getting my work clothes on to get my winter garden work started, when it began to rain. SO easy child 2/difficult child 2 & I watched a DVD easy child gave me for my birthday. Then difficult child 1 got home from church and sat to watch as well - we watched "Cadfael" which is a BBC series based on the books by Ellis Peters, of a Medieval Benedictine monk in Shrewsbury. They're gentle medieval murder mysteries, very enjoyable. We've had the books for years and I think we've managed to persuade difficult child 1 to read the series.

After the first 90 minute episode the rain had stopped enough for me to do some pruning. I worked on two fruit trees while easy child 2/difficult child 2 pruned her roses, but the rain began again so it was back inside to watch the next episode, with a mug of hot chocolate.

husband is still coughing - neither of us slept much last night - and difficult child 1 sounds terrible. I might have to take him to the doctor tomorrow, although we're all seeing the pediatrician on Tuesday so maybe he can wait until then. We have no GP in the village at the moment - we can't get one to stay, they're either incompetent or they complain it's too far to drive to us. It's a worry, when family is sick.

Enjoy a quiet Sunday, everyone. For us, the working week is about to get going. "Once more into the breach, dear friends..."


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Good Morning Marguerite and all who follow!

Marguerite-It sounds like you had a nice day to be inside. I'm sorry husband and difficult child are still not feeling well. I hope they are up and feeling better soon!

difficult child and I spent a fun afternoon at the pool yesterday as it is really hot here. Today I've already been to church and will be going to the health club soon. This afternoon it's back to the pool. husband has actually agreed to go today (difficult child has been bugging him). He hates being out in the heat and today they are calling for anywhere from 94-97 /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Then later tonight I plan to get in some more reading. :reading: Many of you here had such good things to say about the Stephanie Plum books that I've started reading them (since June 16) and am on book five!

I hope everyone enjoys their day and that it is a peaceful one! :kisses:


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Good morning Marg and all to follow, :coffee:
I hope you are all the mend very soon, it seems this sickness is really dragging on. :ill: I skipped church this morning because I am tired. I need a quiet morning to regroup. :faint: Duckie does also. She's currently in her room tearing through her toys. We all need some downtime at some point.
We really enjoyed our trip to the Toronto Zoo. The animals & exhibits are fascinating. It was a lot of fun. But I'm glad to be home. :thumb:
We have a birthday party for one of Duckie's former classmates this afternoon. It's a pool party which is good because it will be around 90. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif
Have a great day. :salute:


Good Morning everyone.

Marg - hope everyone is feeling better soon. In the midst of the heat it is hard to imagine the cold weather.

Sharon - would be nice for husband to join in poolside. I love going to the pool or the lake, just that nobody else does. Even when it is hot.

TM - another party?? Sounds like you have many parties to attend to. Great weather for the pool parties.

husband started with the deckwash yesterday. We have a very large deck with many spindles, a real pain to do this. Then the end of the week I will stain/seal it. Three nights to work and then off for 7 days. I think I over-booked myself for those 7 days. Lots of work planned.

difficult child is always busy. He has to have his entire day planned out with something to do at all times. If it doesn't work out he falls apart. Too bad he doesn't have "deckwash" in his plan.
He refuses to go to the pool or Lake because he thinks he is fat.

I am hoping husband's back feels better, otherwise when I get done with work I will need to finish the deck. I just like to "chill" when I get home, watch a little TV, baseball "go Brewers" , play with the dogs, and go to bed.

Enjoy the weather, have a peaceful day.
Good morning! I have a couple of minutes waiting for everyone else to get dressed for church, so thought I'd pop on line and see what was new. husband's father and his wife are visiting right now so there are a lot of people around to keep the cubs occupied. Although, easy child is never so well occupied as when she is harassing her brother. Grrr. Hope everyone has a good day!


:rofl: :rofl:

sorry to change the subject for a minute...Running - I love your profile regarding husband. :rofl:


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Today is my youngest difficult children family birthday party. Some of you read my rash reaction to melatonin, but we're still unsure. We discontinued it and the rash went away after two days, but it could have very well been that he cheated on his diet that he's been on for a year now. He may be allergic to something he ate and may have a reaction again today if its dairy. We're letting him have cake and ice cream today for his party. *crossing fingers* all goes well and no rash.

Besides his party, afterwards my mom her husband and my brother are staying for alfredo. Family Dinner Sundays are about to become a regular event here. I love to cook and my family loves to eat, so it works well.

I'm secretly packing for our trip to Florida. The kids don't know we're going. I plan to pack them up in the van on Tuesday, pick up husband from work and head out. We got a nice 3 BR house to rent for $99 a night. Not bad. We just purchased a new van too, so the trip should be bearable in the van. 15 passenger, so kids can actually seperate and sit alone for a bit.

Everyone enjoy their Sunday.

Marg-Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!